Hi, I’m Claudia and I created Slow Days after an important change in my professional life. As it happens to many, I haven’t been happy with my work for too long. After complaining, blaming destiny, and thinking there was no way to change that life that didn’t reflect me, I made a decision…try it!

In my professional life, I have always had to deal with tourism and so the choice came naturally; I began to study, to go around to learn more about the wonderful territory where I live and where I was born and I discovered that I did not know him at all!

This work has allowed me to discover hidden treasures, meet extraordinary people, live unforgettable experiences (yes, I tried them all before recommending them to others!), and literally, fall in love with this wonderful Piedmont!

Slowdays (I say that he is my third son, the first 2 you see in the picture above!) was born in 2016, to provide my experience in the area for those who want to know it in a different way and outside the most obvious tourist proposals, taking some ‘time to do it calmly.

There are large portals, on the Internet there is everything, but in my small way I think I can offer something that you would find very hard to find there: a local and human experience that will remain in your heart.

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Hi, I’m Roberto, Claudia’s husband.

I decided to collaborate with Claudia by providing what I do best: I’ve always been a sportsman and so I’m passionate about the part related to outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking tours, looking for new routes, and preparing tracks for customers.

Claudia is creative, but someone who keeps accounts in order is essential! So I give her a hand on what she hates most: invoices, bureaucracy, various formalities …

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Travel Designer in love with the Italian territory.  My mission is to give sensoriality to the journey so that a place, even close to us, is not only observed but also smelled, tasted, touched, and heard.  Passionate about nature walks, street photography, graffiti, Japan…and good things to eat!

Hen parties in Lombardy! With Claudia, I started creating packages for unforgettable Hen parties near Milan-Lombardy!

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Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m Claudia’s mom.

They tell me that I don’t show the years I’m old: I think it’s true above all for the desire to do and the energy I still have despite my age…which of course I’ll never reveal!

My daughter is creative: her ideas are constantly evolving and she would need 10 people to realize them all.

I have a background in computer science and so I know that computer science could help her a lot! My motto is: “Everything you do in the same way at least 3 times a month is worth being computerized! She doesn’t always believe it, but I’m here to prove it to her!

For the rest, I’m happy thanks to Slowdays to discover the beauties and treasures of the land where I live since I was 18 years old.


Meet PEOPLE before places!