What to do in the Langhe in autumn: wines, hills and truffles
Langhe to get lost in the sunset

If you are wondering what to visit in the Langhe in autumn because you are a fan of “foliage” and do not want to miss it for anything in the world?

Right after the summer, for many people the vacations are just over, while for others they are already a distant memory… but why despair when even in autumn you can plan wonderful trips?

Yes, the time has come to start thinking about what to do in autumn. We at Slowdays, give you some advice. As you know, we are creators of tailor-made experiences!


It is true that Piedmont and the Langhe are interesting and pleasant to visit in all seasons. Surely, however, autumn is the most popular period and frequented by tourists from all over the world.

The reasons are obviously many!

One of these is the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, which always includes a rich calendar of events to celebrate the truffle, a highly prized mushroom.

The truffle is famous fiera del tartufo albaall over the world for its unmistakable scent and for the simple dishes that it is able to enrich in a unique way.


Another king of the local food and wine tradition is wine, but not just any wine!

Visita in cantina per scoprire produttori eccellenti

We are talking about wines of exceptional quality, such as Barolo and Barbaresco now consecrated as wines of excellence and appreciated all over the world. But we also talk about wines like Nebbiolo and Barbera or white wines like Arneis or Nas-cetta…

Nothing better, in autumn, when the harvest is over, than to taste them in the cellar, having a chat with the producer and sniffing all the scents of the wine.

And then one of the main reasons to visit the Langhe in autumn: the colors!

Yes, the colors of autumn in the Langhe are something simply unique: the rows of vines change color and the bright green of summer gives way to red, yellow and brown giving views and panoramas to admire!

But what can you visit in the Langhe in autumn? And how to best appreciate them?

Here are my advice on what you can organize with us or independently
In first position I would put a nice tour of the wines of the Langhe from cellar to cellar.

Passing through colorful hills and incredible views, to discover and taste the crus of Barolo and Barbaresco and be surprised by the Dolcetto!

Buy the wine from the producer to enjoy in winter evenings with friends or family, remembering an experience that goes well beyond the purchase.

But how can you organize a tour of the wines of the Langhe?

Well certainly with your own car, booking in advance the various stages. But there are many other ways.

For example, accompanied by a local guide who will help you discover the secrets of the area and its wines, or have you ever thought about cycling? nelle langhe in ebike

I’m talking about an e-bike because you shouldn’t underestimate the climbs, especially after tasting Barolo!


Imagine how wonderful: A route designed just for you among the best wineries of the Langhe and with scheduled stops. It is a truly unforgettable experience!

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Wines and wine cellars on a Vespa! Have you ever thought about it?

For those who really don’t want to do it, we can also think of the Vespa, a unique way to explore these hills in freedom!

So why don’t you think about going from a winery to a village to a belvedere on foot? Yes, we really have a lot of paths available, all beautiful and suggestive: walking is a really slow and beautiful way to discover the Langhe!

Remember also that your wine tour can last more than a day and you can combine it with a pleasant stay in one of the many structures in the hills surrounded by vineyards!

What to visit in the Langhe besides the cellars? Let’s go beyond wine!

You can’t really leave out the discovery of truffles, but not only tasting them in taverns or starred restaurants in the area, but going to discover together with a trifolao and his dog the secrets of the search and the characteristics of the various types of truffle.

Ricerca tartufi, una storia bellissima

Taking part in a real truffle search is really a unique experience.

Returns the truffle to its origins, not a product for a few, but a fruit of the earth that also has a lot to do with the preservation of forests and nature.

We always talk about food and wine of the Langhe because you know, in these parts, it is really a feat to eat badly!

In almost all taverns the quality is very high and you can find restaurants of very different levels: from the legendary Osteria da Gemma in Roddino to the three Michelin stars Piazza Duomo…certainly difficult to be disappointed!

Also because the recipes are many and include many top quality products:

like the hazelnuts of the Langhe and the many delicious cheeses.

Nocciole IGP Langhe

Ah I forgot! Obviously a tour of the Langhe can also include these excellent products in addition to wine!

What to visit in the Langhe? You just have to come and find out!

There are really many ways to get to know and enjoy this territory: the important thing is to organize yourself in the best way not to waste time and be able to relax.

That’s why there is me, Claudia of Slowdays, ready to organize for you a day, a weekend or an entire vacation.

You will discover Piedmont, the Langhe of wine and truffles. If you want and have a little more time, you can also visit some areas “a little bit further away” and a little less known: the mountains of Cuneo, the beautiful area of Monregalese and Mondovì, Roero or Monferrato.

Write me as soon as possible! You have to hurry to find the best!

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