I didn’t like Moscato wine
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The Muscat wine

and much more in Castagnole Lanze

After ignoring it for many years, discover how good Moscato wine is: this is my sincere confession!

I’ll start with a brief description of the sweet Muscat Wine, known in France as Muscat, which derives from musquè, which means aromatic. It is one of Italy’s most cultivated grape varieties and has had long periods of glory and recognition. Famous in Piedmont Asti spumante, synonymous with celebration and joy for many years. Piedmont is one of the most widely cultivated grape varieties, especially in the Asti, Alessandria, and Cuneo: Castagnole Lanze is correct at the crossroads of these provinces.

A day of work like any other that brings me to someone I’ve known almost since the beginning of SlowDays and with whom I always gladly collaborate. I’m talking about Paola Doglia and the winery in Castagnole Lanze, on the top of a high hill that acts as a lookout between Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato. I am here to accompany a customer that is also a friend.


My tours are always designed to introduce you to the most genuine and characteristic realities of the place!

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Visit and tasting in the cellar: one of our most requested experiences.

So I choose to visit Paola and enjoy a visit and tasting the wines of the Doglia winery. The visit starts from the vineyard, and with Paola’s enthusiasm, we retrace the various phases of the work in the vineyard. She makes it seem like a convivial, familiar moment but hides a lot of competence, experience, and above all, love. The vineyards seem part of the family.

Afterward, we go to the winery and enter the world of Gianni. You can understand that Paola and her brother Gianni are in tune and live in the cellar, the family, and the vineyard as one life project. “Gianni wanted to try … Gianni preferred to make wine like this … Gianni wants to make the best Moscato in the world!”.

I listen, and I am impressed by Paola’s words and enthusiasm. Yes, but that doesn’t take away the fact that in the corner of my head, there is a little voice that says: all is well, all wines to taste, and of which I am intrigued, but I don’t find Moscato interesting. I have tasted it a few times, and in the end, it is a sweet wine with a little soul, which is not part of my taste!

Let’s taste an excellent Grignolino, which, another confession, is a wine I appreciate very much. It has a cheerful color, not dark red. They say it is the darkest of rosé wines and the lightest of red wines—an excellent and bizarre wine (connoisseurs are horrified at this description, I know!).

Paola explained that this slightly stinging sensation she leaves in her mouth is due to the tannin. Well, then, I like the tannin 🙂

Afterward, we try two Barbera or Barbere. Both are very good. One more drinkable and one more structured. Gianni’s figure hovers in every bottle.

The Ruché is excellent, too. A native wine of Monferrato that has been recovered in recent years, thanks to the foresight of some winemakers who did not want to follow the trends. But they have decided to follow tradition and make this characteristic wine of Monferrato. Very pleasant, even if essential and full-bodied. A Mr. wine.

The symphony of scents, colors, and flavors has accompanied me. I am increasingly convinced Gianni knows what he is doing and that the famous Moscato could also be a surprise.


The mint that smells Moscato

La menta vicino ai filari di Uva Moscato

Let’s discover the Muscat Wine.

Paola tells us about this fragrant wine. The vines’ roots are accompanied by the mint plants that grow close to the rows of vines. And the Muscat Wine that she serves me in the glass reminds me of the scent of mint. But it is also very flowery. The bubbles are a tickle for the palate. The taste is a beautiful surprise! Sweet but not cloying. It immediately appears that it would go very well with a cheese such as Castelmagno or a slice of blue cheese with a strong flavor.

A perfect conclusion to this tasting. Of course, I brought home a few bottles. Including the Moscato! But the good one, because every wine must be produced accurately in all its phases. And so the result is excellent.

Meanwhile, Gianni came by to say hello. He and Paola, the third generation, carry on with pride and competence the dream of grandfather Genio.

Another piece of my outstanding research work that brings me to know every day a new piece of the puzzle of this territory is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And space between the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato to get to know and appreciate the products, the places, and the people that make this area so unique. The day is over for me.

I greet you and hope to have convinced you to taste a good glass of Moscato!

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I didn't like Moscato wine!


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