Bad weather: what happens to our event?
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Weather forecasts only have a fraction of reliability from 48 hours before the date in question, so no earlier than that time, you should send an email to expressing your intention regarding possible courses of action in case of expected bad weather.


  • Postpone the experience by agreeing on a new date at no extra charge
  • Issue a voucher to the bride or groom of the total amount they can decide to use within one year for any SlowDays package
  • cancel the activity and receive a refund of the amount paid minus organizational costs: they will be assessed depending on whether the cancellation concerns the entire package or only one activity within it
  • Agree together on an alternative to celebrate anyway. You can request our service to find an option to celebrate anyway on the same day.

The alternative may involve only one of these experiences when available and may apply an additional charge:

    • lunch in a farmhouse or restaurant
    • visits to museums and castles
    • winery tour and tasting
    • Spas and wellness centers

We will propose an alternative consistent with supplier availability. This alternative booking service costs 10 euros per person plus any price difference between the new solution. This will be verified and booked on the spot and cannot be agreed upon before the 48 hours provided unless the alternative program fee is also paid.

The reference sites are:  3bmeteo  nimbus  Meteo-Aeronautica



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