Trekking in the Langhe

Trekking in Langhe: a perfect territory to live most slowly, on foot!

Beautiful vineyards, shady woods, delightful villages to explore slowly.

A day or an entire vacation at the rhythm of your steps with our trekking in the Langhe and surroundings.

Trekking in the Langhe is a complete experience; we help you to organize it. We provide maps of the routes, tested and designed to follow you during the day. If you prefer we can book a guide to follow you step by step and describe the peculiarities of the area and satisfy your curiosity!

Why choose Slowdays trekking in Langhe

Langhe landscapes

They are spectacular and put you back at peace with the world. Rolling hills, vineyards as far as the eye can see, villages and castles to admire…all at a slow pace!

With whom you want and when you want

You won’t find dates among our proposals: you decide the date. We create experiences when you ask us to, starting from just one person!

Much more than just a walk

In the Langhe you come above all to know the food and the wine of this extraordinary territory. For this reason, all our proposals include quality tastings!

Trekking in Langhe and surroundings: our proposals to live in a day

Trekking in the Langhe for your desire for outdoor excursions! Maybe you have been dreaming about trekking in the Langhe for a long time.

Let me give you a few pointers to help you choose which type of trekking in the Langhe is right for you!

Let’s start with the most straightforward trekking experience in the Langhe that takes a little more than half a day, but that will certainly leave you with beautiful memories. A simple walk in the Langhe with a final visit to a winery or with another “food” stop to conclude the “tiring” part.

Serralunga Castle: history and tastings

Serralunga d’Alba Castle: walk, visit and lunch

We discover the Serralunga vineyards dominated by the beautiful castle. You cannot miss our exclusive final tasting!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Trekking in the capital of the Langhe

Trekking Alba and surroundings (from Turin too!)

Leaving Alba and its hundred towers, you leave for the hills, vineyards and small woods. Grand finale in the winery or in the SPA!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Trekking in the Barolo area

Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Walking in the Roero

Roero trails: a trek around Guarene

The Roero, a very varied and almost harsh land. Very intriguing territory. With a nice Piedmontese lunch to … regain your strength!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Barbaresco trekking - Treiso

Langhe trekking: ring itinerary in the Barbaresco area

Around Treiso. Unforgettable landscapes. Vineyards, hills! And to end the experience a tasting with the wonderful Langhe wines… and the SPA!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Picnic in the vineyard in the Langhe…and surroundings

A picnic in the vineyards with two different ways to enjoy it: on foot and by bike. A novelty in the Langhe!

All year round
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Trekking in the Barbaresco area

Walking through the vineyards from Neive to the Barbaresco Tower

Let’s discover Barbaresco vineyards, between Neive and the small village of Barbaresco. Final tasting in a winery!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food


Food and wine walks in the vineyards: hiking in the Langhe is a journey into the world of wine!

Did you know that in the Langhe there is a 140 km long ring-route that connects the Barbaresco area with the Barolo area passing through the Alta Langa?

We’ll let you in on a secret…this is one of the most beautiful and famous Langhe trekking routes, but we hadn’t done it entirely until May 2020! After the long months of lockdown, it seemed the perfect way to start again: nature is the best ally in these cases, and filling our eyes with so much beauty was therapeutic for us! That’s why we thought to formulate our proposal related to this wonderful itinerary in the Langhe.

Italy Walking weekend, Langhe in Piedmont

2 formulas to discover the Langhe in the slowest way, walking! Vineyards, small villages, stop at wineries to taste the excellent wines and map included!

From March to November
3 Days
Outdoor, Wine & Food

“Barolo to Barbaresco”: self-guided Langhe trekking

2 nights or 4 to get to know the Langhe by walking. With various possibilities and options!

From March to November
2 days
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Walking and tasting. Tasty meditation!


Start again, from scratch. A trek in the Langhe to find ourselves

How many times have we told ourselves that we would do this? There are moments in our lives when we feel the pulsating need to renew ourselves, start over, and be more aware and stronger than before. Some decide to change their lives clearly and decisively, others choose to make those changes they have longed for at a slower but still effective pace because it is the pace we really feel is ours.
To start again, we at SlowDays propose walking in the Langhe and Roero: an activity as simple as it is essential to share with your family or friends or to live, why not, even simply in the company of yourself. Walking will help you make space between your thoughts, rediscover the most magical places in Piedmont and start again with that new positive energy that only uncontaminated nature like the Langhe and Roero can offer you.

Our proposals could also be defined as a food and wine walk in the Langhe since the wine is always present: you can observe the different stages of ripening of the grapes in the vineyard, and it will be spontaneous to think about deepening in the cellar the magical world of wine, so our trekking in the Langhe becomes a real Wine trekking.


The Piedmontese Langhe and Roero are genuinely beautiful areas to explore on foot.

Traveling on foot is a new way of taking a vacation that is sustainable and can give you a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

Why choose Langhe for your walking vacation?

How are Piedmont’s hilly itineraries different from those in other areas?

Let’s try to answer with points

  • as the first reason we want to say that Langhe is excellent, did we already tell you that? Don’t trust anything we say; come and see for yourself! Well, if Unesco has decided to put the Langhe among “its” heritages and has done so because of its wine landscapes, there must be a reason!
  • The Langhe is for everyone! There’s no denying it: trekking routes are more challenging in the mountains! Not that the Langhe and Roero are like walking on the plain, but the climbs are never prohibitive and are always followed by descents and flat stretches.
  • The landscape is very varied! Do you think maybe there are only vineyards? You are wrong! Especially if you will decide to drive along the path from the Langhe of Barbaresco through Alta Langa, which leads to the Langhe of Barolo, you will discover the variety of landscapes that characterize this beautiful hilly area of Piedmont. First vineyards, then woods, then little villages and castles, to go back again to the vineyards
  • Do you like walks with few amenities? With overnight stays in hostels and shared rooms? Or maybe with a tent on your back? Very well, that’s fine! Oh God, there are no hostels here in the Langhe, but you can find some spartan accommodation. In this case, we recommend the area of Alta Langa. If, however, you are a lover of comfort and the idea of a shared bathroom or hostel doesn’t appeal to you, you can find complete satisfaction in the Langhe! Who said that trekking has to be “uncomfortable” and spartan? It’s OK to walk, but if you arrive at a welcoming structure in the evening, perhaps where you can swim in the pool, we believe there is nothing wrong with that. If you have someone to take care of your luggage while you comfortably devote yourself to your daily excursion, I’d say it’s the best way to combine physical activity and comfort!
  • In the Langhe, the paths are pretty well marked, not all of them. In any case, don’t worry: if you buy one of our packages, we will study the paths in the Langhe for you, and you can follow them on your cell phone, just like a navigator.
  • I leave for last the most important reason in my opinion. We are not talking about walks in the Langhe or simple excursions; here we are talking about “Wine trekking Langhe“! Wine is the protagonist, even if you do not like to drink it (but are you sure?)…if you come in autumn, your walk in the Langhe will be characterized by the scent of grapes still attached to the vines; if you come in spring the soft green of the vineyards with the background of towers and castles will be all to photograph…but above all, we are talking about wine trekking because, if you want, there will be visits to wineries with tasting to discover everything about the world of great wines of the Langhe, such as Barolo and Barbaresco but also Barbera. You will also find many white wines (for those you cannot miss a visit in the Roero area) and, lately, more and more frequent rose wines or bubbles. It is known that appetite comes with walking…and dinner with a view of the Langhe can’t be taken away from you in the evening! Of course, even the cooking is not less!

Do you already imagine yourself with your legs tired from the walk-in Langhe, shower done, a terrace on the vineyards, and a glass in your hand? Well then, our packages for walking vacations in Langhe are waiting for you!


Alessandro Marotta AvatarAlessandro Marotta

1 ottobre 2021
Abbiamo fatto una passeggiata a piedi tra le vigne del Barbaresco, partendo e tornando a Treiso (circa 5,5 km in 2 ore). Alla fine del giro siamo stati alla Cantina di Treiso, dove abbiamo assaggiato tutti i vini disponibili.
Una bellissima esperienza, vigneti e paesaggi mozzafiato, sempre guidati nel percorso dalla app inviatici da Claudia, e alla fine la piacevole chiacchierata con la responsabile della cantina, che ci ha professionalmente spiegato tutto e ci ha anche dato ottimi consigli su ristoranti della zona. - 03/10/2021 

Trekking Langhe anello nella zona di Treiso Image
Trekking Langhe anello nella zona di Treiso
470ursulah Avatar470ursulah

5 star rating Weekend Amiche in relax nelle Langhe Claudia di Slowdays é stata la soluzione ideale per organizzare un tour nelle Langhe all'ultimo minuto. Avendo poco tempo per organizzare mi sono affidata a lei e il risultato è stato impeccabile. Abbiamo trovato ospitalità e gentilezza in luoghi stupendi. Il tour comprendeva degustazione vini in una cantina di Barbaresco, pomeriggio in SPA ad Alba, cena con degustazione dei piatti locali e pernottamento a Guarene. Ero in compagnia di un'amica e siamo state entrambe benissimo. Da rifare! - 26/10/2020 

LaChiarettabert AvatarLaChiarettabert

5 star rating Evviva la sposa! Esperienza Pazzesca! Siamo una squadra di pallavolo e quando una di noi si sposa è subito una buona occasione per fare un weekend tutte insieme...questa volta abbiamo scelto le Langhe come zona di interesse! Cercando su Google abbiamo trovato Claudia ed è stato subito “amore a prima vista”...fatta la richiesta di ciò che più poteva piacere alla sposa, nel giro di pochi giorni ci è stato subito propinato un programma dettagliato delle giornate di sabato e domenica!

L’esperienza in e-bike è stata una vera sorpresa, panorama mozzafiato e una super degustazione di vini con Silvia alla cantina G.D.
A fine giornata siamo andate al C.T. per un tuffo in piscina e tanto meritato relax...

La domenica dopo una passeggiata fino a Treiso e un bel tuffo in piscina, Luca il proprietario, ci serve per pranzo una grigliata (buonissima) e tanto buon vino! La giornata è volata e nemmeno ci siamo accorte...sembrava di stare a casa con amici che conosci da una vita!

Purtroppo è durato tutto troppo poco, ma sono stati davvero tutti gentilissimi è super pazienti, considerando le 13 donne di un addio al nubilato!

Con Claudia si sta già organizzando una nuova esperienza per ottobre...questa volta andiamo a vendemmiare... - 03/08/2020 

Silviottella AvatarSilviottella

5 star rating Fantastica! Volevamo organizzare un tour con amici in ebike e ci siamo affidati a slowdays e Claudia alla cieca! E dobbiamo dire che ne siamo usciti fortemente soddisfatti! Ci ha chiesto cosa ci aspettavamo e lo ha stra superato! Sabato mattina siamo partiti con un trekking di 9km in mezzo ai vigneti e le colline de la morra, con una tappa finale alla cantina A.R. dove abbiamo fatto un pranzo leggero con la degustazione dei suoi ottimi vini, siamo stati accolti da Mauro, che è stato gentilissimo e ci ha spiegato anche un po’ di cultura del vino. Dopodiché siamo andati a soggiornare a L.C.d.A. un bed and breakfast semplice ma bellissimo dove abbiamo riposato, goduto della piscina e poi raggiunto a piedi il ristorante per la cena: meno completo, tutto buonissimo e vino a volontà! Abbiamo dovuto stoppare noi i camerieri perché non ce la facevamo più 😂 il giorno dopo ci aspettava il tour in bici di 45 km, siamo andati a neive, ci hanno fornito i 2 panini a testa, il dolce, l’acqua e 3 bottiglie di vino (ancora ahaha) come pic nic e il negozio di fianco ci ha fornito le bici! Il percorso era semplicemente fantastico: non volevamo la classica pedalata bianca ma qualcosa di estremo e siamo stati accontentati! Percorso bellissimo e super divertente finito con un altra degustazione! Siamo stati davvero contenti di questa esperienza e sicuramente la ripeteremo! Oltretutto abbiamo apprezzato che ha coinvolto piccole aziende, valorizzando il bello che questo piccolo paradiso che sono le Langhe racchiudono! Grazie di cuore - 05/07/2020 


What if I told you that you can discover the Langhe also in E-bike?

Do you love outdoor activities?

nelle langhe in ebike

There are also beautiful itineraries in the Roero

The Granda, the best place to live!