Langhe, when to go to get the most out of it?
We are often asked, what is the best time to visit the Langhe. And we answer that the Langhe is wonderful in all seasons…no, it is not marketing, but it is the pure truth and we would like to prove it to you! Follow me and you will know when to go to the Langhe!

What you might perhaps say is that we are biased, because we were born here and have lived here for quite a few years so we can only speak well of it, but we really think that this very special area deserves a getaway a little bit all year round.

Each season has its own characteristics, as in all our wonderful Italy after all, and the views and colors that can be admired are certainly very different depending on the months.

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Around Treiso. Unforgettable landscapes. Vineyards, hills! Two formulas, tasting, Tower and SPA. Choose the best one for you and your group.

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food
Springtime in the Langhe
Summer in Langhe
cosa fare nelle langhe

Langhe Piedmont best time for a vacation
Let’s start with autumn, the period that enjoys the most success among Langhe lovers.

In autumn, people come for the end of the grape harvest. To taste the typical dishes and important red wines that warm the heart, but above all to admire the extraordinary autumn colors.” The spectacle of “foliage” in the Langhe lasts from mid-October to the end of November and gives truly unique landscapes that are always easy to reach with beautiful walks in the vineyards.

On the other hand, if you want to choose spring, the season of nature’s rebirth, you will find in the Langhe a real riot of all shades of green and pastel hues. Observe and photograph the first buds on the vines, the roses in full bloom at the top of all the rows, the countless colorful flowers. All this can give you spring along with the tasting of the new wine from the previous vintage.

Then the bold and overbearing summer with its bold green, the spectacular sunsets over the hills. Nearly ripe clusters tinged with green or purple. Fields of lavender and helichrysum. Shady woods and long evenings with romantic sunsets over the vineyards. Along with spring, it is the time for outdoor activities, excursions by bicycle or Vespa, and cool tastings in wineries, discovering the whites and bubbles typical of this area.

Langhe q
langhe under the snow
horseback riding Piedmont Langhe Roero

But I want to break a lance in favor of winter. Yes, the winter Langhe.
Perhaps no one considers the white color of winter; people think of winter as the least suitable season to visit the Langhe. We think that winter can provide unique moments and emotions. Actually, the bare hills, the sleeping vines, the snow (if you are lucky) that creates lace and geometric patterns on the hills

visit langhe during winter
langhe in winter

Street Food Piedmont, in Alba – A food tour of the Langhe.

Experience an authentic itinerant lunch through the streets of Alba through its food and wine specialties!


From March to November
Half Day
Minimum 4 people

Langhe when to go if you love tranquility?
So why not think about winter to treat yourself to a (I would say very romantic) getaway in the Langhe? I can already imagine the perfect day I could organize for travelers who love the cold: a nice walk (or snowshoeing?) in the vineyards, without too many climbs, because the fatigue is double in these cases. Then definitely a nice lunch in a Langhe winery with an excellent Barolo tasting, which warms the heart and head. The wineries at this time of year are particularly welcoming and you might happen to sit down with the owner and have a chat: few tourists and the resting countryside allow you to experience the days more slowly and relax to have a few chats…with the help of a good glass of Langhe red wine, of course! In the afternoon, then thinking of staying overnight in the area, they could reach a nice spa where they could be pampered between the whirlpool and the sauna. Then all that would remain would be to reach one of the farmhouses in the hills that we have selected. Choose one that has a nice panoramic view and perhaps an in-house restaurant where they could enjoy a typical dinner. For me, the only regret is that, living here, I could hardly plan such a thing for myself, but I am not ruling it out entirely!

Have I managed to explain why I go into crisis when faced with the question regarding the best time to visit the Langhe? And why every time, in every month of the year, I answer, “This one!”



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