Holidays in Italy: My ideal Trip

Introduction to: Holidays in Italy

The first step

I would like to publish a letter we received from one of our clients. I met Jennie during her vacation in Alba. She was staying in an apartment, and she asked us to organize a day tour on a Vespa (which then ultimately was transformed into an e-bike tour), followed by a delicious tasting and then dinner.

Last year she contacted me to arrange a longer vacation and so we started writing to each other. I always do this: it helps me to design just the right tour for each client.

Of course, she had to skip this planned vacation due to the pandemic in 2020! It will be rescheduled as soon as it is possible.

While we are waiting, I asked Jennie to tell me why she had decided to book a tour through SlowDays, and here is the letter she sent me.

I introduce myself

My name is Jennie, and I’m a Canadian who’s decided to turn to SlowDays to help plan my ideal trip to the Langhe! A Holidays in Italy designed around the wines 🙂

I have to admit that my first thought about letting a tour company design my vacation was: “that’s not for me.” I’m not hard to please, but I’m an unusual enough sort of traveler that any
tour company that tries to provide an ordinary, cookie-cutter experience for me is going to have a hard time getting it right.

I have a long history of many decades of international travel already, and I speak a number of languages (I’m a professor of linguistics at a Canadian university). Because of this, I’ve tended to stay away from professional tours and do all of my
own travel arrangements.

Holidays in Italy: tailor-made or designed by myself?

But I can tell that sometimes, especially when I only have a short time in a place, I would really benefit from getting help from someone with a lot of local knowledge.

I can google travel information as well as anyone, and I speak enough Italian to read, for example, the websites of restaurants I might want to go to.

But what if there’s a real gem of a restaurant that only a local would know how to find in the first place? That’s the sort of thing I feel like a small, local company like SlowDays can really help me with. Of course, I’m used to doing my own planning and striking out on my own, so any sort of package tour with too much guidance is going to make me feel trapped. But I still really don’t want to miss out on those special places that I’d never find on my own.

Some ideas for your Tailor-Made Holidays in Italy

Take a look

SlowDays can help me?

So what kinds of things about me are the people at SlowDays going to have to take into account?

Well, first of all, they will need to know that my interest in the Langhe all started with wine! I became interested in Italian wine a few years ago, and as I learned more about it, I realized that almost all the wines I loved most were from the Langhe area of Piedmont.

This means that any tour for me needs to be designed around wine first and foremost. I want to go to wineries, and meet and talk to the people who make wine I wouldn’t be able to find on a store shelf back home. I also love food, and I’m a very adventurous eater who wants to stay away from places with “tourist menus”. I will eat or drink anything tasty and am willing to try anything once!

As far as activities go, I love a good hike or bike ride in a beautiful place, especially if it’s a place without a lot of other tourists around. And because I’m interested in language (professionally and personally), I would love an experience that challenges me to use the Italian skills I’ve been trying to perfect—reading, speaking, and understanding—and maybe even teaches me something about the language that I didn’t already know.

Also relevant is the fact that I’m a nervous driver (I don’t own a car in the city where I live, and it’s been years since I’ve driven regularly), so I’d prefer a method of getting around that doesn’t require me to get behind the wheel.

Holidays in Italy: the most important point

And finally, because I enjoy the feeling of “living like a local” even if I’m only in a place for a short time, I’d prefer not to rest my head at night in a sterile hotel, surrounded only by other tourists instead of real local people.

Also: I run every morning, no matter where I am, so it would be really useful to get some tips on the best places to do that near my accommodation.

I’m really excited to see what the team at SlowDays come up with for me!

Some Ideas we will propose to Jennie!

  • E-bike Tour with Tasting during the Tour 

Langhe Giant Benches Tour

With this electric bike tour, you can discover the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, ride through the vineyards and discover giant benches!

From March to October
Entire Day
Minimum 4 people
  • Discovering Barbaresco Wines

Barbaresco Winery Visit | Taste one of the Great Kings of Reds

Barbaresco has nothing to envy the more noble Barolo. Indeed, the game between the two is delicious and addicting!

From March to November
Entire Day
Wine & Food
  • Discovering Monferrato
  • Roero trekking

Sentieri del Roero: A weekend of walks and tastings

Roero, a very diverse and almost rugged land. A very intriguing territory.

From March to November
2 days and 1 night
Outdoor, Wine & Food


When a customer knows what he wants is already well underway. If he then finds a local Tour Operator and creates a good communication the second step is passed. Finally, if the Tour Operator is local and knows the area, there are all the prerequisites to create a great product!

The tailor-made tour, the vacation designed just for you, is the best way to get to know a land even in a few days.

What do you think about these Holidays in Italy?

Would you like to build your next vacation in Italy in this way? Don’t forget Italy has 55 Properties inscribed on the World Heritage list!


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