Family holidays in the Langhe are not for everyone! They are certainly something alternative to the “usual holiday”, but we are sure they will surprise you!

Holidays for families: the Langhe region offers something for everyone!

Of course, we can help you organize your family holiday in the Langhe! But if you have already organized your holidays, you could also consider a single-family day or a weekend of experiences suitable for adults and children.

In the Langhe, you can enjoy truly unique experiences

We at SlowDays have come up with some really special experiences that are perfect for spending one or more unforgettable days that will remain a beautiful memory in your family album.

E-bike day with my family

Let’s begin to understand what can be done in the Langhe as a family!

The Langhe is an area located in the south of Piedmont, a hilly area surrounded by vineyards dotted with small villages, castles and wineries! Often one can think of it as a holiday for “grown-ups”, for wine lovers or even for connoisseurs. It is undoubtedly so, but not only!

At Slowdays, we know what family on vacation means. There are many needs to be reconciled: parents want to enjoy a nice place and a little relaxation and children rightly have the right, depending on their age, to live experiences that can intrigue and amuse them. Let’s say that if the children are fine, the parents are fine too, isn’t it true?



The Langhe hills are perfect for Ebike excursions with the whole family . With our routes you will not have to be afraid of making too much effort even if you will have carts and child seats to accompany your beautiful electric bikes!

PRICES ARE ALWAYS INTENDED FOR FAMILY UNIT (more details inside the products)


What if I told you that in the Langhe we can organize a real adventure for families? Of course, the ideal is to gather a small group of parents and children and entrust you to us for the organization of this absolutely unique and full of emotion event!

Maybe it could be done for a birthday or to celebrate any occasion or simply if you need a day outdoors all together!

Learning archery and orientation in the woods, passing tests by collaborating between parents and children will be a truly indelible memory in your family album!

Family adventure day in Langhe

A day of adventures designed for young and old alike.

Archery, orienteering, tests and challenges fun also perfect for celebrating a birthday or anniversary

From March to November
Entire Day


Do you know that the Langhe are known above all for truffles and extraordinary wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco?

You will say: “And what does this have to do with traveling with children and with family holidays?” In our opinion, very much!

For example, we could suggest the exciting experience of searching for truffles in the woods of the Langhe. It can be conducted practically in all seasons and is certainly a perfect activity for families with children. Children will immediately become attached to the “trifolao” dog, all intent on sniffing in the woods in search of the precious mushroom.

The experience you find here is designed for adults with a final lunch, but we can undoubtedly also adapt it to families with a more informal lunch at the end of the search.

Alba White Truffle: Hunting Tours and Tastings

Discover everything about the world of truffles in an experience that goes from searching with the trifolao and his dog to tasting the white truffle with lunch.

All year round
Outdoor, Wine & Food


The Langhe has “daring climbs” but also has long walked without major differences in height. Here I leave you an article to read where you can also find some ideas to share the passion for trekking with the whole family: In the Langhe for walking


How can we trust?

Maybe better let our customers talk!


Francesca L.17/01/2023
Giro delle Langhe e degustazione vini spettacolare. Posti bellissimi, vino buonissimi.
Assolutamente consigliato
Degustazione Barolo nelle cantine delle Langhe
Daniela C19/11/2022
Ho chiesto a Claudia di organizzare un corso di cucina tradizionale piemontese! Servizio perfetto! mi ha consigliato M.M. ( Cherasco vicino La Morra) una giornata indimenticabile! Claudia mi ha dato tutte le informazioni possibili e... leggi ancora
Cucina delle Langhe: impara i segreti delle nonne! Image
Cucina delle Langhe: impara i segreti delle nonne!
Stefania Corvò10/10/2022
Con un paio di mie amiche abbiamo vissuto una bellissima giornata con giro a cavallo + pranzo. E' stata la mia priva volta a cavallo ed è stata un'esperienza fantastica. I ragazzi del maneggio ti... leggi ancora
Passeggiata a cavallo Piemonte con degustazione Image
Passeggiata a cavallo Piemonte con degustazione
Marta G26/09/2022
Esperienza stupenda Un'esperienza assolutamente bellissima, ben organizzata, ottimo itinerario, abbiamo visitato un sacco di posti e il tempo è stato più che sufficiente!Abbiamo sperimentato anche la degustazione in una cantina del posto ed è stata davvero interessante... leggi ancora

Have we now created too many expectations?

We promise you just one thing! We will arrange everything as if we did it for our best friend!

Write us immediately to the specialists of family holidays in the Langhe

Discover the customised packages we have already created

Some ideas for family holidays in the Langhe

Discover the family holidays we have organised for Viviana

Where to take the children on vacation? Family holidays are in the Langhe!

But in the Langhe of course, as Viviana did!

We at Slowdays are absolutely convinced that the Langhe is an ideal place for a family holiday and, of course, if you choose our experiences you can enrich it even more.

A few months ago Viviana contacted us to ask for help in organizing a vacation for her, her husband, and her two children/teenagers. Surely it is not easy especially when the children are already older, they begin to get bored with everything that our parents offer them and we would like to see them detach themselves from their mobile phone for a few hours!

No sooner said than done! Here is what we have organized for Viviana:

  • A beautiful farmhouse in the Langhe for children or one that was suitable for them (needless to say … it was a farmhouse with a swimming pool, being in July the choice was decidedly welcome!).

And then we enriched the short escape with curious experiences for adults and that could also be appreciated by children:

  • Viviana and her group lived a day as beekeepers in Alta Langa, exploring the magical world of bees and honey;
  • they tasted the extraordinary “round and gentle” of the Langhe, the excellent Hazelnuts that give rise to many typical products and delicious sweets.
  • They did a nice Ebike ride through the vineyards and a picnic … but I don’t want to reveal more!

Do you want to know the cost of the package we have built for this nice little family?

It cost 650 euros for 2 nights and 4 people!


What are you waiting for?

Request a personalised tour for your family holiday in the Langhe!

In the Langhe with children, what to see?

We would like to give you some suggestions for your holiday in the Langhe with your children. It is true in the Langhe there is no sea, but the activities to do in the Langhe with children can be really many!

Barolo Castle

While adults polish their eyes looking at the windows of the countless wine bars in the central street of Barolo, children can run safely and wait for their parents in front of the Wimu Barolo entrance. It is a real interactive wine museum that will take you on a journey into the world of wine, from the vineyard to the glass through the history of Italy. There are games and quizzes for children and at the entrance you will also be given a treasure map that will allow children to have fun, learning a lot of things!

What to do in the Langhe if it rains? Of course, visit the Wimu!

Here you can find all the information

wimu barolo

Cappella del Barolo, an unmissable stop on a family holiday in the Langhe

You know a great way to get children to walk is to promise them a reward!

In our opinion, the idea of discovering a small colorful church in the middle of the vineyards could make them skip just like the roe deer that you might encounter in the vineyards every now and then!

This beautiful and above all unique chapel was commissioned by Mr. Ceretto, one of the most famous wine producers of the Langhe. It is said that over a glass of wine, shared with the architect Tremlett, they came up with this original idea, which has now become an unmissable destination for the many tourists who visit the Langhe.

Starting from La Morra you can choose one of the paths that will lead you right there or if you want, we at Slowdays, we could give you a track to follow on your mobile and maybe organize a final tasting based on hazelnuts or excellent Barolo wine!

Here you can find our article on the wonderful cappella del Barolo la morra

barolo la morra langhe chapel

And then of course … the splendid giant benches of the Langhe!

They are now very famous and scattered in different regions, but we in Piedmont, at least for now, can boast the largest number of them! They are in the Langhe and Monferrato. Here you can find the map of all the giant benches always updated and here we tell you an itinerary that you can take with your children to discover the benches…it will be a great way to keep them good in your car with their noses stuck to the window to make sure you don’t miss a single one.

In reality, they are all a bit hidden and often it is necessary to walk some distance to meet them … a good reason to do some movement!

Holidays for families in the Langhe in Piedmont

giant benches langhe