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With our cheese-tasting experience, we want to take you on a discovery of an unseen face of the Langhe and Roero area, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its wine landscapes; this part of Piedmont holds within it a wealth to be discovered that is made up not only of exceptional world-famous wines but also of many other typical products, such as the world-famous hazelnuts and the extraordinary cheeses we see in our proposal.

For us, behind any product, there is a story to be told, a story made up of people and traditions that are worth discovering; it is precisely the experiences in contact with those who produce these excellences that can make people understand and transmit the concept of a different life, governed by the rhythms of nature, animals and the seasons, rhythms that we often forget caught up in our daily tasks, many times far from the heart of which we are made.

Let’s discover our proposal that has as its “heart” the tasting of cheeses and … so much more!


SlowDays offers all tours and packages on demand, without a fixed date, and exclusively for your ‘group.’

The tour we describe is necessarily indicative of the experiences you will have. In the quotation phase, with the dates and number of participants, I can tell you about your tour in more detail. Just so you know, the addresses and names of the facilities will only be communicated after confirmation.

If you like our proposal, please ask us for availability for the best date and the number of participants. We will confirm everything within a few hours!


From milking to tasting



A cheese tasting? Not! Much, much more!

Our “tour” begins in the woods! The time will be approximately around noon.

Yes, because that is where “our” happy little goats live and graze!

Don’t imagine a big farm, but a small reality (like the ones we like!) run by two brothers who decided to recover one of the oldest jobs in the world: herding.

Having them take you into their world and walk with the goats raised in a semi-wild state will be fascinating.

How about experiencing milking as well? And then turn freshly milked milk into cheese in an actual cheese-making workshop? Yes, you really can do it all!

And while the milk becomes cheese, what’s next? Of course, an extraordinary Langhe and Roero cheese tasting (we are in the Roero, but some cheeses are typical of the Langhe!

The tasting will be held directly in the woods or in the “ciabot” in the middle of nature. Depending on circumstances, availability, and weather you may decide to drive to the farmer’s house for the tasting.

You will taste goat and cow cheeses produced by the farm (raw milk only), local salami, fruit or fruit compotes, wine, and perhaps some seasonal delicacies to go with the cheeses.

In the meantime, you can also check to see if the farm’s chickens have made any fresh eggs and perhaps proceed to taste those as well!

The experience lasts about 2 hours. It also depends on your curiosity and the size of the group.

Why is this Roero cheese tasting different?

Cheese tastings in our areas are pretty frequent. Many wineries, bars, and taverns offer you wine and cheese tasting. Some places also give you excellent presentations of the types of cheese you will taste. They present you with various refinements and degrees of maturation that provide flavor and aroma characteristics (sometimes it’s not even too pleasant smells!) that lead you down the path of taste.

Our cheese tasting in the Roero wants to go further. It lets you see and understand the whole production cycle. It allows you to get in touch with the actual tool the farmer uses respect and dedication for the animals he raises. The product always reflects what the animal ate and how it was cared for.

How long does it last, and when can I have a cheese tasting?

The visit has a time not strictly punctuated by the clock. Let’s say the whole thing should take a couple of hours. It depends on how big your group is, the situation of the animals at the time you see them, and a little bit of your curiosity because the love of the work and the product leads producers to linger if the listener’s interest tickles them!

Cheese tasting should always be booked and arranged with the producer. One can plan to do it almost any time of the year. It is a beautiful, complete experience, but it goes wonderfully with one of our Wine Tours or a Weekend in the Langhe.

And here are your answers!

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Giulia B02/10/2023
5 star rating
Tutto organizzato nei minimi dettagli Esperienze e location scelte con accuratezza! Tutto organizzato nei minimi dettagli Da rifare ASSOLUTAMENTE
leggi ancora
Esperienza fantastica! Claudia, i suoi collaboratori e le strutture ricettive/ristorative con cui collaborano, sono davvero super organizzate, gentili e disponibili. Consigliatissimo!!
leggi ancora
5 star rating
Esperienza fantastica Professionalità, qualità e competenza caratterizzano l'esperienza proposta. Personale preparato e pronta ad assecondare le nostre esigenze. Da ripetere !
leggi ancora
rossana viello02/05/2023
Bellissima esperienza! Giornata bellissima tutto organizzato alla perfezione …. Locali ed eventi perfetti dalla cantina alla SPA Compleanno festeggiato alla grande Consigliatissimo
leggi ancora
don't forget that Cheese was born in the Roero

Any pointers for getting to know the Roero?

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Bellissima esperienza. Grazie a Claudia per l’organizzazione e a Paolo per la grande passione che ci ha trasmesso.

Claudia SlowDays

Grazie mille Stefania per aver condiviso con noi la tua impressione sulla giornata!
Siamo felici che abbiate apprezzato il nostro lavoro!
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