What to do in Langhe: 3 ideas for a perfect day out
Summer in Langhe

A day in the Langhe: What to do to taste these hills?

3 Ideas for spending a day in the Langhe combining nature and well-being

After all these months cooped up indoors, we all need and enjoy spending time outdoors and maybe release our tensions, combining a healthy relaxation in some beautiful Langhe Piemonte spa.

“Regularly devoting time to outdoor activities could be the key to better living. Of this are convinced some researchers at the University of Exeter, who have discovered how spending time in contact with nature can have a healthy effect on the body and mind.”

With the arrival of the beautiful season, the Langhe will be the ideal destination to spend your time in contact with nature.

The Langhe is magnificent in every season, but spring brings with it something magical.

The orchards blossom with a thousand colors, the vines begin to have their first buds and the green shines again. The days get longer and give us wonderful sunsets that we can observe from the hills that have inspired many famous poets of the ‘900.

The territory of the Langhe, with its neighbors Roero and Monferrato, is the ideal setting for the new type of tourism that is emerging in recent years. Conscious tourism, also active, but that allows each person to savor and enjoy nature in all its facets.

The Langhe are ideal for active tourism, thanks to our tours by e-bike, Vespa or on foot.

And what could be better than a little relaxation after a nice tour in the Langhe? Did you know about the spas in the Langhe?

Each country has its own characteristic wellness rituals such as the aufguss in Trentino Alto Adige, hammams in Southern Italy, and so on. Find out what some of the Langhe spas offer…

A bike itinerary allows you to travel for a few tens of kilometers. Pedal-assisted bicycles are a good means that allows you to measure out your strength and lengthen the route!


Are you a passionate walker? You have arrived in a land generous with walks, as challenging as you want! Over time many itineraries have been mapped out in the Langhe and Roero.


  • Vespa tour ending with the Langhe SPA

Days on a Vespa, for those who love two wheels and want to dart free in the wind! The kilometers are more and the comfort is assured. During the good season, the Langhe are perfect for two-wheelers of all kinds.

passeggiata langhe con degustazione

1. E-bike tour with an afternoon of relaxation

A bike tour in the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato is a truly unique experience. A day to discover the Langhe and Piedmont with an E-bike, to better face the “sweet” slopes of the hills. With a guide or with our autonomous routes, it will be nice to pedal through the vineyards without fatigue, thanks to our beautiful electric bikes! And of course, stopping to take pictures and taste! At the end of the day, you can relax in one of the wellness centers in Piedmont and more precisely in Alba, the heart of Langhe

2. Trekking with relaxing afternoon

Trekking in the Langhe: a perfect territory to live in the slowest way, on foot! Beautiful vineyards, shady woods, delightful villages to explore slowly. Wineries where you can stop and taste excellent wines of Langa and Roero. A day in the open air followed by an afternoon of wellness in a Langhe Alba spa.

3. Vespa tour with a relaxing afternoon

The views are magical in all seasons and with a Vespa, you can cover many kilometers even going slowly and stopping to take a thousand pictures! Small villages, vineyards, towers, and castles will be the spectators of your unforgettable experience! After your tour, you can relax in a Piemonte wellness center in Alba to end your day in beauty.

bubbles and relaxation langhe

Do you know what an Aufguss is? Have you ever witnessed an Aufguss in the sauna?

Although it is a little-known ritual in Italy, some wellness centers in Piedmont offer it to their guests. The Aufguss is a steam jet that is performed in a Finnish sauna. Ice (with a few drops of essential oil) is placed on the hot stones of the brazier to produce steam that the sauna master will skillfully bring to the guests, with the help of a towel and relaxing music.

Spa Langhe wellness… Let yourself be pampered by the sauna masters of the Piemonte spas, also called AufgussMeister!

For you 3 different proposals, given the success of previous years, combining a morning in the open air to an entrance in a spa in Piedmont:

Follow this link to submit a no-obligation request!

Do you have a little more time? Then I suggest you take a look at this SPA WEEKEND IN THE LANGHE!


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