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Ebike in mezzo alle vigne

Langhe bike tours: bike rental and bike tours

A bike tour in the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato is a unique experience: a day or several days to discover the Langhe and Piedmont by bike or with an E-bike, two means to tackle the “gentle” hillsides better. You can choose a route with a tour guide or rely on our bike routes to ride independently. Thanks to our beautiful electric bikes made available through a bike rental service; you will finally be able to pedal through the vineyards effortlessly. It is a unique eco-tourist experience that must be photographed and remembered forever.

Also, please read our article on bike rental and bike tours. You will find more inspiration to set off on a ride suitable for everyone.

Unlike when I am in the car, where the landscape is given to see and not to be, on a bicycle I am sitting in it.
(Paul Fournel)


We are ``Slow``

The important thing is not to make many miles or exceptional climbs! What matters is to enjoy the day and the landscape!

When you want and with whom you want

Our proposals will be arranged for your group, even from four people, for the requested date. Weekends also for couples.

Langhe gourmet

If you want to do physical activity but also enjoy and learn about the food and wine specialties of the Langhe, these are the tours for you!

Bike tour in the Barolo Langhe

Barolo E-bike Tour with departure from Alba and visit to the most beautiful villages of the Langhe with the amazing Barolo wineries

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Barbaresco village and surroundings: Bike-Tour

Tour of the Barbaresco area. With various options. E-bike tour with map: departure from Alba

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Bike-Tour in the Monferrato. Discover our new formulas

Monferrato Bike tour among the vineyards

Monferrato to be discovered slowly in the saddle of a beautiful e-bike. Discover extraordinary landscapes and local specialties!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

The vineyard of crayons, a colorful itinerary

The vineyard of crayons, the little church of Coazzolo, Neive and more in this original and evocative tour

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Santo Stefano Belbo| What to see| Bike route

Santo Stefano Belbo, what to see and what to do: we have prepared two discovery itineraries that will surprise you!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Bicycle Benches: The Colorful Tour of the Langhe

Langhe Giant Benches Tour

With this electric bike tour, you can discover the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, ride through the vineyards and discover giant benches!

From March to October
Entire Day
Min 4 people – For 2 See SlowBox

E-bike weekend: One day is NOT enough!

Cycling vacations in the Langhe between wines and vineyards

E-bike weekend to slowly enjoy the Langhe landscape. Two formulas to choose your favorite one.

Gift card purchasable: give the Langhe as a gift

This tour can also be purchased as a Voucher. I will send you an excellent presentation that will become a voucher you can give or give yourself.

You will have one year to redeem it; email me and request your preferred dates. I recommend booking well in advance to be sure of availability. Langhe is becoming increasingly popular!

From March to November
2 days
Outdoor, Wine & Food


We spent a weekend excellently organized by Claudia dedicated to good wine and good food. Familiarity, friendliness, passion and professionalism found in every place recommended by Claudia. Wonderful experience
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laura pipperi Avatar
laura pipperi
Ottima esperienza!
Wonderful experience!
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Santo Postorino Avatar
Santo Postorino
5 star ratingExcellent tour of the Langhe. Claudia from Slowdays organised a week in Piemonte for my wife and myself during the truffle festival. She was most responsive to all our email requests and our various changes. We spent 2 months in Italy but Claudia helped make Piemonte a destination we will return to. A highlight was the truffle hunt with Charlie and his dog. It was an awesome morning trekking the hazelnut trees to watch him dig for truffles, a most engaging fellow. Claudia also organised all our accommodation, restaurants and drivers and everything went without a hitch. Our driver and guide for 2 days Gabrielle and he was absolutely amazing. We visited several wineries chosen by Claudia in the Barolo and Barbareso and they were the most passionate wine makers in most places that I've encountered. The lunches were great and because we most wineries and lunches were just the 2 of us. I cannot recommend Slowdays enough. It was organised exactly as we wanted it, tailored absolutely to us. Claudia also changed a departure time for us at short notice on a Sunday and that is service that you rarely receive any where. In conclusion, if you want a private guided tour from singles to groups of family or friends then this is the company to use. Claudia really did amaze me.
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EdsterAustralia Avatar
Wedding Anniversary in Alba Claudia went out of her way to organize the ebike tour for my husband and I even though she was "closed" for logistics matters. It was a fantastic and breath taking experience cycling through the rolling hills of Langhe through La Morra and Barolo. The biking guide was friendly, attentive and made sure that we were "safe" every bit of the way. We also signed up for the truffle hunting tour. The truffle hunter was so passionate about his work. His dog Gigio even found a white and black truffle for us that day. Thanks to Claudia and her team, my husband and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
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Sharon Goh Avatar
Sharon Goh


We organize bike tours in the Langhe: it takes one or more days to be collected, including, if necessary, luggage transport, overnight stay, and stops along the way.

In addition, we will provide the tracks of the routes that we have customized for Langhe bike tours through an App that will follow you and allow you not to get lost and to read curiosities about the territories you will cross.

There will be no shortage of tastings of the extraordinary wines of the Langhe, from the great reds such as Barolo and Barbaresco to the whites of Roero.

Langhe bike routes are a great experience to escape from reality. Finally, your feet are free from brake, accelerator, and clutch, and you can pedal on unique and exclusive routes. It is an ecological vacation to experience the area and breathe deeply into the Langhe territory.

The bike tours organized by Slowdays are perfect for spending a day or weekend differently, exploring the territory in a different way than usual.

We often discuss our experiences through social channels: Instagram and Facebook; come visit us!

Langhe bike rental

Are you considering a bike rental service to spend a different weekend than usual? Suppose you’re ready to pedal and want to try a new experience to share with friends and family. In that case, we have several recommendations regarding the Langhe bike rental service: we will prepare your bike and the perfect route for you to experience the Langhe just the way you want.

Between bike rides, you can taste glasses of wine typical of the area, stop in some restaurant for a typical Piedmontese lunch, or, why not, for an aperitif with typical Piedmontese cheeses.

Langhe bike rental: is it a winning idea for a weekend getaway? We can guarantee this is a must-try experience; we have recommended it for an alternative weekend, for a bachelorette or bachelor party, and to spend time outdoors in a decidedly healthy way.

In addition to the Langhe bike rental, we can also recommend an e-bike rental in Langhe. Do you know what it is? It is an electric bike composed of an electric motor, a battery, controls on the handlebars, and several control sensors. It is also equipped with a display that shows different information about the battery charge and the route. Thanks to e-bike rental, you will be able to tackle climbs while reducing the effort; electric bikes are suitable for everyone, both professionals and sports lovers. In addition, you can select your preferred assistance level; as the assistance level increases, the force used to push the pedals decreases.

If you have never tried this kind of experience, it’s time to start pedaling and discovering the Langhe on board one of our bikes and through our bike tours Italy Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato.

Some of the most frequently asked questions:


E-bike tours (6)

A few days before the Tour begins, you will receive a schedule with two very important pieces of information:

  • SlowDays phone number: to be used only during the Tour, serving for any general needs. Participant problems, problems tracking down a vendor, difficulty finding program information.
  • Phone number of the providers of each experience/service: to be used to communicate delays, for assistance with rented vehicles (bike – Vespa), and information to reach them in case you have difficulties with GPS, for example.
Category: E-bike tours

Sportswear is recommended. Bring a backpack to hold any packed lunch and comfortable shoes, preferably closed-toed.

They will come in handy if you have padded cycling shorts, although most saddles have minimal padding.

If your tour includes a map to follow, bring two cell phones or a portable charger to make sure you don’t run out of battery power and can no longer see the route.

Category: E-bike tours

Our routes do not include dirt tracks. If you would like an e-bike tour with gravel trails, I can arrange it with a licensed bike tour guide.

We always try to offer you paved and, as far as possible, not-too-busy routes. Our tours are about 30-40 km long, which, with an e-bike, is a reasonable and pleasant route. The total height difference is always between 500 and 600 meters. We also have less demanding ways, but it also depends on the tour you choose and the stages you want to visit!

Our routes have all been tested. It may happen, in exceptional cases, that there are interruptions and detours. We apologize in advance, as we cannot be informed about everything in good time 🙂

Tours that involve outdoor activities and still cannot be enjoyed with alternatives.

In case of bad weather, it will be possible to

  • Postpone the experience by warning up to 48 hours in advance


  • Receive a refund of 80% of the amount paid

Please refer to the site’s general conditions for other situations you wish to cancel.condizioni generali del sito.

These clauses apply only to day tours involving outdoor activities.

For multi-day tours with overnight accommodations included, the possibility of moving the entire package will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Shifting may result in additional costs or changes to the program.

The reference sites for evaluation are.:  3bmeteo  nimbus  Meteo-Aeronautica.


We’ve fine-tuned and tested several trails over time and want to share them with you!

You will receive a trail to follow on your phone. You will have to download an APP that we will show you. You will simply have to take you to the starting point, follow the arrow that will lead you through beautiful landscapes, at your own pace and without haste and without fear of getting lost!  The track will also include the various appointments/maps of your Tour.

You are not “required” to follow the path, it’s just a suggestion. Obviously, if you have cellar appointments or anything else you will need to ensure that you keep them.

Our tours are designed to be autonomous: thanks to our personalized and controlled tracks to follow on your cell phone.

We know that a guide can be a great added value, and you can request one if you wish!

Federico & Federica, a young couple from Bologna contacted us in June 2020 to organize an E-bike vacation in the Langhe around Ferragosto. Nothing too challenging: a few nice bike rides, a nice farmhouse with a pool to stay in, and some winery visits with wine tasting.

We organized for them:

  • a stay at a beautiful agriturismo
  • 3 Ebike tours each of about 35 km: one in the Barolo Langhe, one in the Barbaresco Langhe and one in the Moscato area. Each bike tour also corresponded to a winery visit with tasting.
  • On the last day walk through the vineyards again with a final tasting in the center of Barolo.

Il tour di Federico & Federica aveva un costo di 1.100 euro per 4 notti – 2 persone

Get inspired with the Federica and Federico Tour

Due bici con uno sfondo collinare tipico delle Langhe