Monferrato what to see taking into account your vacation days I wanted to break this little guide down into days that made sense. Let's say that it will be a Monferrato to discover in the time you want and you can spend in this magnificent area. The Monferrato is part of that wonderful area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, which has become   Unesco Heritage in 2014.   Monferrato has the
Langhe Roero: 3 reasons to visit this area The Tanaro River divides these areas. It borns in Liguria and runs through Ceva, Alba, Asti, Alessandria and then flows into the Po, near Bassignana and the province of Alessandria. Here and there from "Tane", as the Piedmontese say, there are the Langhe and Roero. They are part, together with Monferrato, of the large area of Piedmont defined as a UNESCO World
Visit La Morra Langhe. My 5 reasons: La Morra Langhe with the hamlets Annunziata, Santa Maria, Rivalta and Berri The Morra Langhe, near Alba, has a name derived from Loci Murrae. Sheep enclosure. It seems that the Benedictine monks used to graze their sheep here! It is one of the most panoramic spots in the area around Alba. La Morra is a small and lively village situated on a beautiful
I'm always looking for something unusual. I create personalized tours for my clients where the common thread is the local experience. I live in Piedmont, but over time I have built a network of friends/colleagues who have the same way of thinking about travel. Holidays in Italy are a mine of sensations, opportunities for recreation and culture. The country has a network of wonderful itineraries. A heritage of art that
The desire for outdoor excursions is undeniable! A trek in Piedmont is undoubtedly a wonderful prospect! And maybe you've been dreaming of trekking in the Langhe for a long time. Here's what I'll give you to choose which type of trekking in Piedmont is right for you! Trekking Piedmont: Better driven or autonomously? Trekking Piedmont. Guided excursions I've always liked guided tours. The sense of sharing with other participants. The
By yourself or Tour Operator? I felt the need to write this article because it happens, less and less frequently in fact, that someone wonders what the organization in a Tour is for. And especially in the case of short tours, it's believed that making yourself is basically the best solution. Two cases in the past few days that I want to tell you about: Mary and Joan (fancy names).

Join Slowdays and visit 3 of Langhe’s most beautiful cities Hello all friends of Slowdays and welcome back to our blog! If you are here it is because you want to know more about the most interesting cities in the Langhe. With the arrival of spring we tend to spend more willingly a few days away from home, every weekend is an opportunity to discover new destinations and attractions. I

Although there’s fierce competition from other regions in Italy, notably Tuscany, the Dolomites, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, there are such amazing outdoor things to do in Piedmont that the region could be regarded as Italy’s top outdoor destination. There may not be any world-class rock climbing or hiking on volcanic slopes in Piedmont, but there’s much else! In fact, this region in northwestern Italy is among Europe’s best destinations

Whether you’re an avid outdoors person, a lover of gastronomic delights, a meticulous planner or even a bride-to-be, there are several things to do in Piedmont, northern Italy. Squeezed between the Alps and the Mediterranean in northwestern Italy, the Piedmont region is home to picturesque undulating hills, historic vineyards and charming towns. Many of the best things to do in northern Italy are found in this gorgeous region. 4 Best

Spring in the Langa, with Slowdays everything is more magical! Welcome back, friends of Slowdays! In these days of cold January we started thinking about spring, we have been discovering incredible places and we have created multi-days packages to make you live a very slow and relaxing experience, to welcome this floral season at its best. Here are the 4 multi-day packages that will make you discover and fall in