choose the desired speed of your trip


Because we offer ``Slow`` programs

because we believe that on holiday everyone needs to slow down to rediscover the natural rhythm.

Because we plan for you as if it were for us

carefully choosing the most beautiful and least touristy experiences to introduce you to the places in their true essence.

Because we design everything for you!

We design your trip according to your preferences and moods, nothing standard or pre-packaged. Tell us all about yourself and we will make your experience special!

Because we give people importance:

the travelers who come to us with their tastes, preferences and possibilities, and the people who will meet during the trip who represent the true soul of the places.

If you decide to stay with us

for an hour or a month, you will be the focus of our attention.

Because we always apply the right price

based on the services included and we know how to adapt to all budgets

Choose your experience

find the right holiday for you

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Let's talk again about Wines of the Langhe: Today's Dolcetto

Trick or treat? (in Italy you say Dolcetto o scherzetto!) For the Piedmontese, and especially for the province of Cuneo,
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Independent tours in the Langhe, Roero or Monferrato regions

A day out in the Langhe with everything booked and
Piedmont – Langhe, Roero & Monferrato
Most Popular!

Bridal shower for real friends!

We will meet in Alba or in another agreed-upon town.
Piedmont – Langhe, Roero & Monferrato
Most Popular!

Guided Wine Tour in Langhe cellars

We accompany you for a few hours to introduce you
Piedmont – Langhe, Roero & Monferrato


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Slow experiences that will make your holiday more intense and unique.
We want you to discover the true essence of the places through the people who live there.
Choose the rhythm that’s right for you and enjoy your travel experience with us



For those who are looking for relaxation during their holiday.
Slow rhythms that follow our hills, landscapes to contemplate, following the time of nature and the seasons.



For those who during the holidays want to relax but with a hint of brio  Experiences that combine relaxation and tranquility to something more cheerful and lively.



For those who love to stay active even on holiday and prefer our territory for experiences in motion and nature.