In Langhe with Slowdays: 3 of the most beautiful cities to visit

Piedmont Langhe: Join SlowDays and visit 3 beautiful towns

Hello, all SlowDays friends and welcome back to explore our beloved Piedmontese Langhe! If you are here it is because you want to learn more about what are the most interesting towns in the Langhe. With the arrival of spring or fall we tend to spend a few days away from home, short vacations, every weekend is an opportunity to go and discover new destinations and attractions. I would like to start with a general introduction to what is meant by Langhe.

What is the Langhe and do you know where the Langhe is?

The Langhe is in Piedmont. Piedmont’s Langhe is a beating heart of beauty!

What is the Langhe?

Langhe refers to the Piedmontese territory located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti. It is a territory divisible into low-lying Langhe villages, high-lying Langhe villages, and Langhe Astigiane. Since 2014 the Langhe has been officially included, along with Roero and Monferrato, in the list of World Heritage Sites. The name of these beautiful hills comes from the Piedmontese dialect where “Langhe” means language and refers to the sinuous shapes of the land. The Langhe is rich in history, art, and culture; famous are the wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, and Barbera d’Alba but also in the gastronomic sector, there are delicacies more unique than rare such as the White Truffle of Alba, the famous Tonda Gentile hazelnut and the Robiole di Roccaverano and Murazzano.

Where is the Langhe located?

Well, in part we have already answered that just above. Let’s just add that the Langhe area is in a fairly strategic place because it is about 2 hours from the province of Milan, an hour from Turin, and a couple of hours from Liguria and the sea. Let’s say that they are located in a convenient area, but not too much and this allows them to never be too crowded to give the guarantee that they can be visited slowly and without crowds, as we like!

Langhe itineraries: let’s start in the Bassa Langa – Alba

When talking about Piedmont’s Langhe, one cannot help but think of the town of Alba, the “capital” of the area. In the past Alba was known as the city of a hundred towers, all built between the 14th and 15th centuries, to this day very few remain and are preserved between Piazza Risorgimento and Via Cavour. The latter is one of the main streets of the historic center, a street that has preserved a typical medieval appearance.

There are numerous religious architectures to visit, the main one being the Duomo or Church of San Domenico so famous to the point of being the site of exhibitions and concerts throughout the year.  The “capital” of the Langhe has also been a point of reference for many important historical figures such as Beppe Fenoglio and Giordano Berti, authors of fiction who have dedicated several works to the town.

Alba is best known for the White Truffle, which brings out other typical dishes of Piedmontese culture: tajarin, agnolotti del pin, or raw meat carpaccio. An annual fair is also dedicated to the White Truffle of Alba, held since 1928 in October, now considered an event of international significance. Another very important event is Vinum, the festival dedicated to the wine of the Alba territory, in which there are as many as 290 wineries; Alba wines are divided into DOC ( Barbera, Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo) and DOCG ( Barbaresco, Moscato, and Barolo) and in the territory, there are wineries with very important names indeed, such as Ceretto, Borgogno or Ettore Germano.

Speaking of the city of Alba, it is essential to mention the major industries in the city such as Ferrero, Miroglio, and Mondo. In short, there are many reasons to indulge in a trip to Alba; it is an all-around rich, welcoming and exciting city. Contact us, SlowDays will organize the tour you are dreaming of!

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Alba Food & Wine Tour

Experience a real itinerant lunch through the streets of Alba through its food and wine specialties!

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Trekking Alba and surroundings (from Turin too!)

Leaving Alba and its hundred towers, you leave for the hills, vineyards and small woods. Grand finale in the winery or in the SPA!

From March to November
Entire Day
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Truffles Wine

History and Arts

Events and Fairs

Piedmont Langhe what to see in Alta Langa: Murazzano

We move to Alta Langa and more precisely to Murazzano. I want to tell you about this town because it is rich in points of interest and gastronomic specialties.

The center of the town of Murazzano is dominated by an imposing tower of medieval origins, once included in a fortified castle, a good 33 meters high. Not far from the town center is the Langhe Safari Park, home to more than 50 species of animals, a total of about 350 specimens, housed in cozy and well-equipped spaces; the park is about 5 km long and can be traveled for a stretch on foot and for another with one’s own car ( a stretch where wolves, lions, and large herbivores can be admired). This is a nice cue for families, who want to combine a winery tour with a few hours dedicated to the kids 😎

Typical of the town is the cheese of the same name: Murazzano DOP, recognized in 1996 at the European level, this is a classic toma or robiola cheese with an uncooked, soft, short-ripening texture. Murazzano PDO is made from sheep’s milk of the native breed of the Langhe, usually pure. It is a cheese that goes well with Dolcetto d’Alba and Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato. The town of Murazzano is one of the main centers for the cultivation of the famous Piedmontese hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, a PGI variety also known as Trilobata.

Why not take advantage of the warm weather to visit the historic center and stop at one of the local farms? Visiting the Langhe has never been easier, turn to the SlowDays team!


Weekend with friends in the Langhe

2 nights of relaxing between different experiences to get to know the Langhe slowly

2 or 3 days
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Min 2 pax

Santo Stefano Belbo, Barbera and Moscato by bike!

Discover with this tour the Barbera and Moscato wine area and a less known but extraordinary area of the Langhe!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Cheese ; Wine

History and Peace

Weekend and Holidays

Langa Astigiana, the Langhe towards Monferrato: Canelli

The Langa Astigiana is a territory that reaches as far as the province of Asti, characterized mostly by small medieval villages. Canelli is one of the symbolic towns of the Langa Astigiana, which has always been important because of its geographical location. To this day it is defined as the capital of sparkling wine produced by major wineries located around the Gancia Castle. In fact, in 2014 Canelli and Asti Spumante proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, key parts of the Piedmont Wine Landscape territory.

There are many religious architectures to visit but the most significant element is the Castle or Palazzo Gancia, built in the 11th century in defense of the roads leading to the ports of Savona.

Canelli is also famous for its underground cellars used for aging sparkling wine. These are true underground cathedrals that extend beneath the city; here millions of bottles are left to ferment at a constant temperature of 12-14° in order to take on the typical Canelli aromas and flavors. Among the most important wineries are Contratto, Santero, Cantine Bosca and Coppo srl.

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Monferrato E-bike tour: discover a territory

Monferrato to be discovered slowly in the saddle of a beautiful e-bike. Discover extraordinary landscapes and local specialties!

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Giant benches Monferrato in Ebike

An electric bike to discover this wonderful corner of Monferrato in search of benches and other curiosities!

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Sparkling & Moscato Wine

Wine Cathedral

Bike Tour


Actually, in this article, we made a short trip between 3 different towns and cities, but many more interesting stops await you.

You could embark on a real tour of the Langhe by car among small villages and castles and each day make a stop to visit a winery perhaps!

Read more about towns to visit in this article of ours about some must-see stops in the beautiful Langhe area

There are many more cities to visit and we will continue, article by article, to introduce you to them! SlowDays’ job is to organize relaxing tours tailored to each traveler: our specialty is precisely the Langhe. Please remember to keep following us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts in which we post weekly reviews, offers, and news about our packages.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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Langhe in spring rows of vines

Horseback riding with tasting

A horseback ride in the vineyards of Langhe or Roero with a ” foodie” ending in a winery, tavern, or with a nice lunch in the countryside!

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Roses atop vine rows in Piedmont's Langhe region

Giant benches of Piedmont riding a Vespa!

A day on a Vespa to discover the vineyards and wineries of Langhe! 2 possible options

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Vine leaves with the colors of autumn

Barbaresco Winery Visit | Taste one of the Great Kings of Reds

Barbaresco has nothing to envy to the more noble Barolo. Indeed, the game between the two is delicious and addicting!

Entire Day
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax
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The fog that creates a sea near the rows

Piedmont Weekend: a weekend to enjoy Food & Wine

A weekend to immerse yourself in the wonderful territory of the Langhe. among excellent dishes and extraordinary wines

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