What is a SlowDays Package/Tour?
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SlowDays is a Tour Operator specialising in Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato.

We organize tours of one or more days for those who want to get to know this region, a Unesco Site since 2014, guided by those who live and work here.

Our tours are visible on the site pages, grouped by type.

The tours you see are bookable on any date of any year, from the beginning of March until the end of November.

SlowDay packages are a set of experiences that match each other in terms of timing and type of offer. Rarely can you find single experiences, undoubtedly because they are more complex experiences that may already be as complete as they are.

Each Tour presented on the site has a minimum number of participants required, a description of the content, and a price per person. 

When you book one of our tours, these are the steps we take to give you a quote:


  • We create a quote by entering the start and end date of the Tour you requested.
  • We ask that food allergies be highlighted in advance, as some suppliers ARE NOT equipped to handle this type of request.
  • For each experience, we check the availability of ‘critical’ suppliers. These are those that have low availability and are not easily replaceable.
  • We check that the other experiences are also bookable (checking for any other customers already booked on the same date) and that, as schedules, they are correctly linked with the other incidents. Suppose even one of the experiences is not bookable. In that case, it may be necessary to rethink the alternatives or, if there are no alternatives, to change the sequence (within the logic of the whole package) or to ask the customer for an alternative date.
  • When ‘critical’ experiences are opted for a certain number of days, we prepare and send the quotation.
  • We give an expiry date to our quotation precisely because we respect the suppliers who work with us, and we release the dates as soon as possible to allow the supplier to rebook the date. It is suitable for the customer to answer upon receipt of the quote. Even a simple NO is appreciated. 
  • After confirming the quote, we ask the customer to pay a deposit of 30% of the amount or the balance if we are close to the tour departure (3Tour days before).
  • When the customer confirms the tour, wTournd confirmation to the suppliers for each experience, highlighting the dates, number of participants, allergies, and any information needed to do the best job.
  • A fortnight before your tour, we will review the experiences, prepare the program, and send it to you. 
  • Regarding quotations for which we also provide a route/map, we check the map and any planned stages.
  • WTournd a recap to the suppliers three days before the tour, reminding them which customers will be coming, allergies, number of participants, and experience details.
  • During the Tour, we will provide a telephone number for customers to provide support and information during their stay in the Langhe.
This is the process behind a Slow Day. That’s why we had to make some ‘drastic’ choices. We no longer accept to organize one-day experiences for two people. It would not have been acceptable to charge the customer the cost of running such a customized package for two people. Therefore, we ask for a minimum of 4 people to rationalize our time and remain at an attractive price. For weekends, which are a little more complex, we still keep our prices beautiful and offer our customized service for just two people.
Regarding events, hen and stag parties, birthdays, or corporate formats, we ask for a minimum number of people according to the package.
A lengthy description to take you to the office with us. Behind the scenes in the world of the Turtle 🐢


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