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A Langhe Vespa tour is a fascinating activity, a different way to experience the day, admire breathtaking views, experience the Langhe with your best friends or family. A Vespa tour in the Langhe is an alternative way to experience the Langhe, or rather, a truly unique and unforgettable way!

Why choose our Vespa tours?

We are ``Humans``

We are not a booking portal, we are people who respond to your request and promise to do their best to build your “special moment”!

We are local

We were born and live here. No one better than us can introduce you to the secrets of the Langhe and its surroundings!

For our customized pathways

Because with our tracks you won’t wander around not knowing where to go, but you’ll have a local’s advice and map to discover the most beautiful corners of your itinerary!

A Day around the Langhe, on a Vespa!


Vespa ride in the Langhe: winery tastings, a great classic not to be missed!


Vespa ride in the Langhe region

A day on a Vespa to discover the vineyards and wineries of the Langhe!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Giant Benches, Vespa Tour!

A tour of the Giant Benches by Vespa – Two possible formulas

From March to October
Entire Day

If one day isn’t enough for you: Vespa Weekend!


By great demand: weekend in the Langhe on a Vespa!

The weekend is finally here, after a busy work week it’s time to get on the Vespa and feel free. After all, it’s really the freedom we need during the weekend, and it’s also a bit of a trip back in time: suddenly we’re 16 years old, catching up with our company of friends, feeling like laughing and partying!

If you’ve gotten into this mood, it’s time to book a Vespa weekend in the Langhe. Vespa itineraries can be so many and, in Italy, we have lovely places to be visited on two motorized wheels, but we think the Langhe is really one of the most beautiful Vespa itineraries in Italy: vineyards as far as the eye can see, small villages to stop in (with no problems finding parking) and maybe some tastings along the way…in short, an absolutely “slow” day to disconnect from everyday life!

And if you want we can organize for you an entire weekend in the Langhe with a Vespa theme…discover our proposal!

Langhe weekend with Vespa Tour

A Vespa tour in the Langhe to savor it slowly and effortlessly. Two formulas for choosing itinerary and experiences.

This tour can also be purchased as a Voucher. I will send you an excellent presentation that will become a voucher you can give or give yourself. You will have one year to redeem it; email me and request your preferred dates. I recommend booking well in advance to be sure of availability. Langhe is becoming increasingly popular!

From March to November
2 days and 1 night
Min 2 pax

Vespa Tour in the Langhe: are you ready to go?

Have you ever been touched by the desire to drop everything and take off on a Vespa to… anywhere? If you have experienced the desire for freedom and the feeling of escape to a more beautiful world, you are in the right place: a weekend in the Langhe or a Vespa ride in the Langhe is the best choice.

We are happy to share with you some tips on how to best experience a Vespa ride in the Langhe, read our short guide and get ready for a weekend in the Langhe.

For a Vespa weekend, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. The Vespa is a mechanical vehicle with parts that can create some problems. But if you’re already feeling the wind in your hair and the urge to ride roads through the vineyards, it’s time to start your engines and head out for a Vespa ride in the Langhe.

Vespa = Freedom

Vespa: un mezzo iconico tutto italiano

Why choose Slowdays for your Piemonte vespa Tour?

  • Because we know these territories for having always traveled them
  • We have as our rental suppliers people who are capable, experienced and love two-wheelers
  • We create customized routes for your Tour. It’s nice to get lost in the hills, but it’s also nice to have landmarks to follow
  • Because, with SlowDays, you will have support during your Vespa Tour in the Langhe.
  • A day on a Vespa is always a good excuse to taste excellent wines
  • Because if you feel like a picnic ready, to be enjoyed during the Tour, you can find it at the start

Many other reasons are part of our experience for this kind of tour/holiday. I suggest you come to the Langhe to discover a unique territory. We are waiting for you!

Vespa = Langhe Slow

Vespa: un mezzo iconico tutto italiano

How does a Vespa Tour in the Langhe take place?

  • You will receive a schedule with your Vespa pickup address.
  • Along with the Vespa, the renter will provide you with a helmet for each participant and some practical guidance on riding the Vespa
  • The renter, whose phone number you will have, will also provide assistance during the tour.
  • SlowDays prepares a route for you to follow during your Tour. You will receive the information, along with the schedule, to download the APP and the route. You will be able to follow it during your Tour. If, on the other hand, you prefer the freedom to move on your own, you will be able to do so without any problems, as long as you respect the schedules of the booked experiences.
  • The Vespa Tours you see on our page are priced for two people with one Vespa. If you would like one Vespa per person, it is possible with extra charge.
  • Vespa rental has a schedule. Indicatively it is always from 10-10:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. In case of different arrangements you will find the times on the schedule. If you are late for drop off, remember to notify the renter.
  • The Tour is designed to travel Slow! The stops are designed to allow you to stop for coffee, look at a view, take a few photos and enjoy the day.
  • KASKO insurance is not provided for rented vehicles. It is possible to request it by paying a surcharge. The rented vehicles are your responsibility; you must treat them with care and lock them when you park.
  • The Vespa follows the rules of the highway code. Do not commit recklessness because it may affect your driver’s license.


Vespa tours, with whoever you want!

Vespa: un mezzo iconico che

Do you know how the Vespa was born?

The history of the Vespa is linked to the postwar years and the story of Italy’s rebirth after the exhausting years of World War II.

The Vespa was created by the famous Italian manufacturer Piaggio. The first Vespa appeared on the market in 1946. It was driven by Piaggio, Enrico Piaggio. The designer was aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio: the project was intended to provide Italians with an inexpensive and practical vehicle to get around easily in cities that were still difficult to navigate because of nonexistent and dilapidated roads.

The Vespa immediately struck with an innovative design: small wheels, an open frame, and an engine positioned under the seat. It won the hearts of millions of Italians and was a symbol of freedom and independence.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Vespa became a status symbol, partly because it appeared in films, songs, and works of art, helping to identify a new cultural identity for Italy.

Today, the Vespa continues to be a symbol in the scooter world. Its classic models are still much loved and collected, while the more modern versions also appeal to foreign markets and drivers of all ages.

A Vespa tour, why?

A Vespa tour can offer a unique and fun experience to explore many corners of beautiful Italy. Riding a Vespa through the Italian landscapes allows you to reach good distances at a leisurely pace. It is an authentic way to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions while enjoying good but not excessive speed and, during the summer months, to enjoy the wind to cool off. You will also feel like you are aboard an authentic Italian icon.

On a Vespa tour, you will experience a sense of adventure and freedom, discovering picturesque and fascinating corners that often escape tourists.

Search for Vespa Tours in the region you want to know and let someone who knows the region guide you. You will be able to follow personalized itineraries and reach places that so often escape motorists.

The Vespa has left a deep imprint on Italian history and continues to be a popular means of exploring the country’s beauty. A Vespa tour is a fun and engaging experience that will allow you to experience Italy in a unique and unforgettable way.

If you are ready to ride a Vespa for a vacation we are ready to organize it!

Fancy a vacation?