How to celebrate a birthday: You’ll find inspiration in the Langhe!

I am not proposing the classic party, for there are already many operators who will be able to offer it. With us you will understand how to celebrate your birthday, spending a day with your friends or family, a nice active and unforgettable day!

And I will take you to the Langhe because “Youth is happy because it can see beauty. Anyone who can maintain the ability to see beauty will never grow old” (Frank Kafka)


Come festeggiare il compleanno
With SlowDays it's easy!

Birthday celebration ideas?

SlowDays Event Organization: themed birthday ideas!

The most beautiful part of the work of event planners is the exploratory phase: unearthing among the experiences and Tours already organized which one may be best suited for that occasion.

We have several years of experience organizing unique and original moments: many have come to us looking for something special that would amaze their guests and create a unique and unforgettable moment.

The ingredients are all there: the Langhe is a beautiful area to be experienced in harmony with nature. The Langhe is one hour from Turin and less than 2 hours from Milan and Genoa; they are known for excellent wines and a gastronomic tradition made of truffles, hazelnuts, and typical recipes known all over the world. In short, an ideal place for lovers of nature and good food…and who isn’t?

The ingredients for celebrating a significant birthday are just right between nature, good food, and excellent wines!

Let’s start with a concrete case that will help us describe our working method.


addio al nubilato enogastronomico formaggio
addio al nubilato enogastronomico tra formaggi e miele

The request of the client, who wants an “original birthday party”!  

“My name is Pamela, and I will turn 30 in November. Friends recommended I visit your site, and the idea of offering a different and more dynamic day for my friends is very appealing to me. A friend of mine told me about your proposed tour regarding a scavenger hunt with lunch, and I would love to plan this idea. Most likely, the date I will celebrate will be Sunday, November 10. The number of people will be between 12 and 15 people. Could I get some pointers and a rough estimate?”

Pamela asks us to celebrate an essential and incredible milestone and asks us for 30th birthday party ideas. So our event-planning souls are set in motion.

30th birthday ..but also 25, 35 😜

Birthday with scavenger hunt and winery tasting/lunch



Pamela wants to eat and drink well; the Langhe is guaranteed in this respect! In short, I’m playing it safe!

However, we want to make the day truly unforgettable!

We think that, even if the group comprises kids who are now “grown up,” an excellent birthday scavenger hunt might be just the right idea!

The project has been drawn; here are the ideas for Pamela’s 30th birthday party

  • Arrival and welcome at the winery
  • They departed for the walk among the vineyards with “tasting” and game stages. Accompanied by our operator, the kids could relax and enjoy a wonderful walk among the vineyards. It was a walk enriched by our birthday treasure hunt: games and jokes that led the birthday girl to find her treasure at the end of the walk! The activities included different moments such as games of skill and more physical tests, “courage” tests to test the birthday girl and embarrass her with penances, team games, and a few games to experience the fondest memories of their friendship.
  • Halfway through, the tasting stopped with the winery owners who served excellent and fresh Arneis del Roero wine and cooked and raw salami.
  • The walk continued to Guarene, with its beautiful old town center and interesting open-air museum with installations by contemporary artists, before arriving at the second tasting stop in a small ciabot (little house) in the middle of the vineyards that included the winery’s other wines (Arneis riserva, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe dolcetto, Roero Rosso doc, Barbera d’Alba, and passito) accompanied by lard and hazelnuts, vegetable ratatouille or tomato bruschetta, cheese.
  • To finish, the cake with many candles could not be missed, and being in the Langa, it could only be an excellent hazelnut cake!

For us, the most excellent satisfaction? Pamela’s smile at the end of her birthday in the Langhe and her message:

Hi, Claudia!!! We are on our way home!!! Thank you so much for everything. We had a wonderful time.”

Do you want to know the price of this solution?

It depends on the number of participants, but the experience price starts from 80 euros per person.


The request of the client, who wants an “adventurous and fun birthday party”!  

“Good morning; I am planning a surprise birthday party for my husband, who will turn 50. I want to organize a day with his close friends: we will be ten adults, including the birthday boy + 4 children. The budget I have available is # euros.

Can something be arranged that he will be able to be amazed by? We are from Turin, but some friends live in Milan, and the Langhe is an ideal half for both cities. I was planning to meet late in the morning at your place and start the adventure! I am waiting for your kind feedback.”

50th birthday celebration

Birthday adventure with many tests to overcome, lunch, and tiramisu!


compleanno papa

M., the wife, talks about adventure, and we immediately thought of our

  • survival course in the woods! A day that always excites adult and mixed groups of adults and children. I directly emailed with a few exploratory questions to better understand how we could fulfill this request. Our Guido, a certified survival course instructor, prepared the small group for an
  • exciting half-day program: from the treasure hunt in the woods, which becomes an orienteering test, archery, Tibetan bridge, fire-starting test…Of course, the whole thing was complemented by a
  • nice lunch, complete with birthday tiramisu (the birthday boy’s favorite dessert!) and a final aperitif in front of the spectacle of the Langhe hills.


And how did this 50th birthday go?

I would let the interested party speak…Here is what she wrote to us after this special birthday!

I had the desire to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday to spend with our closest friends with children, and Claudia made my dream come true! I relied on her experience and enthusiasm and organized a birthday party with lunch near a pond surrounded by a forest and….. a Survival course! An exciting adventure, to say the least, made of paths in the middle of the vineyards equipped with a compass, competitions with archery, fire-starting trials, and whatever else under the supervision of Guido: a person of outstanding professionalism who had just heard him speak shows the love for his work. The worthy conclusion of the day was an aperitif in the historic center of La Morra, a few steps from the Belvedere terrace. What else to add? Endless thanks!


Want to know the price of a solution similar to this one?

It depends on the number of participants, but the experience price starts from 60 euros per person.


Do you want us to tell you what we planned for Martina’s birthday? 18 years old!

This is where the going gets tough! Perhaps the 18th birthday party is the essential birthday party of a lifetime!

Not because it is, but precisely because of the enthusiasm you approach it: you talk about it for months beforehand between guest lists and surprises to prepare.

We then set out to look for ideas for Martina’s 18th birthday party and almost immediately concluded: we have to do everything outdoors!

Martina is a nature and animal lover…good! The theme for the most original 18th birthday party ever will be HORSES!!!

18th birthday

Birthday at the riding stables, with horseback riding games and a final picnic


Passeggiata a cavallo in Langa

Yes, just the horses…the number of guests was not too big (about ten), and so we thought of organizing for Martina and her friends (average age 20)

  • horseback riding games and challenges. Not an actual horseback ride, which we feared would be boring, but lots of games and trials to have fun together. The three simple ingredients are an excellent stable, a farmhouse surrounded by nature, and a lot of desire to be together!
  • At the end of the walk, we thought we would continue with the theme of “outdoor activities,” and organized a beautiful country picnic for the guests, complete with blankets spread out on a gorgeous lawn and tasty dishes for them to enjoy in joy.
  • To conclude, the legendary birthday cake could not be missed, prepared according to Martina’s tastes with white chocolate and strawberries!

Want to know the price of this solution?

It depends on the number of participants, but the experience price starts from 80 euros per person.


Super happy mom! Invitees were very happy and surprised by the original idea to celebrate Martina’s birthday!


What if we talked about celebrating my best friend’s birthday?

Yes, we have organized that, and there is no shortage of ideas here, either. A special friend’s birthday must be exceptional!

The Langhe is perfect for such an occasion, and we can tailor our offerings to the tastes of the birthday girl and make the day simply unforgettable.

Maybe we can get to know each other through a phone call where I’ll ask you what your friend prefers and then seek out the best of the Langhe to offer for this birthday theme…

Wife’s birthday party? Sister’s or brother’s birthday party? 40th birthday party ideas?

We have many ideas for birthday parties for girls and boys of all ages!

We like to “sew” our designs: people are unique, and the experiences designed to celebrate them should be too!

Our goal is simple: to create special days that can be remembered!

We are waiting for you in the Langhe with a great desire to come back to celebrate!



We will make sure to make the event unique and personalized!


Weekend with friends in the Langhe

2 nights of relaxing between different experiences to get to know the Langhe slowly

2 or 3 days
Outdoor, Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Picnic in the vineyard in the Langhe…and surroundings

A picnic in the vineyards with two different ways to enjoy it: on foot and by bike. A novelty in the Langhe!

All year round
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Horseback riding with tasting

A horseback ride in the vineyards of Langhe or Roero with a ” foodie” ending in a winery, tavern, or with a nice lunch in the countryside!

Bike tour in the Barolo Langhe

Barolo E-bike Tour with departure from Alba and visit to the most beautiful villages of the Langhe with the amazing Barolo wineries

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Vespa tour in the Langhe with wine tasting

A day on a Vespa to discover the vineyards and wineries of the Langhe!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

And if you want to get ideas of how the experiences we offer can be organized and how they can become beautiful and original days, I’ll let you in on a secret…

Our hen party and bachelor party pages can be a beneficial inspiration when planning your event!

We, many times, get inspired just that way!

Remember that we are Tour creators: we can organize them whenever you want, with as many people as you wish. Just give me a margin of time to hook up all my network of suppliers.