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Serralunga d’Alba Castle: Tour with trekking, visit and lunch

The Serralunga d’Alba Castle Tour gives us a perfect day out in its simplicity. It has all the ingredients for getting to know the various aspects of the Langhe: the history and culture, the magnificent landscapes, and the excellent food and wine.

Serralunga d’Alba is one of our favorite villages, a little less visited than the more famous Barolo and La Morra, but just as attractive and rich in history.

  • Route: about 10 km for 200 meters of elevation gain (not challenging, but good physical fitness required)
  • Includes: Trail map to be followed on the app, service assistance for the duration of the tour, typical lunch in a winery, guided tour of the castle of Serralunga d’Alba

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Self-guided walk, lunch, castle tour

Formula A - 65€ per person

castello di serralunga d'alba

ITINERARY DESCRIPTION “Around the castle of Serralunga d’Alba”: Start the trail near Serralunga, near the restaurant, where you can enjoy an excellent typical lunch at the end of the walk. 10 KM on paths immersed in the vineyards and “causagne” (the roads that cross the vineyards) – 200 meters total height difference – Classification: easy-medium


  • Departure at 9.30/10.00 is for your walk through the vineyards of Serralunga d’Alba, one of the communes where Barolo wine is produced. We’ll send you a track to follow on your mobile phone, even offline, so you can follow the entire route without fear of getting lost or taking unnecessary detours.
  • Around 1 pm: Typical lunch with a view. A menu includes an appetizer, the first course of your choice, hazelnut cake, and a glass of Nebbiolo. Water and coffee included.
  • At 4 pm, a tour of the castle of Serralunga d’Alba to discover a story you might not expect.

Additional Information

Trekking around Serralunga Castle is an intriguing experience that allows you to have history, scenery, and tasting all day. This tour is a genuine surprise, an opportunity to uncover the secrets of one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the Langhe.

We love this tour because:

What makes this tour so unique? To begin with, you can visit Serralunga Castle accompanied by expert guides. This is undoubtedly a significant added value because you can delve into the history of this imposing structure. The guides will lead you through the corridors and historic rooms, where you can admire ancient frescoes and discover architectural details that tell its long and fascinating story.

The castle visit lasts approximately 45 minutes, just the right amount of time to appreciate the castle. It’s a comprehensive experience, but it won’t be the only one of the day.

The panoramic view is one of the main attractions of Serralunga Castle: from its windows, especially from the top of the tower, you can enjoy a spectacular view that embraces the surrounding countryside and extends to the majestic Alps. The feeling of being on top of the world is truly indescribable.

The history of Serralunga Castle dates back to the 12th century when it was built as a defensive structure.

Its central tower and mighty stone walls tell stories of brave knights, feudal lords, and epic battles nearby. Every corner of the castle recalls medieval life, and as you explore it, you can live and hear the voices of the past.

But there’s more. This tour emphasizes not only the castle itself but also its surroundings. Serralunga is located in the renowned Langhe of Barolo region, famous worldwide for its prized wine known as the “King of Wines.” You can enjoy a stroll through the vineyards, immersing yourself in the beauty of this hilly landscape.

Why is Serralunga so famous, and how does its name connect to Barolo wines?

The answer lies in the rich winemaking tradition of this region. The vineyards of the Langhe are famous for producing some of Italy’s best wines, including the celebrated Barolo. And Serralunga is one of the municipalities involved in this winemaking tradition. The vines that grace the hills around the castle are an integral part of the region’s wine history.

In conclusion, the Serralunga d’Alba and its Castle Walking Tour offer a well-rounded experience: history, culture, breathtaking landscapes, and gastronomic pleasures. It’s a journey through time and flavors that will leave you with unforgettable memories of the Langhe of Barolo and the magnificent Serralunga Castle. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this unique and fascinating adventure!

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maurizio f16/12/2023
5 star rating
Degustazione vini Organizzazione perfetta posti bellissimo - degustazioni in ottime cantine organizzate alla perfezione
Lucrezia P03/11/2023
5 star rating
Bellissimo weekend nelle Langhe Ho ricevuto come regalo un pacchetto con notte e degustazioni di vini e pranzo nelle Langhe: stupendo! Organizzazione ottima e super disponibili nel venire incontro alle nostre necessità/bisogni. Regalo super apprezzato e tutti i fornitori a cui siamo stati indirizzati ci hanno lasciato felicemente soddisfatti!! Super consigliato! 🙌🏼
Donatella B30/10/2023
5 star rating
Weekend in Langhe Roero Ho regalato a mio marito un week end enogastronomico, magistralmente organizzato da Claudia. Degustazione in cantina storica a La Morra, pernottamento in b&b delizioso con cena ottima a Vezza d'Alba e splendida esperienza con i pastori del Roero a Monteu di Roero: splendido! Grazie Claudia!
Andrea Alborghetti22/10/2023
Servizio davvero ottimo, grande attenzione al cliente e disponibilità. Le esperienze e le strutture proposte sono davvero di buon livello e tutto risulta organizzato alla perfezione. Sicuramente un servizio da consigliare ad altri o da offrire come regalo👍
serralunga d'alba castle

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