You can discover a place also through its typical dishes and the Langhe are a boundless heritage from this point of view … discover it with gourmets like us.!

Food and wine itineraries in the Langa to discover Piedmontese excellence

Alba White Truffle: Hunting Tours and Tastings

Discover everything about the world of truffles in an experience that goes from searching with the trifolao and his dog to tasting the white truffle with lunch.

6 hours
Outdoor, Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Weekend with Cooking Course in Farmhouse in Langhe

Two days to slow down, cook, taste in the enchanting setting of Langhe

2 days
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Alba Food & Wine Tour

Experience a real itinerant lunch through the streets of Alba through its food and wine specialties!

Choose the daily or weekend formula

2 days and 1 night, Half Day

Piedmont Weekend: a weekend to enjoy Food & Wine

A weekend to immerse yourself in the wonderful territory of the Langhe. among excellent dishes and extraordinary wines

2 or 3 days
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Cooking class in the Langhe and lunch with wine tasting

Discover all the secrets of Langhe cuisine with this fun and cheerful course and above all “Mani in Pasta”!

All year round
Half Day
Wine & Food

Would you like to taste it while pedaling?

in ebike nelle langhe

Do you want to know the great wines of Langhe?

tour vini langhe

In Langhe, even truffles depend on the moon, or rather they are the moon. In the Langa for truffles, one goes into the night and in the dark one searches for the precious food that is hidden from the light.

The moon accompanies the search and its variability in the sky indicates to the truffle hunter the appropriate time of maturation of the mushroom. It is no coincidence that in the traditional countryside some old people associate the truffle with the moon, seeing similarities in the shape of the star, in their concealment and their unveiling through circumstantial signs that the generous cosmology of these hills gives us at the time when the earth is preparing for its well-deserved rest and the cold stubbornly protects its late but most precious treasure.

Cesare Pavese

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If you think of the Langhe you will surely think of the gastronomic specialties that characterize them. Certainly the great wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, famous all over the world, but surely also many culinary specialties!

You can feel the seasons in the Langhe! Spring with its soft colors, summer with the explosion of nature, winter that when it cloaks in white makes the hills even sweeter but it is autumn that defines the beauty of the hills with its flaming colors.

A few wet days, the mist in the morning, and many excellent products that mature in this period.

Mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts, the first harvest of hazelnuts, the cheeses that throughout the year whet our appetite, become the protagonists of excellent dishes. And then the prized King, the White Truffle of Alba, with its less prized but still interesting declinations in all seasons.

An overview of dishes, flavors, and fragrances without forgetting the desserts, nougat, hazelnuts in cream.

…the journey in the taste of the Langhe has already begun, get on board!

Food and wine itineraries in Langhe

A food and wine tour in the Langa is definitely not to be missed. Start with the vineyards around the hills of Alba. Continue in the various villages, among the most beautiful in Italy, and then indulge in the flavors of cheese, truffles, numerous dishes based on vegetables and meat. At the first sumptuous and maybe take advantage to learn some recipes and stock up on delicious memories to take home.

I also leave you the recipe of Tajarin, prepared by the famous cook Gemma di Roddino!   Tajarin recipe

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