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We present our collection of Ebike Langhe products that will Slowly take you through this beautiful region.

Ebike Langhe, for you: Here, you will find a selection of options for exploring the hills of the Langhe with e-bikes and our routes designed to help you discover many unmissable panoramas.
We have curated this collection to offer an outdoor experience and an approach to various food and wine tastings.

Explore the Langhe with our E-bike Tours

You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this extraordinary region. We are happy to offer you various exciting options:

E-bikes in Barolo and Barbaresco

Discover the vineyards that produce the famous Langhe reds. Taste and foretaste the wine you might even choose in one of the formulas I have designed for you.

Ebike Langhe in search of benches

We have declined this beautiful possibility by combining it with various tastings and with more ideas of areas to explore

Weekend Ebike Langhe

If just one day is not enough for you, and that’s understandable, I have also created the possibility of enjoying the bike for two or three days. Choose one of the Weekend Tours (also just for two people)

Bike tour in the Barolo Langhe

Barolo E-bike Tour with departure from Alba and visit to the most beautiful villages of the Langhe with the amazing Barolo wineries
From March to November
Entire Day

Barbaresco village and surroundings: Bike-Tour

Tour of the Barbaresco area. With various options. E-bike tour with map: departure from Alba
From March to November
Entire Day

Santo Stefano Belbo| What to see| Bike route

Santo Stefano Belbo, what to see and what to do: we have prepared two discovery itineraries that will surprise you!
From March to November
Entire Day

Monferrato Bike tour among the vineyards

Monferrato to be discovered slowly in the saddle of a beautiful e-bike. Discover extraordinary landscapes and local specialties!
From March to November
Entire Day

The vineyard of crayons, a colorful itinerary

The vineyard of crayons, the little church of Coazzolo, Neive and more in this original and evocative tour
From March to November
Entire Day

Langhe Giant Benches Tour

With this electric bike tour, you can discover the most beautiful villages of the Langhe, ride through the vineyards and discover giant benches!
From March to October
Entire Day

Resort in the Langhe for two different weekends

Two nights of absolute relaxation amid tastings and experiences to get to know the Langhe Gift card purchasable: give the Langhe as a gift This tour can also be purchased as a Voucher. I will send you an excellent presentation that will become a voucher you can give or give yourself. You will have one year to redeem it; email me and
3 Days
Outdoor, Wine & Food
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