Tailor-made travel, trust a local!

SlowDays tours are all tailor-made: Why? We do not have catalog tours with predetermined dates and minimum and maximum numbers.

How do we work in our office? We start preparing your tour when you write to us and ask for information for a day in the Langhe for a specific date and a certain number of participants. We open our magic box containing the ingredients and prepare the quote for you: with the best opportunities for that date and number of participants.

What are “the ingredients“? You can make the bicycle, the Vespa, the horse, lunches, dinners, winery tastings, hazelnuts, trekking, and many other activities in the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato!

We scout them out for you and then blend them with particular attention to timing, distance, and your needs.

While you are booking, you also tell me that you have some time obligations, that there are people who will only do part of the tour, and that some component has particular allergies to consider; well, all of that is part of your tour.

When all the ingredients are ready, we also add our “secret” ingredient: The map to get you around, the guide to everything unmissable, and a pinch of pride in having you as our guest.

Over time, our clients have taught us composition techniques: take several tours and spread them out over a few days. Add overnight stays, and you come up with a perfect vacation for you and your group.

Please create your trip: I give you a few suggestions, but you then create your travel itinerary on the pages of our website. Customized trips, the right ones, are the ones you make and compose: in your own time and taste.

Create travel itinerary: three days cycling in the Langhe

from 500 eur per person for 3 days and 2 nights, experiences included!

First day cycling in the Barolo area.

Bike tour in the Barolo Langhe

Barolo E-bike Tour with departure from Alba and visit to the most beautiful villages of the Langhe with the amazing Barolo wineries

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

The second-day bike in the Barbaresco area.

Langhe Barbaresco bike tour

Tour of the Barbaresco area. With various options. E-bike tour with map: departure from Alba

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Day 3 bike tour hunting for giant benches.

Giant benches Langhe by E-bike: from Barolo to Dolcetto

With this electric bike tour, you can discover the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, ride through the vineyards and discover 5 giant benches!

From March to October
Entire Day
Min 2 pax

Create a travel itinerary: for foodies and wine lovers.

From 250 euros per person, one night and experiences included!

The first day discovering
of the wines of the Langhe.

Langhe Barolo Tasting | Organized Tours

Discover the best wineries thanks to the tours in Barolo and thanks to our tasting experiences.

Entire Day
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

The second day
truffle hunting.

Alba White Truffle: Hunting Tours and Tastings

Discover everything about the world of truffles in an experience that goes from searching with the trifolao and his dog to tasting the white truffle with lunch.

All year round
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Compose your tailor-made vacation, perfect for you!

Do you want to add (or not) dinners? Do you want me to include (or not) overnight stays in your tour?

This package, don’t deny it, is good! Do you know how many tailor-made itineraries you can book with SlowDays? An amount that is hard to calculate!

You can do the same exercise by mixing our Walking Tours, choosing from our Wine Tours or Food and Wine Tours page. You can add one or more days on horseback.

Check out some of the custom tours we've already done

Be inspired! Tailor-made trips are intense memories

Claudia e SlowDays Viaggi su misura

Hi, I’m Claudia, and I’m the soul of Slowdays, the one who goes around discovering the hidden goodies, testing for you the quality of the experiences, and who will organize your trip according to your needs with the aim of making you discover the Piedmont you don’t expect! And I’ve been doing this for some time now (I’ll leave you this article if you want to get an idea of What is a local consultant?

However, my personalized tours or those that you find in the catalog, always arise from love and deep knowledge of the territory in which I was born and live.

The tailor-made tours that I have created for clients who have relied on SlowDays have left us with smiles, words of encouragement, and emotions, which are the drive to improve more and more for my group and me! Because the most beautiful tailor-made trip is the one I will create just for you!

Let’s say that I am also very advanced. I live in a beautiful place, so I’m leaving with a few more points. But it’s also true that the Langhe, a Unesco heritage site, has many facets, and I want to help you to pick the ones that best match your characteristics. And with your travel pace.

All for you

Why choose a personalized tour?

A personalized tour comes from the union between my knowledge of the territory and your tastes: I will shape what I know to adapt it to what you are looking for and what you need in that particular moment of life! So come on, the more you tell me about yourself, the more the result will be guaranteed!

Our specialities

Langh, Roero and Monferrato

The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are our specialties, but we like to go further to make you live in this wonderful territory in a complete and rich way. The Langhe and its surroundings can also be a starting point for other discoveries, always off the tourist track and that will turn into unforgettable moments!

Available to you

Frequently Asked Questions for Tailor-made Travel and Custom Tours

Does a personalized tour cost more?

Depends! If you know how to indicate a budget, I can immediately tell you what I can achieve with that so we have no surprises!

Can I also buy individual experiences?

It depends, we prefer to build a complete package for you to balance the various experiences, but you do ask and we will be happy to answer. Tailor-made trips to Langhe, but also Roero, Monferrato, Turin, Lake Orta and … much more!

Can I ask you anything I want?

Not really! Let’s say that I can shape the experiences, but the tailor-made tour has times and modes to be respected (remember that we are slow?) and so if you ask me a mode that is not congruous or that can not be achieved in a pleasant way, I will adjust the shot!

Can I know where I'm going before I confirm?

No, and I’ll explain why: only with confirmation and advance payment, some facilities accept the reservation so I can confirm you only after making it. I will describe in detail the package as possible, you confirm everything by paying in advance, and then we proceed with the reservations. If when you will receive the program, you do not like something we are still in time to change (but it never happened!)

What are you waiting for?

Request a customized tour

  • Request
  • Quote
  • Program
  • Final mail
  • Souvenir photo

As simple as a tour dreamed, realized and lived at Slow Days pace

“Good evening Claudia, My friends and I spent three wonderful days in the Langhe.!

Excellent food, wine and beautiful places we visited on foot! We especially wanted to point out quality of products and service at the restaurants you booked for us”

A spasso tra boschi e vigne per un trekking su misura nelle Langhe

“Good morning Claudia, I wanted to thank you very much for the package you arranged for us because everything went very well and was perfect. I took some pictures of the lunch–and one at the tasting, I will send them to you”

Degustazione con tagliere per il tour dei vini su misura

“Good morning Claudia and colleagues, everything went great, beautiful places, super nice people at each location, great food and wine and my friend was ecstatic…so it couldn’t have gone better than that!!!  I am attaching a few shots! “

Weekend su misura SPA e relax con degustazioni

Tailor-made travel Italy:

start in Piedmont and then go to other regions. Or stay in Piedmont and learn more about what this beautiful region has to offer. I leave you with a couple of stories that will make you dream along with our friends who arrived from Alaska, the United States and Iceland! They thought of their tailor-made vacation Langhe and surroundings this way!

From Iceland to Langhe

The request My name is A*** and I am from Iceland.  We are about 6-8 couples that are interested in a gourmet wine - bike trip in Piedmont.  We have

Directly from the USA: Wedding and… 100 Slowdays!

The request: around a wedding in the Langhe region September 2018. Monforte d'Alba. Do you know this beautiful place? I'll be happy to tell you about it, but when I

In Langheside by bicycle for two weeks

In Langheside by bicycle for two weeks because your every desire, it becomes our mission! This time we are realizing the dream of R. & J., two spouses who will arrive