White truffle hunt
White truffle hunt
langhe gastronomic tours
White truffle of Alba
Truffle hunting, a fantastic story!

White Truffle of Alba: Research Tours and Tastings

€ 80 - € 170

Discover everything about the world of truffles in an experience that goes from searching with the trifolao and his dog to tasting the white truffle with lunch.

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The truffles hunting in the Langhe, a magical world to discover!

White truffle of Alba: guided research

Langhe, besides wines, are surely famous for truffles, the famous and celebrated hypogeal mushrooms which are exalted in the recipes of the greatest chefs of the world.

The experience of “SEARCHING FOR TRUFFLES“, far from being a “tourist” experience, will lead you to the discovery of the traditions related to truffles and the knowledge of the various types and seasons of “collection”. You will be accompanied by a real “trifolao” along with his faithful dog and you can witness a real discovery of the precious fungus.

The search can be simulated, just to allow you to observe the real behavior of the “trifolao” and the dog.

WHERE: Langhe

DURATION  Depending on the experience

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS min. 2 – All prices are based on 2 people; request a quote for larger groups!

PERIOD All year – Depending on the season you can assist in the search for the various types of truffles

Truffle search in the Langhe

The classic walk, in the woods with the trifolao and his dog

It is possible to agree on the meeting time

  • 1h 30 – 2h walk-search for truffles. Your guide, the truffle hunter, and his dog, at your disposal.
Trifolao lessons

A journey between the two main typicalities of the Langhe: truffles and wine!

You will start with a truffle search (time to be agreed) and then you can experience a visit followed by a light lunch in a beautiful cellar of the Langhe.

During the white truffle season, you can decide to buy at the best market price (directly from the truffle hunter!) the best quality white truffle to take home a fragrant souvenir.


  • 1h 30 – 2h with your guide, the trifolao, and his dog, to discover the secrets of truffle hunting
  • Light lunch in the cellar. Visit of the winery with light lunch with typical dishes matched with the wines of the winery
Alba white truffle

A really complete experience about the world of truffles: first the truffle search in the Langhe, then an excellent wine tasting and typical dishes to match with truffles.

At the end of the truffle search (time to be agreed), you can enjoy an excellent typical lunch at a nice wine shop in the center of La Morra.

Menu: raw meat, fried egg, tajarin, and dessert in combination with a tasting of Nebbiolo, Barolo, and Moscato wine from the producer.

During the black truffle season, you will be given a small quantity that you can taste together with the dishes of the farmhouse. During the white truffle season, you can decide to buy at the best market price (directly from the seeker!) the best quality white truffle to take home as a fragrant souvenir and/or to taste in combination with the dishes of the winery.

  • 1h 30 – 2h with your guide, the trifolao, and his dog, to discover the secrets of truffle hunting
  • Pranzo o cena in vineria

A complete, unique, and exclusive experience: together with the trifolao you will face the truffle search in the Langhe as described in the Formula A package. In the end, you will enjoy a gourmet packed lunch chatting with him again about woods, dogs, and “trifole”.

The packed lunch consists of sandwiches, raw meat or potato omelet (for vegetarians), and a dessert. Some of the entrees can be paired with truffles.

During the black truffle season, you will be given a small amount that you can sample along with your picnic lunch. During the white truffle season, you can decide to buy at the best market price (directly from the truffle hunter!) the best quality white truffle to take home a fragrant souvenir.

  • 1h 30 – 2h with your guide, the trifolao, and his dog, to discover the secrets of truffle hunting
  • Packed lunch in the woods consisting of gourmet sandwiches, raw meat from Verduno, various tome and cheese, and truffle salad.
Monferrato truffle hunting

Notes and frequent questions

It is essential to wear comfortable shoes (trekking or trainers) and long trousers.

All tour details and addresses will be communicated after confirmation and payment of the tour.

In the event of bad weather (rain), it will be possible to

  • postpone the experience by giving 24 hours’ notice


  • receive a refund of 80% of the amount paid.

For other situations where you wish to cancel

80% refund for cancellations up to 72 hours in advance
No refund for cancellations after 72 hours

In order to answer this question, I need to explain how I work. I can define SlowDays as an aggregator of experiences. My work over the last few years has been researching work. I have created and continuously update a very large archive of suppliers, cataloged according to their type, size, and experiences that we have agreed upon together.

For each tour I propose, there are many possible combinations. I choose them on the basis of several parameters: the client’s request, the supplier’s availability, the logistics of the tour, the time of the year, and other variables (which are that something extra that I won’t reveal to you). Certainly, the price variable is not the most important one!

When you ask me for a tour, what happens? Based on the parameters I described before, I choose the suppliers that can be involved in this occasion. For some, I have to ask for availability, while for others (most, I don’t).

After the quote and your confirmation, I check all the availabilities and define in detail the details of your tour. And only then can I describe the details of everything to you.

I can’t, and frankly, I don’t want to, organize everything in detail before I even have your confirmation. It would be too much work and it would have an impact on prices that I don’t think it’s fair to charge the clients who choose to travel with me.

I worked years to build this network of suppliers and design the experiences I offer. To this day, it’s still my core business. I offer packages at any time of the year and for any number of people.

Do you think it’s an odd way to work? Maybe it is, but it’s ours and it’s the only one we feel like pursuing right now. The alternative would be to offer experiences that are all a bit the same, in the wineries where everyone goes with guided tours with a stopwatch…and then I would be going against our dream and our brand!

Time is the dearest friend of customizations

  • If you book well in advance you will definitely have an advantage!  It’s not always possible at the last minute, while we guarantee the standard packages, even with a lesser advance … of course, if the date is available!
  • The number also plays in favor of customization. The more of you there are, the easier it will be for us to create something customized at low cost … otherwise, if you are few the costs become a bit ‘too high and you end up not doing a good job!

We will find a solution together!

To make a reservation, you’ll simply need to click on the “Info & Reservations” button above or below and answer the questions.

Once we receive the request we will work to check availability and we will respond as soon as possible. Once the availability is confirmed by us, you can then proceed with the payment by bank transfer, credit card or Satispay.

Remember: you are not buying a ready-made tour, but you are asking for our advice to organize it!

Slowdays has decided to communicate only by email.

With time, we have realized that it is the only way for us to give correct and fast answers to various doubts and requests.

If you are interested in learning more, you can find our reasons here.

So send us your request now to claudia@slowdays.it or fill in the form on the product to get in touch with us!




How do our gift vouchers work? Our SlowBoxes!

You buy them now and they last a year! You can buy the voucher by clicking on the “Buy or Gift” button above or below and choose whether to send the voucher to the recipient or receive it yourself!

The date is chosen by the recipient of your gift! Just contact us when you have decided the date and we will check availability.

Our gift experiences are all independent and private, not in groups, and therefore there are no fixed dates: you can live both during the week and on weekends.

And if you do not like your choice? No problem, the recipient can exchange the voucher for another experience of equal value.

As you can read on our Home Page:

Money-back guarantee

Upon receiving the details of your program, if you don’t like it you can opt-out and get a refund!

I could tell you that we should be a little more able to live the experiences for what they are, that just because it’s an experience I can’t be 100% sure that it’s completely to my liking until I’ve lived it. It is not a hotel room, where I can guess the color of the bathroom tiles before arriving, it is a world of sensations that everyone is free to live in according to their own sensitivity.

OK, IT’S ALL BEAUTIFUL, BUT ISN’T IT ENOUGH? Ok, I’m in…I accept the challenge! We give you a money-back guarantee!!! Is that not enough?

When you receive the description of your trip or your experience, you can decide to ask for changes or even be fully refunded … and friends as before!

We trust what we offer and we want you to too!

No, because ours are not standard experiences that are always the same. We collaborate with different wineries and it’s not always the same. Wineries change, routes change, wines change accordingly!  We make the winery reservation, after your confirmation.

You will have to trust us and our experience for the choice! On the other hand, I really want to take you to know something a little bit more particular.

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La risposta è: DIPENDE!

Quello che possiamo dirti è che è molto difficile che accettiamo prenotazioni con meno di una settimana di anticipo rispetto alla data richiesta.

Ovviamente stiamo parlando dei tour che non prevedono il pernottamento, perché in quel caso il tempo minimo (ma proprio minimo!) sono 15 giorni di anticipo rispetto alla data dell’evento. Poi dipende dai periodi e dalla disponibilità nostra e dei nostri collaboratori…però, diciamo che prima ci contatti, più sei sicuro che possiamo servirti al meglio.

We have packages for all budgets and needs.

Experiences of a few hours or several days. You can choose the all-inclusive formula or just some of our small incursions in a trip organized entirely by you.

You can choose between the packages that we offer on the site or request something customized.

The experiences are made and built at the time of the request by us according to the availability of the moment and your requests.

That’s why sometimes I might say no, that I don’t have availability…maybe the experience is available but we don’t have the time to organize it.

That’s why we ask you as much as possible to contact us in advance.

And that’s also why we can’t make you buy the packages on the website, but we have to confirm availability later.

Slowdays has chosen to communicate only by email for several reasons

  • We have to give an order to the requests that arrive: we don’t think it’s fair that a customer who calls takes away attention or has priority over another who has written an email.
  • Our tours are organized in close collaboration with our partners who are human like us and not machines! So even if we have tried to give a standard form to the products, behind there is always a craftsmanship work of fine-tuning, verification, adjustment: on the phone, we can almost never give “on the fly” the answers you are looking for, but we prefer to check them We are very few operators and we work remotely.
  • If one of us is talking to a client on the phone, it’s hard to keep track of what has been said. We give body and soul to SlowDays, but it’s important that we also preserve some piece of private life without a phone ringing at any time, working or not.
  • The written form, in the end, we believe it is also a protection for the customer with respect to what has been agreed upon.

We understand that to someone this method may create discomfort: we also like human contact, but at this time this is the only way of working that we are able to support and that also allows us to keep the right prices on our packages. We hope you can understand.

Truffle search video in the Langhe

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Laurie N AvatarLaurie N

5 star rating Wonderful day of wine tasting! A big thank you to Claudia for arranging a wine tour for us. Fabio was our guide, and he picked us up at our bed and breakfast. He took us to two wineries, one in Barolo and one in Barbaresco. Fabio was delightful and we had a great day with him. He took pictures of us throughout the day and sent them by text, which only added to great memories. The wineries were both family run where we met the owners and could feel their love of what they do. We now have a lot of wine to ship home, but that’s a good problem! Claudia arranged a lunch for us in Barolo at a restaurant where the food was local and fresh, and delicious! She also made sure that we would have time to wander through Barolo, which was the perfect town to spend an afternoon in.
Making arrangements through Claudia was very easy, and made for a great vacation. She also arranged a fabulous day for us with a truffle hunter, but that will be in another review. I highly recommend Slowdays for touring in the Piedmont area! - 30/10/2019 

Ásgeir Már Á AvatarÁsgeir Már Á

5 star rating Week in heaven made possible by Claudia We just came back to Iceland after a wonderful week in Piedmont. The group consisted of 5 couples. I had researched tour organizers in the area and soon I discovered Slowdays! I contacted Claudia in the spring and the dialogue started and Claudia spent a lot of time and effort trying to understand our needs and expectations. I have to say the trip was perfect for everyone in the group. Claudia was spot on in every aspect, (even the bus was great). The hotels were wonderful, small personal boutique hotels with great views of the vineyards. The restaurants fantastic ranging from local restaurants to the best in Piedmont. We highly recommend the truffle hunt and the truffle fair! Highly recommend the cheese whisperer and the visit to the local farmer. We did bike tours on e-bikes and I have to say it was a good choice to select the e-bikes. You can see so much more by covering more distances and the guide Riccardo was excellent. We also did wine tasting :). And I would recommend smaller wineries, the bigger ones tend to be more commercial. We met Claudia and her mother at the truffle hunt a very likeable person and she is really good at understanding the customers needs and mixing together different activities. For us the trip was like a symphony that started slowly and modestly but during its lifespan it grew stronger, faster, bolder and ended in a big climax in the end 🙂 (for us it was the dinner at La Ciau del Tornavento, beautiful house and wine cellar, great food, in our opinion the best restaurant in the trip). Thank you so much Clauda and hopefully we'll see you soon! - 16/10/2019 

massimo p Avatarmassimo p

5 star rating fuori dal mondo sono i luoghi visitati, di una bellezza commovente, lo sono le cose buone che abbiamo degustato, la lezione di integrazione tra uomo e natura in occasione della ricerca del tartufo e delle visite in vigna, sembrano di un altro mondo la gentilezza e la competenza quasi amorevole di tutte le persone con le quali abbiamo avuto un rapporto. In particolare la gentilissima Sig.ra Claudia di Slowdays che ci ha pazientemente aiutato nella progettazione di questo minitour delle Langhe. Affidatele serenamente il vostro tempo perchè saprà renderlo prezioso. Grazie - 16/10/2019 

Laura Rocca AvatarLaura Rocca

abbiamo fatto il tour cantine e ricerca del tartufo con Renata. Organizzazione perfetta. Renata è stata la ciliegina sulla torta ... abbiamo visitato di notte Alba e fatto un salto anche a Barolo .... una giuda e un tour da consigliare - 30/10/2017 

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Min 2 pax


Outdoor, Wine & Food

How long

6 hours

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