Visits to wineries in the Langhe are probably one of our most popular experiences. To learn about the world-famous Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, and symbols of the area, but also to discover native and lesser-known wines. To surprise you, they were tasting white wines such as Arneis or Alta Langa. Wines and typical products are the best way to know an area.

SlowDays offers authentic and exclusive experiences to discover the typical products of Piedmont.

Visits to wineries in the Langhe are always an opportunity to learn about the history of a family, which then becomes the history of a territory.

Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Italian wines should put Piedmont on their list and start thinking about visiting the wineries of the Langhe.
This often-overlooked region in northwest Italy is home to some of the country’s most excellent, authentic, and exceptional wines.

Did you know that we at SlowDays can organize a tour of Langhe wineries for you, including choosing small, authentic productions and native wines to discover?

We are ``Slow``

The important thing is not to do a lot of miles or exceptional climbs! What is important is to enjoy the day and the scenery!

When you want and with whom you want

Our proposals are not group and have no date. You will decide when and with whom! The proposals are almost all for one person as well!

Langhe gourmet

If you want to exercise but also enjoy and learn about the food and wine specialties of the Langhe, these are the tours for you!

Langhe wine tastings

Our proposal to you

Langhe Barolo Tasting | Organized Tours

Discover the best wineries thanks to the tours in Barolo and thanks to our tasting experiences.

Entire Day
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Barbaresco Winery Visit | Taste one of the Great Kings of Reds

Barbaresco has nothing to envy the more noble Barolo. Indeed, the game between the two is delicious and addicting!

Entire Day
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

And now a weekend, Barbaresco vs. Barolo for your Langhe winery visits

What could be better than a couple of days in the Langhe? Easy: A couple days in the Langhe to discover its best wines! A challenge to the sounds of good tastings, great food, enchanting views, and relaxing days. What could be the problem? Those two days won’t be enough for you!

Food and wine weekend in the Langhe | Barolo vs Barbaresco

Barbaresco has nothing to envy about the more famous Barolo. Indeed, the game between the two is delicious and addictive!

Entire Day
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

The LANGHE WINE TASTING with … food and wine side dish!

A couple of days all to yourselves. You with the person you love, your partner or best friend/friend. Because certain visits to wineries, certain tastings of great wine, get better when you are in company. If you feel the same way, give yourself or your partner this weekend among the wineries to visit in the Langhe.

Piedmont Weekend: a weekend to enjoy Food & Wine

A weekend to immerse yourself in the wonderful territory of the Langhe. among excellent dishes and extraordinary wines

2 or 3 days
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

A CELLAR IN BAROLO for tasting, a winery for dining while tasting.

By now, you know we like slow things (slow days, in fact). What could be slower and more natural than walking? How to appreciate the Langhe hills, the vineyards, and the views in the best way. If you think so too, this is just the tour for you. A day of walking with our map, a tasting stop, and the finale sitting at the table: perfect, I would say

Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Langhe wine tastings to enjoy a relaxing weekend? Of course, you can!

SlowDays, as its name implies, loves relaxing travel. He loves the rolling hills of the Langhe. Two days among these hills are “medicine for the soul and the body.” the wineries of the Langhe teach you to respect the rhythms of nature. The best wineries in the Langhe are also the small family businesses where they open bottles that taste of love for the land and their work.

2 or 3 days
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

What are the best wineries in Langhe? Can I visit them?

What sets Piedmont apart from most other Italian wine regions is its unique set of grape varieties. Due to its location between the colder Alps to the north and the warmer Mediterranean to the south, the hills of Piedmont benefit from a perfect climate for particular grapes, many of which are typical of this region.

Piedmont’s wine region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, consists of two main areas: the Monferrato in the north and the Langhe in the south.

Our tours focus mainly on Langhe, one of northern Italy’s most famous wine destinations. The capital of the Langhe is Alba, a beautiful town of about 30,000 inhabitants with an attractive historic center where you can stroll and get lost among wine shop windows and typical products. Alba also has some critical wineries, not only in the Langhe and in the hills: you can choose to visit some beautiful wineries in Alba, such as the very famous and historic winery in Alba, Pio Cesare. In Alba also has the winery of the Alba School of Enology, which for some years, in addition to training future Italian oenologists, has been producing excellent wines all to be tasted!

Langhe wine tastings are also an excuse to learn about the area!

Home to beautiful hillsides, historic towns, and extraordinary cuisine, the Langhe has produced wine since ancient Rome. This unique and very long history of wine production shines today in the region’s world-class and unmistakable wine varieties.
From white and sparkling wines to world-class reds, you can taste and enjoy superb vintages on our tours, whose itineraries include some of the best wineries in Piedmont. Let’s take a look at them!

Antiche cantine del barolo

The Great Red Reds of the Langhe: Barolo and Barbaresco

Get your glasses ready: we are going to talk about two of our most beautiful and inclusive packages, those packages that stimulate all five senses and you wish they would never end: the Barolo Langhe tour and the Barbaresco tour, or the great reds Barolo and Barbaresco with lunch and tastings included.

Let’s start by talking about these two wines, as famous as they are good. Not many wines are named after the commune of origin, and in fact, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Barolo, Barbaresco, Soave, and Bardolino. This rare characteristic, however, underscores the solid and deep adherence these wines have to their territory of origin.


Barolo, also known as ” the king of wines and wine of kings,” is a fine wine of very ancient origins; the regulations require that it be made only from 100% Nebbiolo grapes and aged for at least three years including 18 months in large wooden barrels; after five years of aging, it becomes Barolo Riserva. Barolo remains one of Piedmont’s finest wines, challenging to mistake as it has almost unique characteristics.

The color, for example, is a transparent ruby red that turns to orange as it ages; Barolo boasts an unmistakable bouquet, rich in small red fruits such as raspberries and black currants, cherries, dried flowers but also spices such as cinnamon, tobacco, and vanilla. In the bouquet, the vital link that the wine has with the territory emerges; in fact, it is possible to recognize the scents of typical Langhe products, such as hazelnuts and truffles. On the palate, you can immediately perceive a robust tannic structure typical of the limestone-clay soils of the Langhe; a remarkable persistence will envelop the mouth already after the first sip.

There are 11 communes that can produce Barolo: Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Cherasco, Diano d’Alba, Grinzane Cavour, La Morra, Monforte d’Alba, Novello, Serralunga d’Alba and Verduno.

Barolo wineries

The Langhe region is best known for its superb red wines. Probably the best-known red wine is Barolo, a wine made from Nebbiolo grapes from the charming town of Barolo, located southwest of Alba in the Apennine Mountains.

Although it is not nearly the most commonly produced (red) wine in Piedmont, it is the most famous in the region.

Suppose you want to discover the best Barolo winery. In that case, we at Slowdays offer visits to small, family-run Barolo wineries where you can taste at least four wines, including Barolo. Thus, Barolo winery visits could be the must-do start of any self-respecting Piedmont wine tour.


Barbaresco, another all-Langarola wonder. Just like Barolo, Barbaresco can be made only from Nebbiolo grapes and must age 62 months, 18 of which in wooden barrels. The peak of Barbaresco Riserva, however, aging is 50 months, 9 of which are in the wood.

The color is The main characteristics of this wine are its essential structure and great capacity to evolve over the years. Garnet red with reflections toward orange; Barbaresco boasts an ethereal and pleasant bouquet with strong hints of violet or rose. AbringOn the palate, there is a dry, full, robust but velvety and harmonious wine; very persistent and with a remarkable tannic structure. Aging brings more complex hints of earth, herbs, truffle, and licorice, typical of the Langhe hills.

Barbaresco can be produced in only three communes: Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso, and a hamlet of San Rocco bordering the town of Alba.

Barbaresco Wineries

Another renowned red wine produced from Nebbiolo grapes in the Piedmont Langhe is Barbaresco. This distinctive type of wine comes from, you guessed it, the town of Barbaresco, which is located northeast of Alba, also in the beautiful mountainous area.

Barbaresco wineries are among the best wineries to visit in Piedmont because of their unique variety of Nebbiolo red wine.

Barolo and Barbaresco are cornerstones of the Langhe wine industry, promoters of its worldwide fame and notoriety. Yet, surprisingly, they account for just 3 percent of the region’s total wine production. The fact that these little reds are so famous is a testament to their extraordinary quality.

Barolo Barbaresco and gastronomy

Both wines pair perfectly with Piedmontese delicacies such as braised meats, red meats and game, aged cheeses, and truffled foods.

Slowdays offers Barbaresco tour and Barolo Langhe tour packages consisting of winery visits, tastings of the two great reds from different vintages, and a lunch of traditional Piedmontese dishes. These are customizable packages; Claudia will listen to all your requests trying to organize a memorable day. Packages are available year-round and are guaranteed with a minimum of 2 people.

We remind you to continue to follow us on our social Facebook and Instagram, where we post weekly all the upcoming news and goodies that Claudia is preparing for this 2020 all to discover!

cantina antica nelle Langhe
Vinacce e uve rosse
Anno 1876, in una cantina delle Langhe

Langhe winery tours in search of white wines

In addition to the famous red wines of the Langhe, there are also excellent white and sparkling wines to enjoy in northwestern Italy. From Moscato Bianco to Cortese and Arneis, the Langhe has much to offer white wine lovers.

So if you love white and sparkling wines, ask me to arrange a dedicated Tour: you can visit a winery belonging to the Alta Langa DOCG consortium. They produce excellent sparkling wines, and it is one of the best wineries to visit in Piedmont. For a more extended trip, we also offer a weekend of sparkling wine and relaxation in the Langhe.

Finally, I would like to explore an important point: how do winery visits occur in the Langhe and beyond? When you go to a winery, you should do so with the desire to discover a world…the winery visit is always a unique experience! Usually, the producer will tell us about his wines, production methods, and work and then move on to the long-awaited wine tasting in the cellars of the Langhe. It is a good idea to buy at least something from the producer: it will be a great souvenir and a way to say you appreciate his work! Shall I let you in on a secret?

Langhe wineries tour

So to fully discover the incredible wine industry of northwest Italy and to visit some of the best wineries in Piedmont, we invite you to make Slow Days your one-stop shop. We have various wine tours in Piedmont, food tours, and other packages.

VISIT THE WINE CELLARS OF THE LANGHE as if you were born here!

If you are looking for a local person (a local guide, as they say nowadays) who can advise you on the best experiences for your visits to the wineries of the Langhe and create a personalized package for you, you are in the right place!

We know the area and the many small local realities that characterize it very well: because Piedmont is always a journey of discovery that we like to lead through the people who live there.

The best Langhe wineries have a heart for you to know! Each one has a secret to tell, a story that will make us feel at home, so we love to make visitors discover them. The real luxury for us is the authenticity of the lived experience off the tourist track.

The visits with tasting that we want to offer you will not be the usual, touristy Langhe winery visits. We want to put our heart and knowledge of the area into it. The real luxury is the time we can dedicate to ourselves, so taking a few days from our hectic lives and savoring experiences like a winery visit in the Barolo or Barbaresco area will be a delightful gift to give you.

Una visita ad una cantina nelle Langhe, con degustazione
Un gruppo di appassionati di vino, degustando in cantina nelle Langhe
Panorama dalla sala degustazioni di una cantina nelle Langhe

Would you like to taste it while pedaling?

By E-bike between wine cellars and vineyards in the Langhe region

in ebike nelle langhe

Do you also want to discover the gastronomic specialties?

From truffles to hazelnuts...

tour gastronomici langhe

Looking for something special?

Discover why you should turn to us for your next trip to Langhe


Food and wine tours in the Langhe.

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