Why Is Piedmont the Best Destination for Outdoor Activities?
Piedmont as an Outdoor destination: Fun things to do in Piedmont, Northern Italy

Although there’s fierce competition from other regions in Italy, notably Tuscany, the Dolomites, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast, there are such amazing outdoor things to do in Piedmont that the region could be regarded as Italy’s top outdoor destination.

There may not be world-class rock climbing or hiking on volcanic slopes in Piedmont, but there’s much else! This region in northwestern Italy is among Europe’s best destinations for wine-powered bike rides. There’s some phenomenal food to be enjoyed, too.

The combination of world-class wine and authentic culinary products is the ultimate fuel for outdoor activities in Piedmont. Below, we’ve chosen the three best things to do in Piedmont for outdoors people, a trinity of activities that sets this gorgeous region apart from all other destinations in Italy.

3 Reasons Why Piedmont Is an Amazing Outdoors Destination

Centuries-Old Truffle Hunting Tradition

One of the most remarkable activities in Piedmont, and perhaps even one of the rarest in the world, is truffle hunting. The white truffles of Alba are famous well beyond the Piedmont boundaries, a prized ingredient all over Italy and the Mediterranean.

The annual truffle hunt in the fall is an activity that dates back many centuries. On our Langhe White Truffle Hunting and Lunch Tour, you can join a real “trifolao” and his dog on an authentic truffle search. Wandering through ancient woods, you’ll get a first-hand experience of the deep-rooted culinary traditions in Piedmont.

It’s one of the most extraordinary outdoor things in Piedmont, one that every lover of cuisine and culture should consider.

Bike-Friendly Countryside

The rolling hills that characterize the Piedmont countryside make for excellent cycling opportunities. Whether you’d like a quick tour around a winery or a multi-day journey across the region, exploring Piedmont by (electric) bike is a super-fun thing.

Meandering country roads wind their way through farmlands, along woodlands, and past sun-soaked vineyards. Historic villages and towns dot this verdant region, many of which have lent their names to now-iconic vintages.

We know how amazing it feels to pedal your way around Piedmont at your own pace, so we’d like to share that experience with all visitors. Check out our e-bike tours here.

Visit-Worthy Vineyards

Those vineyards themselves also offer some fantastic things to do in Piedmont. Countless wineries and cellars pepper the Piedmont countryside; many are historic, family-owned, and as authentic as they get.

The Piedmont wines are superb and of superior quality. The ancient wine-making traditions of Piedmont, which go as far back as Roman times, are so valuable that the region has been designated World Heritage by UNESCO. So, if you expect to find some of the world’s best wines here, you won’t be disappointed.

The wines Piedmont is most famous for are its iconic reds. The red wines of Piedmont include such renowned vintages as Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, and Dolcetto. You’ll get to sample several red wines on our Great Reds Langhe Wine Tour, one of the most popular things to do in Piedmont, northern Italy.

If you’re not a fan of those tannin-rich red wines, you might enjoy a glass (or two) of Piedmont’s Moscato d’Asti, Gavi or Arneis. You’ll also find some excellent white and sparkling wines in Piedmont. Our Whites and Sparkling Langhe Wines Tour lets you indulge in these classic Piedmont whites.

Enjoy Amazing Things to Do in Piedmont With Slow Days

If any (or all!) of these fun activities in Piedmont interest you, we suggest that you check out all tour offerings. You can find all activity categories in the menu on our homepage.


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