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Tailor-made Langhe trips: for those who love life

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Tailor-made Langhe trips

Hi, I’m Claudia and I’m the soul of Slowdays, the one who goes around discovering hidden gems, testing for you the quality of experiences and organizing your trip according to your needs and with the aim of making you discover the Piedmont you don’t expect! And I’ve been doing it for a while now (I’ll leave you this article, if you want to get an idea Tourism in Italy: SlowDays was already doing it)

My custom tours or those that you find in the catalog, however, are always born from love and deep knowledge of the territory in which I was born and live.

The tailor-made tours that I have created for customers who have relied on SlowDays, have left us smiles, words of encouragement, emotions, which are for me and my group the drive to improve more and more! Because the most beautiful tailor-made trip is the one I will create just for you!

Let’s just say that I’m also very advantaged. I live in a wonderful place and so I start with a few extra points.  But it is also true that the Langhe, a Unesco heritage site, has many facets and I want to help you grasp those that best match your characteristics. And with your pace of travel.

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Be inspired! Tailor-made trips leave smiles

A package made for Viviana with her husband and her 2 children aged 9 and 11 years old

3 days with the family

In July, a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in the hills with a swimming pool and many beautiful experiences for adults and curious children.

We organized for them a day as beekeepers to discover everything about the world of bees and honey.

We selected a company that deals with sheep farming and cheese production to get to know the sheep of Alta Langa up close and taste the delicious cheeses of Alta Langa.

They chose to visit a farm that cultivates the “round and gentle” hazelnuts typical of the Langa and to learn about the world of wine thanks to a game-walk in the vineyard and a final picnic based on typical dishes with a tasting of excellent DOC wine and grape must for the children!

650 euro for 2 nights and 4 people

All experiences included: The tailor-made trip all about honey and cheese!

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Romantic but super-dynamic stay in the Langhe for a young couple on the inside!

4 days between Ebike and walks in the vineyards of Langhe

e-bike to visit the Langhe

Federico & Federica, a young couple from Bologna, contacted us in June 2020 to organize an E-bike vacation in the Langhe around Ferragosto. Nothing too challenging: some nice bike rides, a nice farmhouse with a pool where to stay, and some visits to the winery with wine tasting.

We organized for them

a stay at a beautiful farmhouse managed by Luca, our very nice friend, The farmhouse is called Ca Tupin and is located in Treiso, 5 minutes from Alba
3 Ebike tours of about 35 km each: one in the Langhe of Barolo, one in the Langhe of Barbaresco, and one in the Moscato area. Different landscapes but all beautiful and with gentle slopes. For each bike tour, there was also a visit to a winery with wine tasting.
On the last day, they decided for a walk in the vineyards with a final tasting in the center of Barolo.

Both for the walk and the E-bike tours they followed on their cell phone our tracks created for them.

For the dinners, we recommended them the best taverns.

1.100 euro for 4 nights – 2 persons

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Available to you

Frequently Asked Questions for Tailor-made Travel and Custom Tours

Does a personalized tour cost more?

Depends! If you know how to indicate a budget, I can immediately tell you what I can achieve with that so we have no surprises!

Can I also buy individual experiences?

It depends, we prefer to build a complete package for you to balance the various experiences, but you do ask and we will be happy to answer. Tailor-made trips to Langhe, but also Roero, Monferrato, Turin, Lake Orta and … much more!

Can I ask you anything I want?

Not really! Let’s say that I can shape the experiences, but the tailor-made tour has times and modes to be respected (remember that we are slow?) and so if you ask me a mode that is not congruous or that can not be achieved in a pleasant way, I will adjust the shot!

Can I know where I'm going before I confirm?

No and I’ll explain why: only with confirmation and advance payment some facilities accept the reservation so I can confirm you only after making it. I will describe you in detail the package as possible, you confirm everything by paying an advance and then we proceed with the reservations. If when you will receive the program, you do not like something we are still in time to change (but it never happened!)

All for you

Why choose a personalized tour?

A personalized tour comes from the union between my knowledge of the territory and your tastes: I will shape what I know to adapt it to what you are looking for and what you need in that particular moment of life! So come on, the more you tell me about yourself, the more the result will be guaranteed!

Our specialities

Langhe, Roero and Monferrato

The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are our specialties, but we like to go further to make you live in this wonderful territory in a complete and rich way. The Langhe and its surroundings can also be a starting point for other discoveries, always off the tourist track and that will turn into unforgettable moments!

What are you waiting for?

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Francesca Bianchini AvatarFrancesca Bianchini

Tour fighissimo in una zona splendida tra paesini e paesaggi meravigliosi. Claudia è simpatica e precisa e ci ha fornito tutte le indicazioni necessarie per il ritiro delle e-bike ed il percorso fino alla cantina... leggi ancora - 22/06/2022 

Giro del Barolo in bicicletta Image
Giro del Barolo in bicicletta
Elisa Battaglia AvatarElisa Battaglia

Bellissima giornata tra le golosità e i vini delle Langhe! - 14/06/2022 

Tour enogastronomico Langhe ad Alba Image
Tour enogastronomico Langhe ad Alba
Patrizia B AvatarPatrizia B

Ci siamo trovate molto bene io e mia sorella, sia con le bici che con la visita alla cantina Lì abbiamo trovato prodotti di ottima qualità e un'accoglienza e una cortesia straordinarie. Sui paesaggi poi... leggi ancora - 17/02/2022 

Resort nelle Langhe per 3 diversi weekend Image
Resort nelle Langhe per 3 diversi weekend
Alessandro D AvatarAlessandro D

Ho regalato l'esperienza con le e-bike alla mia compagna e nonostante il cielo fosse un po' coperto, abbiamo comunque effettuato l'avventura e ne siamo rimasti molto soddisfatti. Percorso molto interessante (suggerito e organizzato dalla responsabile... leggi ancora - 05/02/2022 

Santo Stefano Belbo, Barbera e Moscato in bicicletta! Image
Santo Stefano Belbo, Barbera e Moscato in bicicletta!
Vini, cantine, Langhe, Cartoline da un Tour personalizzato

Customized Langhe themed postcards Wine tasting and cellar visits