Some of our tours cannot be adapted in case of allergies, intolerances or food preferences such as vegetarian/vegan. This is because, very often, we rely on small wineries or facilities

The answer is: it depends! It depends on the type of tour, whether it involves an overnight stay or not, and on the availability in that period both of us

The answer is: it depends! What we can tell you is that it is very difficult for us to accept bookings less than a week before the requested date. Obviously,

SlowDays has decided to communicate only by email. With time, we have realized that it is the only way for us to give correct and fast answers to various doubts

Buy them now, and they last for a year! You can purchase the voucher by clicking on the “Buy or Gift” button above or below and choosing whether to send

No, because ours are not standard experiences that are always the same. We collaborate with different wineries and it’s not always the same. Wineries change, routes change, wines change accordingly! 

To make a reservation, you’ll simply need to click on the “Info & Reservations” button above or below and answer the questions. Once we receive the request we will work

We have packages for all budgets and needs. Experiences of a few hours or several days. You can choose the all-inclusive formula or just some of our small incursions in

Details of each tour are provided after confirmation and payment (down payment or balance as appropriate) of the tour. If you are not comfortable with what I can choose for

As you can read on our Home Page: Money-back guarantee Upon receiving the details of your program, if you don’t like it you can opt-out and get a refund! I

Time is the dearest friend of customizations If you book well in advance you will definitely have an advantage!  It’s not always possible at the last minute, while we guarantee

Slowdays has chosen to communicate only by email for several reasons We have to give an order to the requests that arrive: we don’t think it’s fair that a customer