Birthday gifts for girl friends: the complete guide

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The Langhe as a birthday gift idea

What to give your best friend as a gift?

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for girl friends can be a challenge, but with our guide, we’ll make this task a breeze. You will find many gift ideas , possibly personalized, unforgettable experiences and with many price levels. What will be important is to give something that will leave a mark on your friend’s heart.


A box of memories


Unique and Personalized Gifts

Memory box: A treasure full of memories

Instead of the classic gift, prepare a memory box. Fill it with photos, letters, and small items that have special meaning for both of you. Each item will tell a story, turning the box into an exciting journey into the past.

Personalized Soft Toy: A Unique Companion

A soft toy may seem like an ordinary gift, but personalize it with details your friend will love. Add an accessory that reflects her passion or sew a secret pocket with a special note. It will be a unique and meaningful companion.

Jewelry Custom Fit: Emotions Etched in Stone

Go beyond simple engraving and choose jewelry that tells a story. A bracelet with charms will make an original birthday gift, and serve as a reminder of special moments. A ring with stones as a symbol of your special friendship.

Photo Puzzle: Union of Memories

Create a puzzle with a photo meaningful to both of you. Each piece will represent a special moment with a promise to complete the picture when you are together. A beautiful metaphor for your friendship.

A soft toy


Stones as joys


Photo puzzle


Unforgettable Experiences

A weekend together

Nothing is more important than spending quality time together. Try to agree on a timetable with your friend and get some longtime friends involved as well. Define whether to spend one or two nights together and come up with some ideas, perhaps organized. That way you too will find it easy to relax and share unforgettable moments.

Weekend with friends in the Langhe

2 days of relaxing among different experiences to get to know the Langhe slowly

Outdoor, Wine & Food

The Taste of Elegance

Fashion and Style for Your Elegant Friend

Birthday gifts for fashionista friend? Is your friend attentive to all things new or does she have her own style that sets her apart? Then look for something special, one of those things she loves but never decides to buy. A hat with a wide brim, dungarees with big studs on the shoulder straps, a microscopic evening bag or a big backpack for traveling. Yes, even something a little bit flashy. When she uses it she will think of her best friends, a little crazy but so original!

A stylish accessory


Delicious Delights

Unleash the Gluttony with Gourmet Gifts

Birthday gifts for friend … foodie? If your friend is a foodie, delight her with a gourmet gift. A gourmet basket with local delicacies. A filling of weird and tasty sauces. A collection of snacks for appetizers. Many kinds of flavorings. A cookbook of vegan cooking, pastries, a thousand finger foods.

For the foodie friend


Cooking classes

But if you really want something unforgettable, then schedule a cooking class for her! There are many kinds. Choose according to her tastes: vegetarian, innovative, pastry, finger food. But don’t forget that you will get the most fun by enjoying the experience together with her. Get all hands on deck together, cook, learn, but then, absolutely, taste!

The Green that Thrills

A flower will always be appreciated

A tip for those who love greenery: Don’t give cut flowers. Give a small bonsai tree, an outdoor plant if your friend has a garden, a small sprouter to always have fresh sprouts for salads. It will last a long time and make you remember even through the years.

A bonsai as a gift


A nature walk

Another idea for a person who loves nature and greenery in general is to give the gift of a day of trekking in a new and interesting place. You can organize it yourself or choose a trek with a proven route and perhaps with some food and wine “prizes” to make the day complete

Serralunga d’Alba Castle: trekking and lunch

We discover the Serralunga vineyards dominated by the beautiful castle. You cannot miss our exclusive final tasting!

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

A day on horseback

Is your friend an animal lover? She is fine when she lives in nature. Are you all thirsty for moments to be spent in the green? Nothing better than a riding lesson, in the green. Even if you are all beginners.

Horseback riding with tasting

A horseback ride through the vineyards of the Langhe with a “foodie” ending in a winery, osteria or with a nice lunch in the countryside! For small groups of friends who want to share a different day

Games and Fun

Entertainment that Gives Laughter

Plan an evening of games and fun. From classic board games to movie nights, give laughs and carefree moments for an unforgettable birthday.

A board game


Games and Fun

Entertainment that Gives Laughter

Plan an evening of games and fun. From classic board games to movie nights, give laughs and carefree moments for an unforgettable birthday.

Treasure Hunt

How about organizing a real treasure hunt? A group of friends who will spend a few carefree and fun hours together. You can try your hand at organizing it or choose something already researched and maybe even end up with a wonderful birthday cake!

A Vespa Tour

Was the scooter your means of escape? Did you scamper up and down during summers, hair in the wind, to a new adventure every day? Here is the way to relive certain emotions. Plan a Vespa day with your friends and you will have a hundred new memories to share.

Giant Benches, Vespa Tour!

A tour of the Giant Benches by Vespa – Two possible formulas

From March to October
Entire Day

Handmade Gifts with Love

Art and Creativity to Express Affection

A handmade gift is a lasting treasure. Put your creativity to good use with a project designed just for your friend. A box that will hold surprises and memories; a painting portraying her or something she loves; a sweater or scarf if you are skilled at knitting; a scrapbook with photographs of your moments together. They will make it clear that you wanted to take the time to create the personalized gift!

Handicrafts as gifts


The Beauty of Relaxation

Gifts that Cuddle the Body and Soul

A spa kit; a few products to use in the bath such as a beauty mask, a scrub, a scented candle that will be used to set the mood while soaking in the tub.

A whole day dedicated to pampering

If you want, again, to think of a day or two to spend together that has wellness as its basic motif, then choose a Pampering-themed Tour! A day with a yoga class, a light lunch, and then spa admission. If you will be a lot of friends you might even consider adding a massage for the birthday girl. Or an entire weekend dedicated to relaxation and wellness, with the spa, a winery visit, and a yoga class. You could really make it up by emphasizing what the birthday girl prefers.

Spa in the Langhe for a weekend of relax and wellness

It is a Weekend of relaxation, good food, tastings, and views. Two formulas for experiencing the Langhe your way

Gift card purchasable: give the Langhe as a gift

This tour can also be purchased as a Voucher. I will send you an excellent presentation that will become a voucher you can give or give yourself.

You will have one year to redeem it; email me and request your preferred dates. I recommend booking well in advance to be sure of availability. Langhe is becoming increasingly popular!

2 or 3 days
Wine & Food
Min 2 pax

Innovative Technology Gifts

Gadgets that Know How to Amaze

If your friend is into technology, choose innovative gadgets. From wireless earbuds to smart devices for the home, there are options that will fit perfectly into her modern life. Then, if she lives alone, you can also consider a robot vacuum cleaner and maybe even a floor scrubber so she has free time to devote to herself!

A technological gift


The Touch of Music

Notes that Fill with Joy

If your friend loves music, a music-related gift will be a success. A subscription to streaming services, tickets to a concert, or a new musical instrument will surely be a nice sounding surprise!

Concert ticket


Fitness and Wellness

Gifts that Promote an Active Lifestyle

Incentivize your friend to maintain a healthy lifestyle with fitness gifts. From gym equipment to yoga classes, help her reach her wellness goals.

If you then want to introduce her to the world of yoga and wellness, I suggest the idea of a day of yoga together.

The Warmth of Memories

Personalized Blankets and Pillows

A soft, warm and enveloping gift is always appreciated. Try personalizing a warm blanket or kitchenette. Add a photo of you together or add your friend in a funny pose. A quote describing a special moment you experienced together may also be an original idea.

A pillow with lots of memories


The Scent of Elegance

Fragrances that Enchant the Senses

A perfume is a difficult gift but is still always appreciated. If you know her heart scent you can play it safe. Perhaps using the same scent for a body lotion or for a room fragrance. If you don’t know her scent but at least have an indication of what fragrances you prefer (citrusy, exotic, amber, green, for example) then you can try to choose a scent that has those characteristics. Otherwise…I would say forget it!

Unforgettable scents and fragrances


The Magic of Home Fashion

Gifts that Make Your Space a Shelter

For home-loving friends, go for gifts that will transform their space. Scented candles, small picture frames, art objects, home accessories, lights that can be used without connection, small paintings. Something that is not “busy” but gives a loving and warm touch in her home.

Furnishing items


Solidarity Gifts with Heart

Donations That Make a Difference

Is your friend particularly sensitive to the issues that are in the public eye today and do you know that she would love to contribute a donation to a cause close to her heart? Then you can do good for her, for you doing so and for the cause that will be chosen. Show your love by helping to make your world a better place.

A contribution to a shared cause


Birthday Gifts for Girl Friends – Concluding

With this full guide to birthday gifts for girl friends, you now have a variety of options to make your girl friends’ special day unforgettable. Choose with your heart, showing how important your friends are. Celebrate the love, friendship and precious moments this day brings.


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