Introduction to: Holidays in Italy The first step I would like to publish a letter we received from one of our clients. I met Jennie during her vacation in Alba. She was staying in an apartment, and she asked us to organize a day tour on a Vespa (which then ultimately was transformed into an e-bike tour), followed by a delicious tasting and then dinner. Last year she contacted me
Monferrato what to see taking into account your vacation days I wanted to break this little guide down into days that made sense. Let's say that it will be a Monferrato to discover in the time you want and you can spend in this magnificent area. The Monferrato is part of that wonderful area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, which has become   Unesco Heritage in 2014.   Monferrato has the
The Alba Truffle Fair turns 90 years old! Yes, you read right, 90 years old. But she still looks like a little girl. The story The Truffle Fair in Alba began in 1928 and is actually called the Grape Harvest Fair or Vendemmiale. It was born from the move of the Fiera del Mussotto which was held in the first week of September and lasted only one day. By decree
Langhe Roero: 3 reasons to visit this area The Tanaro River divides these areas. It borns in Liguria and runs through Ceva, Alba, Asti, Alessandria and then flows into the Po, near Bassignana and the province of Alessandria. Here and there from "Tane", as the Piedmontese say, there are the Langhe and Roero. They are part, together with Monferrato, of the large area of Piedmont defined as a UNESCO World
The Muscat wine and much more in Castagnole Lanze Discover how good Moscato wine is after having ignored it for many years: this is my sincere confession! I'll start with a brief description of the sweet Muscat Wine, known in France as Muscat, which derives from musquè which means aromatic. It is one of the most cultivated grape varieties in Italy and has had long periods of glory and recognition.
Visit La Morra Langhe. My 5 reasons: La Morra Langhe with the hamlets Annunziata, Santa Maria, Rivalta and Berri The Morra Langhe, near Alba, has a name derived from Loci Murrae. Sheep enclosure. It seems that the Benedictine monks used to graze their sheep here! It is one of the most panoramic spots in the area around Alba. La Morra is a small and lively village situated on a beautiful
Langhe Bike Rental The bike rental in the Langhe is more and more topical, because it is convenient, cheap and because it allows you to cover more km modulating the effort according to your training. E-bikes in the Langhe are a constant in many hotels and farmhouses and are also offered by many cycling shops. Arriving by car or train, in Alba, you can pick up your bike and have
I'm always looking for something unusual. I create personalized tours for my clients where the common thread is the local experience. I live in Piedmont, but over time I have built a network of friends/colleagues who have the same way of thinking about travel. Holidays in Italy are a mine of sensations, opportunities for recreation and culture. The country has a network of wonderful itineraries. A heritage of art that
The desire for outdoor excursions is undeniable! A trek in Piedmont is undoubtedly a wonderful prospect! And maybe you've been dreaming of trekking in the Langhe for a long time. Here's what I'll give you to choose which type of trekking in Piedmont is right for you! Trekking Piedmont: Better driven or autonomously? Trekking Piedmont. Guided excursions I've always liked guided tours. The sense of sharing with other participants. The
We at Slowdays have specialized for years in the organization of events such as the hen and stag party in the Langhe located 2 steps from Turin. We have thought of different programs that will surely satisfy all types of groups: from the most adventurous to lovers of relaxation, food, and wine. Looking for original ideas to organize the stag party? Here are our 4 proposals! STAG PARTY IDEA WINE