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Hi, I’m Claudia, and I created SlowDays after a significant change in my professional life. As happens to many, I have been unhappy with my job for too long. After complaining, blaming fate, and thinking there was no way to change that life that did not reflect me, I decided…TRY IT!

In my professional life, I have always had to do with tourism, so the choice came naturally; I began to study to learn more about the beautiful area where I live and where I was born, and discovered that I did not know it at all!

This work allowed me to discover hidden treasures, meet extraordinary people, have unforgettable experiences (yes, I tried them all before recommending them to others!), and fall in love with this wonderful Piedmont!

Slowdays (I say it’s my third child) was born, in 2016, to make my experience in the area available to those who want to get to know it differently and outside of the more obvious tourist proposals, taking some time to do it at their leisure.

There are the big portals; on the Internet, there is everything, but in my small way, I believe I can offer something that you would have a hard time finding: a local and human experience that will remain in your heart.

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Hi, I’m Roberto, Claudia’s husband.

I decided to collaborate with Claudia by providing what I do best: I’ve always been a sportsman, so I’m getting into the part related to outdoor activities, such as treks and bike tours, looking for new routes, and preparing tracks for clients.

Claudia is creative, but someone who keeps the books in order is essential! So I help her with what she hates the most: invoices, bureaucracy, various fulfillments….

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Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m Claudia’s mom.

They tell me that I don’t show the years I have: I believe this is true primarily because of the drive and energy I still have despite my age, which I will never reveal!

My daughter is creative; her ideas constantly evolve, and she would need ten people to implement them all.

I have an IT background, so I know IT could greatly help her! My motto is, “Anything you do the same way at least three times a month is worth being computerized!” She doesn’t always believe that, but I’m here to prove it!

Otherwise, thanks to Slowdays, I am happy to discover the beauty and treasures of the land where I have lived since I was 18 years old.


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Meet the PEOPLE before places!


“Those who travel without meeting each other do not travel, they move”  Alexandra David-Néel


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Incoming Piedmont

What does that mean? And what do I do as a professional? I am a professional organizing and managing trips and experiences for tourists arriving in a destination, in my case, in the beautiful region of Piedmont.

I like to share the beauty and wonders of this corner of Italy with visitors from Italy and distant countries. As an “incoming” tour operator specializing in the Langhe region, I am dedicated to creating authentic experiences above all outside the usual tourist circuits. My love for these places I want to make it contagious.

I take pleasure in taking care of the details. I love to create customized itineraries that reflect the tastes and preferences of my clients. I like to surprise them with original and little-known activities, such as visits to small family wineries or walking tours through the hills. This way, I allow those who arrive to have an authentic and unforgettable experience.

I don’t like to stress clients; I want to ensure the days are organized and relaxing. There are always moments to stop, admire a view, and take a picture because travel is not just a way to reach a destination but an experience to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Being an “incoming” Tour Operator means being an ambassador of my land and its enchantment. Thanks to my passion and experience over the years, I can create trips and occasions for those who come to Piedmont for the first time and those who willingly return. I focus on the hidden beauties of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato, and I hope to provide authentic and unforgettable experiences.


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