Easter Monday is spent in company and is always marked by indecision… a lot of ideas, many places that you would like to see, but also many unknowns.

Who knows if it will make beautiful? Will it rain or will the sun be there? Surely the weather conditions very much our choice! And this year it will be no different… you know!

Our program is already established, however, we want to go “hunting” for landscapes, romantic views, landscapes that will satisfy your eyes, for this reason, we propose three villages from Langhe where you can admire the beautiful views.

Next, to each view we recommend a wine that goes well with the surrounding area, what about it? Do you like the idea? …So let’s start!

LA MORRA and a good glass of Barolo.

Tour dei Vini di SlowDays a La Morra
Il Belvedere a La Morra

A small jewel set in the Langhe, La Morra is a village with just three thousand inhabitants or a little more, a few km from Alba. The cobbled streets, the picturesque houses and the silence of the vineyards that embrace the entire village make La Morra a charming and magical place to spend a regenerating day.

The heart of the village is Piazza Castello, from where you can admire one of the most enchanting viewpoints of all the Langhe. If you are not satisfied, on the southernmost side of the square, there is the Bell Tower, built in 1544 and renovated in 1750, four-story.

The tower can be visited, you can climb the steps to the top. Once you reach the top floor, look out onto one of the small loggias and admire the landscape, from here the view is even better. If you are lucky, on a nice sunny day, you can see up to Murazzano. In front of you can admire the various villages of the Langhe, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga, Monforte.

However, the undisputed protagonists of this viewpoint are the vineyards, from which Barolo is produced, which is, in fact, typical of this area, which is why we chose it as a wine to sip in front of this panorama. In the numerous cellars of this village, you can taste “the king of wines”, Barolo, a wine with a transparent ruby color, which turns towards orange as the year’s increase. One of its unmistakable characteristics is its elegant and measured flavor, not very fruity, but rather earthy and structured.

Neive e la Torre campanaria

NEIVE is a glass of Barbaresco or Barbera!

Long fought over by its “hillside” neighbors Asti and Alba, Neive is a magnificent village, which is part of the Western Langhe, included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Its characteristic is represented by the arrangement of the buildings on the hill: if you look down on the village, you can see how the various houses and architectural structures are arranged in a concentric way, almost forming the crown of a rose.

As you get to the center of this circular representation, the walls are tightening more and more, finally arriving to constitute the center and so the “narrowest” point of the village.

Neive is built on a hill and the streets that cross it go from top to bottom. At the top of the walk there is the Municipal Tower or Clock, repeatedly demolished, but then always rebuilt.

From here the view is unparalleled: a sea of vineyards, which thanks to the reflection of the sun also seem to sway and have an autonomous movement.

This is the territory of Barbaresco and Barbera, wines that we recommend you taste if you pass by here.

Barbaresco is a wine of remarkable consistency, is considered “ready” to be drunk at least 4-8 years after the harvest, has a garnet red color and the flavor is rich in tannin but full and harmonious.

Barbera is a very pleasant wine, with an intense red color, the taste is never aggressive and its best value is its drinkability.

VERDUNO and its fine wine.

We have reached the end of our Easter tour and we want to finish in beauty, or rather “in excellence”. Yes, because Verduno is a country of times gone by and still retains its charm and attractiveness.

The village is small and extends around its Castle, which today is a real Hotel-Restaurant. The most suggestive place of the village is the grassy square in front of the castle, accessible only on foot.

As soon as you enter this beautiful garden, you can admire an exceptional view, a 360° panorama made of Langhe, hills, endless countryside and endless vineyards. Personally, this is the place I love most, it is the secret place of my thoughts and my recollections, from here we start again! It will be the silence of the place, it will be that walking on the grass has a not know that trust, however, the Belvedere of Verduno remains my favorite!
Verduno piccolo borgo delle Langhe

In addition, in this territory is produced a rare excellence of the Langhe.

Today only 18 hectares within the municipality of Verduno are intended to produce this rarity. We are speaking about  Verduno Pelaverga or Verduno DOC, one of the smallest DOC in Italy! In fact, in one year about 140,000 bottles are produced.

In conclusion, the tour of the Langhe lookout points is over, we hope that the sun will accompany us on these holidays and that it will be able to make these wonderful landscapes even more colorful!

We wish you a Merry Easter and a sunny (hopefully) Easter Monday!

Did I intrigue you? Then you could take a look at one of our experiences in the Langhe! But not only on Easter!


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