Alba's Wine Festival


I made a small selection of the most important events in this beautiful area of Piedmont.

It is very reductive because of the events, the fairs, the festivals are really many. But I’ll start to illustrate some big events and send you the Newsletter a few updates month by month.



White truffle of Alba

The International Alba White Truffle Fair is an event not to be missed for lovers of cuisine, wine, and all that world that has found a home in the Slow Food movement. From the beginning of October to mid-November, Alba becomes the showcase of gastronomic excellence. The weekend is the stage for historical moments and quality street food. Of course, the main attraction is the World Alba White Truffle Market!

Towards the end of October, the World Truffle Auction is held in Grinzane Cavour Castle. On this occasion, thousands of Eur of revitalization are sold at Auction, in worldwide connection, precious “jewels of the earth”: truffles of extraordinary pieces. For example, in 2005, the largest truffle (1,200 grams) was awarded in Hong Kong for the amount of 95,000.00. In 2006, a Hong Kong banker awarded the most crucial lot (1,509 grams) for the amount of 125,000.00.

Don’t be scared! Truffle is a product with respectable prices, but in many vintages where the production is plentiful, you can take off the delicious and enjoy a few dishes with truffles without participating in the Auction to win it! A good risotto, two “tajarin” or even just two butter eggs will be the ideal companions for the tasting of Mr. White Truffle of Alba


Alba and the Wine Fair

Langhe Wine Events: Alba and Vinum

At the end of April, Alba becomes the capital of Wine. Hundreds of tourists wander the streets with their glass hanging around their necks and stop at the various stations to smell, savor, and enjoy the excellent wines on offer. Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Moscato, Roero Arneis and Roero, langhe whites, Sparkling Auctions and Monferrato Wines, also alternate with Grappe and other Piedmont spirits.
The tastings, guided and curated by the AIS Italian Sommelier Association, take place from 10.30am to 8pm. Here you can find the institutional information.


Collisioni Barolo

Among the Langhe events that have grown the most in recent years, there are undoubtedly Collisions.

This festival was born in 2009 from the idea of a group of young Italian artists, journalists, and writers, who wanted to find a formula that would allow speaking in an interdisciplinary and intergenerational way.

The fact of hosting the leading international intellectuals and writers gave resonance to the event. It allowed to intrigue artists of the scope of Bob Dylan, who agreed to perform in this country that become an entire stage.

Thousands of young and older adults participate in the party on Barolo’s streets and peacefully invade it. Open lectures, lectures, and concerts take place almost a week in July. Guests included Patti Smith, Neil Young, Sting, and others of international renown. Don’t miss it!


Fat Ox Fair

Carrù and the Fat Ox

Impressive animal, Piedmontese cattle breed, known in the world for the quality of the meat

Nutrition based on natural products. Breeders compare their skills and competencies! They are imposing animals with a weight of more than 1000kg! The animal must fatten slowly.

The fair takes place in December and features THE BOIL! Piedmontese Boiled Mixed, as per tradition, must respect the “rule of seven.” Seven cuts: ugly and sound, muscle, scaramella, shin, priest’s hat, brisket, royal with his bone...

And seven “contours” cooked separately: head, face, tongue, trotter, tail, hen, cotechino, and loin.

To accompany the “green bath” with parsley, anchovies, garlic, vinegar, and stale bread crumbs, the “red bath” with bell pepper and tomato, garlic, mustard, and red vinegar. And other sauces that recall the tradition of the various municipalities and families.

The jubilation of boiled meat that on a primary day starts at dawn and sees rows of gourmets following each other at the tables of the Marquee set up for the occasion.

In almost all the restaurants in the Carrù area, you will find this dish in the winter months. But the day of the BOLLITO is an actual event to try at least once!


Alta Langa: la piccola Provenza

Purple fields of Lavender, helichrysum, and biodynamically grown herbs are an unparalleled spectacle of June in Sale Langhe.

Piedmont and Lavender, did you know that they are closely connected?

For many years SlowDays has offered the lavender event. Here I describe the last year when we organized it:

We found ourselves in a magical place with perfect light, a fascinating history, and people involved and enraptured by what they had around them. Sale San Giovanni hosted us to enjoy the sunset and its scents!

These moments resulted from many small choices that took me time to line up and involved me in long phone calls and many sheets of notes. I had already experienced moments with the first edition in 2016, which had fascinated me even then.

In 2016 we arrived in the Lavender fields in broad daylight. It was a bit cloudy day, but I still understood how much the land wanted to tell us. In 2017 I tried to allow it to express itself at sunset, and the magic was accomplished! An explosion of colors and extraordinary energy enveloped all of us who participated in such beauty. The Prandi Arboretum is narrated by a guide who, by how much he knows, seems to have arrived from another planet and who takes us to distant years to that dreamer who, with his energy and vision, left us a treasure in a forest.

Piedmont Lavender: Scents and Colors

I am here writing these lines, and I can smell in my nose the scent of Lavender, in my eyes the yellow and purple color of the fields after the green of the trees, and in my ears the stories and experiences of those who live and work with love, and then in my heart the energy we all passed on.

These days repay with interest every minute spent organizing them. They are the fuel that drives me and pushes me to find new ways to go on vacation. New places to discover. Slow experiences to live, taste, touch, and smell.

Magical places in Piedmont, unique places in Italy. Let’s respect and love them; they will make us peaceful and fulfilled.

Why did we no longer organize this event? Because it had become … a little Slow. Unfortunately, so many, too many people on weekends, invade these beautiful places. So my advice is to organize your visit on any midweek day: you will be rewarded with priceless tranquility!

Here I will tell you some pictures of what we experienced.


Guide Langhe Roero and Monferrato

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