I made a request email: now what happens?
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Taking care of your requests

I will take a moment to tell you how I work: 

Ours are never ready-made tours that are already organized, and just “push a button” so they can be offered.
Why? Because I propose a set of experiences that I tell you about in the packages you see on the website, which are declined in many possible compositions.
First of all, depending on the number of participants and the date, there can be adjustments and variations to the package. I give an example to illustrate:
You are a 10 people who want to come on a Saturday. I have to search among the vendors I work with, those available on that date, for ten people and that, as an environment and offer, fit the type of event you request. After defining one of the stages in your package, I need to arrange the others accordingly.
If the best winery is too far away from the vendor I had planned for the e-bikes, I have to choose one of the other, closer or otherwise more convenient. And so on, until I thought of your package for that particular day and the number of participants.

Consequently, after your request, I ask you for a few days to define and create the best quote for you.

I will return as soon as I am ready with the quote or when I have some specific questions for you.

I guarantee that I have never sent a quote later than five days after sending this email which is to inform you that … I am working for you.


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