Langhe bike rental in autonomy but guided!
E-bike day with my family

Langhe bike rental

With us it is more complete. If you want to know where to go, if you want to stop and taste, if you want to discover some corners of Langhe and have assistance during the day: choose a tour with the Langhe Tortoise


Three good reasons to choose this environmentally friendly and convenient vehicle!

1. More power without too much effort

First step? Rent a bike for your Langhe tour on two wheels. Once you have the E-bike, everything will be much easier and you won’t have to give up on uphill trails or those valleys that are too far away. SlowDays customers who have chosen an E-bike tour and our E-bike rental form with map have been satisfied with one thing above all: they have pedaled through the Langhe without any fatigue, managing to reach distant and hidden peaks. Discovering the charm of the Langhe hills has never been easier. In short, if you want to savor in a “slow” way the riches that Mother Nature has given us, E-bikes are for you.

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E-bike around Barbaresco area

2. Keeping fit lightheartedly

Don’t think that riding on top of an E-bike is like riding on top of a moped or motorcycle! Of course, E-bikes require a minimum of physical fitness to ride through trails and valleys. With the arrival of spring and beautiful days why not combine business with pleasure? Mount up on your E-bike and keep fit while savoring the air of the Langhe! Pedaling in the city with smog, confusion and traffic will never be as relaxing as pedaling in the hills among the chirping of birds. We at SlowDays are convinced that choosing E-bike gives both physical and mental benefits, assured relaxation for body and mind.

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E-bike around Barbaresco area

3. A green choice in this grey world

Why not opt for a completely green solution in such a gray world where pollution reigns supreme? As you may have guessed, the E-bike is not a moped but neither is it an ordinary bicycle; in fact, an E-bike can reach up to 25 km/h by law, a speed that is just right for getting around the city or the countryside without too much trouble. For short trips or simply to enjoy a few hours outdoors, the E-bike is the ideal solution, friendly to people and the environment.


Hunting for giant benches!

tour panchine giganti in Ebike

The bike rental in the Langhe is more and more topical, because it is convenient, cheap and because it allows you to cover more km modulating the effort according to your training.

E-bikes in the Langhe are a constant in many hotels and farmhouses and are also offered by many cycling shops. Arriving by car or train, in Alba, you can pick up your bike and have a nice ride up and down the hills, without worries.

I would like to tell you how this experience can become even more beautiful and interesting and how a true “native” of the Langhe can introduce you to beautiful routes that you would not have found on your own!

I’ll describe a SlowDays day on an e-bike and you can already imagine yourself riding up and down the hills!

In team with E-bike in the Langhe

Romantic E-bike Tour

Choose the tour that suits you

The Langhe, but also the Roero and the Monferrato!

In the days before departure, I will send you the details to download an APP on your smartphone. I will also have prepared a route that will take you to the most beautiful places. With a lot of information on the key points, not to be missed.

The Langhe offers hills and panoramas, but they are famous for their wine cellars with excellent wines and inviting typical dishes. And so, combining a day of Langhe bike rental with a wine tasting in the basement is almost a must! But if you prefer, you could also enjoy a well-deserved aperitif/tasting at the end of your E-bike day in the Langhe!

During your ride, you will have the app to guide you and show you where to go. And if you lose your way? Sometimes you deliberately get lost along the way; sometimes, it happens because we are distracted by too many beauties. No problem; the app will follow you and allow you to return to the route designed for you!

You will also find the appointments in the cellar you wanted to add to the route because the course has been designed for you!

The bike rental in the Langhe thus becomes “guided.” But you and your companions can enjoy your autonomy.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a guide to accompany you all the way, no problem! I work with excellent guides who can support your group, offering you a more expensive service but with a quality/price level that is always competitive!

If you are interested in a Tour go to this page, Tour by bike in the Langhe, and you will find some ideas for cycling in the Langhe. I’ll be waiting for you!

A Hen Party with bike rental in the Langhe!


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