Choose SlowDays! Experiences to live and understand the territory!

Tour Operator that knows and lives the territory: choose our experiences built ” handmade” in contact with the flavors, places, and traditions of small areas of Italy.

SlowDays, Slow Days, in the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato.

If you don't want to visit a territory, but to LIVE it, choose SlowDays experiences!

We create local experiences to discover the Langhe, Piedmont and other small areas of Italy.

“Those who travel without meeting the other do not travel, they move around” 

Alexandra David-Néel



  • In the beauty of small things and experiences to share.
  • In human relations and people.
  • In sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • That Italy is wonderful and inhabited by exceptional people.
  • That to be great, sometimes you have to stay small.


  • knowledge of the territory outside the most touristy routes.
  • organizing the timing of your experiences at your own pace and that of nature.
  • the knowledge of small producers, artisans, and collaborators knew directly and who adhere to the SlowDays philosophy.
  • the right price for the right quality.

Why choose Slow Days to organize your local experiences?

We are humans!

We are not a booking portal. Behind every day that we create stands our work and our passion.

We are local

No one better than people who live in an area can introduce you to it. All of our experiences are created by local people.

When you want and with whom you want!

You don’t have to wait for a specific date to have an experience. All of our offerings are available upon request starting at 1 person year-round!

We have all permits in order!

We are a licensed tour operator and only use professionals in good standing with licenses.

What can SlowDays do for you?

Tours and experiences in Langhe, land of great wines and unique landscapes


In Langhe, we organize for you Ebike tours, trekking and walks, wine and food tours among wineries and specialties, horseback riding, Vespa tours. All carefully tested by us!

Who are we? A united team ready to always create new experiences for you

Discover our team!


SlowDays was born, in 2016, to make available our experience on the territory for those who want to know it in a different way and outside the most obvious tourist proposals, taking some time to do it quietly.

Event planning: different packages for your events


Alternative stag party


Tailor-made corporate events and team building in the Langhe region


The Langhe great for a gift: box sets with experiences in the Langhe

SlowDays, your tour operator in the Langhe.



What can you learn about with SlowDays? Where do we take you?

Follow our blog and discover many places. There will be traditions, stories, and recipes of the Piedmontese territory.!

SlowDays Logo

The LOGO of SlowDays, the green turtle.

Why did I choose the turtle? I have always loved this animal for various reasons. It wanders slowly and carefully observes its surroundings. Its shell is a cozy home to feel protected while discovering the world. The turtle symbol invites you to savor the present consciously.

I chose the turtle because SlowDays wants you to know and savor the territory. It wants to be a welcoming home for those who experience the environment. And finally, the moments of your tour will make you enjoy the present and project it in images when you return home!

And after five years, the little turtle got a makeover!

We decided it was the right time to restyle our beloved logo: no upheaval, but a new image that would fully reflect an internal process of corporate renewal and growth.

The colors have remained the same – the dark brown of our land and the green of the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato – but the little turtle is now in the center of a circle representing his “wandering” around the world, however strictly in “SLOW” mode.