SlowFood, Cheese and SlowDays

Any similarities?

I came across this beautiful interview with Carlin Petrini by Corriere della Sera and I identified myself with his philosophy and his way of conceiving the “business”.

The Piedmontese, Piedmont in general, a shy land that does not like to appear. A land that with a great marketing operation is now in the limelight with its landscapes awarded by UNESCO. But it still preserves intact and genuine corners.


SlowDays: Slow days. That you can savor. Enjoy every moment.

Why did I want to join it with Carlin Petrini, with Cheese? “Esageroma nen”! I don’t want to get my head wet! But I deeply feel this thought and I apply it in my own small way to the world of travel.

I’ve heard that foreign tourists don’t understand, they don’t have a great wine and gastronomic culture. I’ve seen exaggerated prices applied to take advantage of the moment. I saw buses of aligned tourists and groups coming, almost running through Alba. And I felt alien to all this.

I love small things, genuine corners, homemade foods where the producer’s love is felt at every mouthful, I love wines and cellars where the producer talks to you about his wine as if it were his child.

Carlin Petrini

Carlin Petrini and Bra

Carlin’s feet were on the ground. He lives in his Bra and although he went to dinner with Prince Charles and speaks on the phone with the Pope, he says “esageroma nen”, let’s not exaggerate, let’s not get our heads up!

Cheese, in 2019, opened from 20 to 23 September, brings producers from all over the world to Bra. The theme is Natural is possible! Because all you need to make cheese is 3 ingredients: Milk, rennet and salt. But unfortunately the industry distorts this process. And then they cover it with packaging and push it with marketing. But the essence, many times, I forgive!


Do you come to Piedmont?

This is the essence that I would like those who come to Piedmont to take home, enclosed in their memories: a scent, a look, a flavor that speak of ancient worlds lived in the present.

And now I stop because I have to go to work: Cecilia wants her Hen Party, Mike wants wineries not too famous for his Wine Tour and Angelo wants to make a gift to his parents for 50 years of marriage.

See you soon on this same channel!


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