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Santo Stefano Belbo, what to see and do?

We have prepared a Santo Stefano Belbo E-bike Tour to take you to the Barbera and Moscato area.

I propose two alternatives: The Pastel Vineyard and the Little Church of Coazzolo or Swing and Giant Chair.

One of our favorite bike routes! We want to offer you an alternative to the Langhe that everyone knows. We are in the Belbo Valley area, famous for being the birthplace of the great and unforgettable writer Cesare Pavese: a delightful village surrounded by Barbera and Moscato vineyards.

A perfect area to create one of our E-bike experiences!

We give you electric bike rentals, but all around, we create day experiences that can stay in your heart and, above all let you slowly know this magnificent territory.

Our Tours are designed without a guide to enjoy the day in freedom: you will have a personalized track to follow on your phone so you don’t get lost! Very easy!


Santo Stefano Belbo: a Tour of Discovery


SlowDays offers all tours and packages on demand, without a fixed date, and exclusively for your ‘group.’

The tour we describe is necessarily indicative of the experiences you will have. In the quotation phase, with the dates and number of participants, I can tell you about your tour in more detail. Just so you know, the addresses and names of the facilities will only be communicated after confirmation.

If you like our proposal, please ask us for availability for the best date and the number of participants. We will confirm everything within a few hours!


E-bike rental for one day, map to be followed on your smartphone, lunch in a winery



The Pastel Vineyard and the Little Church of Coazzolo

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Departure from Santo Stefano Belbo – 30 km on paved secondary roads – 610 meters total elevation gain – Classification: medium


  • A day of Ebike rentals starting at 10 a.m.
  • Personalized map of your bike route to follow on your cell phone like a navigator
  • Visit and lunch in a small winery in Castagnole Lanze with typical and delicious dishes paired with excellent rosé wine, Moscato, and Barbera
  • On the way back, stop at the pastel vineyard and the colorful little church in Coazzolo
  • .Assistance in case of problems along the way
  • Return of bikes by 6 p.m.
E-bike rental for one day, map to be followed on your smartphone, light lunch and tasting in a winery



Giant swing, Vineyards, and super tastings!

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Departure from Santo Stefano Belbo – 40 km on paved secondary roads – 800/900 meters total elevation gain – Classification: medium


  • One-day Ebike rental starting at 10 a.m.
  • Personalized route map to follow on your cell phone like a navigator
  • Wine tasting and lunch in a beautiful tasting room. The lunch consists of 1 sparkling SPUMANTE Extra Dry – 1 white wine ROERO ARNEIS DOCG and one red wine BARBERA D’ASTI DOCG accompanied by a board of cold cuts and typical cheeses, a Piedmontese appetizer, a hot first course (Ravioli “del plin”) and a spoon dessert.
  • A second tasting with a visit to the winery, including several wines and some artisanal appetizers
  • Assistance in case of problems along the route
  • Return of bikes by 6 p.m.
Bike rental, map and picnic in the cellar


Un picnic in alta Langa. Immagine di un prato e di un cesto

FORMULA BIKE, PICNIC, AND ALTA LANGA: the bike tour departure from Santo Stefano Belbo. A not-too-demanding itinerary to follow on your mobile phone through hills and vineyards that then turn into woods. Arrival at a beautiful tasting room immersed in the peace and silence of the Alta Langa, where you will be given your picnic basket, which can be enjoyed in the winery garden in specially prepared spaces with, for example

🧺 Wicker basket with cover
📌 Bottle of Corbello (extra dry bubbly) or Barbera d’ Asti
📌 Salami sandwich
📌 Cheese cones with focaccia
📌 A single portion of rice/cereal salad with pesto
📌 A single portion of fresh fruit salad with Meliga biscuits or baci di dama (lady’s kisses)
📌 Water bottle

Useful Info and Cancellation

E-bike tours to discover Santo Stefano Belbo and its surroundings


Santo Stefano Belbo what to see E-bike tour itinerary

Looking for a unique experience in which to discover the lesser-known and more authentic Langhe? Do you love amazing views, authentic flavors, and extraordinary wines off the beaten track? Santo Stefano Belbo is one of the outposts of the upper Langa. You will find all this and more if you choose a SlowDays Tour in Santo Stefano Belbo.

A brief introduction to getting to know Santo Stefano Belbo.

Italian town in Piedmont, province of Cuneo, and part of the Langhe. It has a rich history dating back to ancient times. One can find roots going back to Roman times but also considerable influence from different cultures, a nice mix of traditions and stories to discover.

Santo Stefano Belbo - streets full of history


What to see in Santo Stefano Belbo

During your e-bike day in Santo Stefano Belbo, you will follow the map we have constructed for you. We will try to show you the most surprising and exciting spots. But you can also devote a few hours in the evening or additional days to discover fascinating historical and artistic places. Here, I leave you with a few hints:

  1. Historic center of Santo Stefano Belbo

It is a fascinating maze of cobblestone streets and stone houses that will transport you back in time. Getting lost in the narrow streets and admiring traditional architecture is an unforgettable experience. The town of Santo Stefano Belbo has a very ancient history; shortly after 1000, there was already a settlement. Its strategic location in the Belbo Valley justifies this. We know there must have been a military fortification on the road connecting Asti and Alba with the Riviera di Ponente in Liguria.

We know that a congregation of Benedictine monks introduced the cultivation of vines on their estates. 

The ruins of one of the towers tell us of the existence of an ancient castle.

  1. The Cesare Pavese Museum

Santo Stefano Belbo is the birthplace of writer Cesare Pavese. The Cesare Pavese Museum is dedicated to the life and works of this celebrated author. You can immerse yourself in his story, explore his childhood home, and learn more about his contribution to Italian literature.

  1. The vines and vineyards

The area around Santo Stefano Belbo is famous for producing fine wines. During your E-bike tour, you can ride through lush vineyards and vines that stretch as far as the eye can see. You will be able to admire the different varieties of grapes and breathe in the fresh air of the countryside. Moscato, first of all, that wine that has been “the party” for many generations! Today also declined in a dry version, which is a real treat|

  1. The Church of St. Stephen Protomartyr

The Church of St. Stephen Protomartyr is an exciting place to visit. A religious building that dates back to the 14th century, it features fascinating Gothic architecture. Inside, you can admire works of sacred art and be won over by the spiritual atmosphere of the place.

  1. The hills and breathtaking views

Santo Stefano Belbo is surrounded by sometimes steep hills but mostly gentle. Colors that change with the seasons. Each month will be a new stage for your e-bike tour.

Santo Stefano Belbo - Tour with tasting


What to do in Santo Stefano Belbo? The e-bike tour

One of the exciting ways to explore Santo Stefano Belbo is precisely through an E-bike tour. E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are a fun and sustainable way to get around and enjoy the landscapes without too much effort. These innovative bikes have an electric motor that helps you while pedaling, making the experience even more enjoyable.

With an e-bike, you can cover 30 to 40 kilometers (I remind you that we are Slow!) but at a walking speed that will allow you to savor unique corners and stop to enjoy the scenery you will find around every bend. There will be climbs for sure; the Langhe is like that, but with an e-bike, you can face them confidently.

For your tour, we recommend bringing:

Sportswear, comfortable shoes, and the desire to enjoy a particular day.

In case of bad weather (e.g., rainfall expected by the website of Meteo Aeronautica 48 hours before the event with a probability greater or equal to 50%), it will be possible to:

– postpone the experience by agreeing on a new date at no extra charge
– Cancel and receive a refund of the amount you paid net of 15 eur per person for organizational costs

Please refer to the general conditions for other situations you wish to cancel.

All tour details and addresses will be communicated after the confirmation and payment of the tour.

The recommended E-bike routes

To make the most of your E-bike tour in Santo Stefano Belbo, SlowDays prepares routes highlighting trails, low-traffic roads, and the inevitable food and wine stops!


An E-bike tour in Santo Stefano Belbo will be an unforgettable experience: you will discover the beauty of this small town in the Italian Northwest. The combination of biking, exciting landscapes, and delicious tastings will be very intensely SLOW!


  1. How long does an average E-bike tour in Santo Stefano Belbo last? An E-bike tour in Santo Stefano Belbo lasts about 7-8 hours
  2. .Is good physical fitness necessary to participate in an E-bike tour? E-bikes make the experience more accessible to people of different physical conditions. However, having a fair amount of stamina to tackle the hilly trails is advisable.
  3. Can I rent E-bikes in Santo Stefano Belbo? Yes, of course. With SlowDays, you get rentals, assistance, a map prepared for you, and tastings to cheer up the stages
  4. What is the best E-bike tour season in Santo Stefano Belbo?   Spring and fall are ideal for an E-bike tour in Santo Stefano Belbo. The temperatures are pleasant, and the landscapes offer beautiful colors.
  5. Can I participate in an E-bike tour if I have no previous experience? Absolutely! E-bikes are easy to use, and before the time, you will receive a brief explanation on how to use them properly. No previous experience is required.

What to do in Santo Stefano Belbo: Choose a Slow Tour!

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Where is Santo Stefano Belbo?

Santo Stefano Belbo, Langhe: The territory measures about 23 square kilometers, a hilly area characterized by the sinuous forms of the Belbo torrent: sandstone and limestone hills. The village is low but rises towards the high ridge of the Falchetto.

Santo Stefano Belbo what to do?

We suggest visiting the area around the town by bike that will allow you to know the surroundings and taste some delicacies but it is a village worth a visit also for its strong link with the famous writer Cesare Pavese.

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Ho regalato l’esperienza con le e-bike alla mia compagna e nonostante il cielo fosse un po’ coperto, abbiamo comunque effettuato l’avventura e ne siamo rimasti molto soddisfatti. Percorso molto interessante (suggerito e organizzato dalla responsabile Claudia) da seguire attraverso un’app, super disponibilità e simpatia al Noleggio Bici e grande professionalità e ospitalità presso la cantina per la degustazione (anche questa suggerita dalla responsabile Claudia). Esperienza quindi favorevole, alla portata di tutti, con la possibilità di stabilire un percorso in bicicletta a seconda delle varie esigenze e soprattutto, anche per i meno temerari, le bici a pedalata assistita forniscono un grande aiuto. Sicuramente torneremo.


Grazie Alessandro, mi fa doppiamente piacere perché il regalo é stato apprezzato!

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