I would like to know in advance all the locations
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I am sorry, but this is not possible.

We are not a portal that promotes other facilities or activities, but we organize them according to your interests and the availability of suppliers. 

We spend a large part of our time testing the quality of experiences and think we know the different local realities inside out. We believe that if you decide to trust us, you do so to have an expertise entirely organized by a local and not to have to think about anything. 

And that is what our job is all about: researching facilities, organizing in terms of travel and the requests you make, and coordinating the various experiences/locations to give you the right timing to enjoy your Tour in a Slow way.

And let’s add one more detail: we don’t always know where we are sending you! For some things, we are forced to check availability before proposing them; for others, we check availability after your confirmation because we are sure to find a facility available among the many that collaborate with us, but we don’t know which one yet… if we had to ask for availability for every request that comes in, it would create confusion that would be difficult to manage. Do you know that we organized the package when you asked us for it and confirmed it and that it is not ready to be booked on any date by any number of participants? 

Check out our reviews to understand how we work and feel more comfortable. 


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