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MONFERRATO BIKE: the alternative to the Langhe for pedaling through the vineyards

E-bike Monferrato: an alternative to the Langhe and an area to be discovered. If the Langhe is now a well-known tourist destination, Monferrato can be a surprise…SlowDays’ word!

We believe in sustainable mobility and slow tourism, so what better way to visit an area than riding a beautiful E-bike? With our itineraries on the map, you’ll discover the best spots.

One formula talks about Barbera, the second will let you discover art, and the third a wine cathedral!

You can choose from three different formulas for our Monferrato E-bike package.



SlowDays offers all tours and packages on demand, without a fixed date, and exclusively for your ‘group.’

The tour we describe is necessarily indicative of the experiences you will have. In the quotation phase, with the dates and number of participants, I can tell you about your tour in more detail. Just so you know, the addresses and names of the facilities will only be communicated after confirmation.

If you like our proposal, please ask us for availability for the best date and the number of participants. We will confirm everything within a few hours!


Ebike rental, map to follow on cell phone, and winery tour and tasting


ROUTE DESCRIPTION AND SCHEDULE: Departure from Nizza Monferrato around 9:30 to 10 a.m. Follow our map to appreciate the beauty of Monferrato—a couple of benches and some souvenir photos to take home. The stop at the winery will be the reward for your effort!


  • E-bike rental and assistance in case of problems throughout the day
  • Personalized route map to follow on your cell phone like a navigator
  • Towards the middle of the route, food and wine stop. You will be accompanied in the interesting tasting by certified sommeliers and the wine’s excellent platters of typical products. The tasting includes a Blanc de Noir, classic method – a Monferrato doc Bianco – a Piemonte doc Albarossa – a Nizza docg – a Vermouth rosso di Torino, original recipe

Your electric bicycle will make the experience even more enjoyable without exaggerated effort.

This is the perfect formula for bike lovers who are also wine enthusiasts. It is a complete experience that will allow you to explore Monferrato uniquely, enjoying spectacular views, authentic food, and wine delights. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this extraordinary adventure in the heart of Monferrato! Give your friends a call and organize this fantastic cycling tasting!

Ebike rental for the whole day, map, lunch at the tavern


ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Departure from Nizza Monferrato – stop at Quirin Mayer Sculpture Park – Lunch at Osteria in Canelli


  • E-bike rental for the entire day
  • Personalized map of the route to follow on your cell phone
  • Packed lunch in Osteria (wines not included) – Appetizer, First course, Second course, Dessert, water, and coffee.

The reason for choosing this formula? Indeed, lunch at the Osteria in Canelli is a good food and wine reason, but you will also have the wonderful surprise of learning about the Park with Quirin Mayer’s sculptures. Our map will take you right there.

Quirin Meyer

He was born in Basel, Switzerland, on August 8, 1927. Spends almost all of his life in business. In 1987, he sold all his property and moved to Monaco. For pleasure, he started drawing and painting. He loves figurative art and geometric figures. On his path, he begins experimenting with figurative art; from there, sculpture is a natural outlet. Recognizable are the bright colors. The sculptures are made of steel. Then, they are lacquered and live in particular situations; they are installations that dance with each other.

If you love biking, nature, food, and wine and want a dash of culture, this is the formula for you.

Our TOP Monferrato package. A piedmontese food and wine tour by e-bike


ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Departure from Nizza Monferrato – An e-bike ride and two noteworthy stops.


  • E-bike rental for the whole day. A not-too-demanding route that will take you to Canelli
  • Personalized map of the route to follow on your cell phone
  • Lunch at an Osteria in Canelli: appetizers, a first course, a dessert, water, and coffee. Wines not included
  • Visit and taste one of the most famous Wine Cathedrals. A tasting of 4 vintage sparkling wines awaits you at the winery by CONTRACT.


“Giuseppe Contratto founded his winery in 1867 when he began vinifying Moscato grapes from the Monferrato area, producing one of Italy’s first bottle-fermented sparkling wines. Also in those years, the Contratto family began constructing the historic winery, completed in the early 20th century.”

If you love sparkling wines or are curious about the great history of Monferrato winemaking, this is the formula for you. We have combined e-bike as a means of transportation, a genuine Osteria, and a tremendous historical Cantina.

Treat yourself to a day truly out of the ordinary. This Bike-Wine Tour of Monferrato will be a delightful surprise!

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Cellar Contratto - Formula C


Welcome to the Monferrato Bike Tour, the cycling experience to discover the beauty of Monferrato. In this exciting Tour, we decided to build three formulas, very different from each other, to allow you to get to know some hilly landscapes, culinary delights, and extraordinary wine of this unique region. Get ready to journey through history, nature, and culture.

The Tour that will make you dream?

The Monferrato Bike Tour is an opportunity for those who want to taste Monferrato. Our bike routes are planned and will take you through the oh-so-cheeky nature of Monferrato. The stages we have designed for you will be a reward to the palate.

What to Expect from the Monferrato Bike Tour

In the Monferrato Bike Tour, you can expect:

  • Bicycle routes are designed to let you discover, without surprises, the best roads.
  • Wine tastings and local cuisine. You can taste a young, family winery or an encounter with a historic winery.
  • A taste of culture and art as a reward for the second formula.
  • Assistance during your Tour in case of unforeseen events

How long is the Monferrato bike tour? These are all daily formulas.

Are advanced cycling skills required to participate? No, the Tour is suitable for cyclists of all levels. A little training is necessary because the e-bike is not a moped!

What is the best time of year to participate in the Monferrato Bike Tour? The Tour is available year-round, but spring and fall are ideal times to enjoy the pleasant temperatures and breathtaking colors of Monferrato.

Sculpture Park - Formula B

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Vacanza molto rilassante e divertente. Il Tour con e bike organizzato da Claudia ci ha permesso di immergerci in bellissimi paesaggi e di assaporare il profumo di questa verde terra.Claudia é stata molto disponibile di fronte ai nostri imprevisti ed esigenze . Grazie Claudia! Sei stata impeccabile ! Lucia c.

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