Langhe Castles: Between Middle Age and Vineyards

Castles of the Langhe: An itinerary of discovery in one day

Map with discovery itinerary for some of the castles in the Langhe region

Langhe Castles for an Original Tour

Route of about 50 km starting from Mango and ending in Roddi

Self-drive tours, with your car, in search of Castelli Langhe Colline Vigne! A way to visit precious castles while wandering through the beautiful hills of the Langhe

Langhe Castles

Veduta di Barolo e del castello


Mango Castle

In ‘700, this Castle was rebuilt on the remains of the medieval fortress that had been partially destroyed. The Castle of Mango, or Castello di Busca, is elegant, in stone, and follows the forms of Renaissance architecture. Inside, you can find the Regional Enoteca del Moscato. Wine from vineyards cultivated in this area, to which I have dedicated an appreciation article! Moscato wine is a pleasant discovery.


The tower of Barbaresco on the autumn mists

Let’s go to the small village of Barbaresco. Also, this village, like Barolo, shares the name with the famous wine produced in its surroundings. In Barbaresco, we do not find a real castle but a beautiful red brick tower. It was built by the Gonzaga family when they became the Marquis of Monferrato.

The Tower of Barbaresco has a twin sister, the Tower of Santa Vittoria d’Alba. It is a symbol of this part of the territory that, with its vineyards has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the tower, there is a room for sensory analysis, a multimedia museum, and a beautiful panoramic terrace where you can enjoy an incomparable view! A tasting on the tower can be a beautiful stop

Castles in the Langhe: Serralunga, Barolo and Roddi


Castle of Serralunga

We find in Serralunga the family of the Marquis Falletti. The village clings around him, almost in admiration. The castle of Serralunga is splendid. It is imposing and observes the surrounding Barolo hills. It is perfectly preserved.

The Castle of Serralunga is a National Monument. You can visit and understand how it was managed to optimize the defense. You will be shown the various traps used to block the invaders. They had to be very effective because history tells us they were never conquered. It is said that the only flaw in the defense was the result of deception.


Barolo Castle

Not far from Alba, we find Barolo’s small and famous village. The castle of the Marquis Falletti family became a residence immediately after the passage of Piedmont to the Savoys. No longer needing to “defend” the village, the Falletti family, the wealthy family of Astigiano family, used the castle as a substitute residence. They were divided between Turin, at Palazzo Barolo, and Barolo!   Inside the Castle of Barolo, you can enjoy the experience of the WiMu (interactive wine museum) and l’Enoteca Regionale del Barolo.

A vital guest was Silvio Pellico, who worked as a librarian for Marquise Colbert, and is called the creator of Barolo wine.



The last stop of this tour between Castelli is Roddi. A few steps from Alba, we find  Roddi Castle. Already since the eleventh century, there is evidence of this structure. On top of the hill of the small village, we see this imposing Castle: a large central body and two towers.

Well-preserved ancient kitchens. The Castle had a drawbridge that allowed access. Today it no longer exists. The internal decorations are rich and precious. The ceilings are imposing.

Would you prefer a trek?



Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food
And if you have the time to visit others....

Here are other castles in the Langhe and Roero not to be missed!



The castle of Grinzane Cavour stands not far from Alba atop a hill overlooking the spectacular landscape of the Langhe hills.

The castle was the favorite home of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, during his stays in Grinzane even as he began his political activities, which would lead him to be one of the architects of the Unification of Italy. In one of the castle’s rooms, the Cavour Room, you can see his bedroom with various memorabilia and original documents.

You can also visit the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour in the castle or take a tour of the OpenAir Museum “In Vigna,” a fascinating open-air trail around the castle walls to discover the history and culture of wine.



The Castle of Govone is mentioned in a deed of sale from 989, while the present construction is the work of the Solaro Counts, Lords of Govone since the 13th century.

In 1792, with the death of Count Amedeo Lodovico Solaro, who had no direct descendants, the castle and property passed to the state.
In 1819 Charles Felix was actively involved in the restoration and modernization of the castle, directed by architects Giuseppe Cardone and Michele Borda. Special attention was paid to the decoration of the central hall for the paintings of the architectural parts and ornaments on the walls and vault.

In 1897 the Municipal Administration purchased the castle by auctioning off its furniture and objects.



The Castle of Magliano was commissioned by Catalano Alfieri (1602-1674), who belonged to the Alfieri family of Magliano and Castagnole delle Lanze and began construction in 1649. Unfortunately, Catalano Alfieri’s life ended tragically before the castle’s construction work was completed.

The Alfieri family of Magliano died out in 1797. The castle passed through various hands until Marquis Cesare Degli Alfieri di Sostegno repurchased it in 1843.

Today the castle of Magliano is owned by the municipality to which the parish of Sant’Andrea donated it with the permission of the curia of Alba.
The last descendant of the lineage, Marquise Margherita Visconti Venosta Pallavicino-Mossi, bequeathed it to the village church in 1952.



Monteu Roero Castle was formerly called Monte Acuto because of its strategic location. Positioned high on the top of a steep hill and ensuring a splendid view of the Roero, the territory in which it is embedded, it guaranteed the strategic supremacy and the security of the fortress and its inhabitants.

The castle was partly rebuilt between 1570-1575, and it is in that form that it has come down to us today. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake of 1887, some heavily damaged parts were torn down and never rebuilt. Thus it has come down to us while retaining yesteryear’s fascinating and ominous appearance.

You can also take an e-bike ride!

Bike tour in the Barolo Langhe

Barolo E-bike Tour with departure from Alba and visit to the most beautiful villages of the Langhe with the amazing Barolo wineries

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food
A Tour of the Langhe is always exciting

Castelli Langhe: A way to cross centuries of history in a day!

We have reached the end of this path and a day dedicated to the Castles of the Langhe. 

Have I intrigued you? You can include some of these Castles in a Vineyard trekking or, even simpler, with an e-bike.

If, on the other hand, you also love good wine and the products of the Langhe, there is nothing better than a  Fantastic Wine Tour between Castles and Cellars!

And they are beautiful all year round!

A Wine Tour between Castles and Wineries?

It could be a great way to get to know the Langhe!


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