La Morra Langhe, 5 reasons to visit and fall in love with it
La Morra with slowdays

Visit La Morra Langhe. My 5 reasons:

La Morra Langhe with the hamlets Annunziata, Santa Maria, Rivalta and Berri

The Morra Langhe, near Alba, has a name derived from Loci Murrae. Sheep enclosure. It seems that the Benedictine monks used to graze their sheep here! It is one of the most panoramic spots in the area around Alba.

La Morra is a small and lively village situated on a beautiful hilltop between Alba, Barolo, Castiglion Falletto, Cherasco and Roddi. About 3000 inhabitants and an infinity of places to eat and taste wines at all hours of the day and evening.

In the city centre, on the ruins of the medieval castle, was built the residence of the feudal lords of La Morra, the Palazzo Falletti. Today it is the seat of the Cantina Comunale.

Walking you can see the Bastions of La Morra Castle. The remains have been partially rebuilt and make you understand the grandeur of the previous medieval walls. To enter the city you will find two cobbled road ramps of the Tanaro river.

On the ruins of the medieval castle demolished in the mid-16th century, the Falletti Palace, feudal lords of La Morra, was built. Several times remodeled, it preserves on the main floor a hall with a wooden coffered ceiling and some rooms with cross vaults used as classrooms. On the ground floor, in the stables, there is the Cantina Comunale.

But no chatting, I’ll tell you the 5 reasons I suggest to visit La Morra

La Morra in Langhe Piedmont
  1. The Belvedere of La Morra Langhe to see!

Piazza Castello which for its use is recognized and named as the Belvedere of La Morra. An unmissable panoramic viewpoint. Once you have arrived at La Morra and parked your car you can make your first stop at the Belvedere. And you’ll understand why I call it Panorama in no uncertain terms!

During the summer season, by some volunteers, it is possible to visit the civic tower used as a bell tower since 1710; from the belfry you can enjoy a wonderful 360 degree view. It is worth the climb!

belvedere la morra langhe

2. The Chapel of Barolo

I have already written about this ingenious and characteristic achievement. You can find the article here: The Chapel of Barolo.

I’m just telling you that a walk from La Morra to the Chapel of Barolo is a must! The colours of this chapel are an emblem of this town. The acoustics inside the chapel will also allow you to do a concert if you … you have brought a musical instrument with you!

barolo la morra langhe chapel

3. The Cedar of Lebanon

I’ve already written an article for this “monument”. Because for us in these areas this magnificent tree is a landmark. It’s hard not to look at it when you go from Alba to Barolo or when you take one of the beautiful ring walks around La Morra. The Cedar of Lebanon was a wedding gift that would still make any bride dream! Do you agree?

You can find the link to the article here: The Cedar of Lebanon, Langhe, La Morra

lebanon langhe cedar

4. Hazelnut Tasting

I suppose you’re wondering why I’m talking about La Morra nuts! After I decanted you the Langhe hazelnuts and wrote several articles on the subject. But I love hazelnuts and I propose a food and wine tour where hazelnuts are the protagonists. That’s why I’m telling you about it, because here I found specialized artisans who, with a lot of care and love, prepare excellent products! One for all, the Laboratorio Cogno that I know personally and that I can contact for a tasting of excellent products (at the end of a bike ride or after a trek, it is very important to recharge your batteries 🙂

hazelnut tasting
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5. The Mangialonga

It was the year 1985 (!!!) when a group of friends who often met to taste food and wine, in the grip of a great inspiration, invented this “competition” a bit ‘goliardic and very enjoyable! A walk in the vineyards, not too tiring, eating and drinking!

The original event was then “copied” by French colleagues in Burgundy, Vaud and Valais, Loire, Champagne, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Alsace, Black Forest, Mont-Channel! From there the Brotherhood of the Mangialonga was born, a very serious thing!

On the last Sunday of August, every year, this kind of pilgrimage is repeated, involving a large number of participants. And that has to be contingented to avoid a real assault among the vineyards!

In 2020, unfortunately, it will not be held. But we’ll be waiting for you in 2021, no doubt! I leave you the link to the institutional site La Mangialonga.

If you can’t wait, I can arrange for you to have your own personal ” Mangialonga.” Write me and if you are a group of friends with a desire to taste wine and excellent food, inserting here and there a bike trip or a trekking, I will create an unforgettable weekend. A sort of EatSlow and drink well!

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These are my 5 reasons to visit La Morra Langhe

What are yours?


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