Food & Wine Tours in Italy: 5 Must-Do Activities in the Langhe Region
5 Top Langhe Wine Tour Activities

A region so rich in cultural heritage and culinary traditions UNESCO designated it World Heritage, Piedmont is the best destination for food and wine tours in Italy. Our Piedmont wine tours take in all of the region’s amazing highlights, but we do focus on one particular area: the gorgeous Langhe Region.

We offer more than one awesome Langhe wine tour, and every option allows you to indulge in some of the best and most authentic regional wines in the world. There’s, of course, lots of eating involved, too, as well as some fun cultural exploration in one of Italy’s most underrated off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Read on to see what you can expect on a Langhe wine tour!

5 Top Things to Do on a Langhe Wine Tour

1. Discover the White Wines of the Langhe Region

Although the Langhe Region is mainly known for its amazing red wines, that doesn’t mean white wine lovers won’t find delicious wines, too. The Langhe Region also produces some excellent white and sparkling wines, which are slowly getting more and more recognition.

This region of lush and long, low-lying hills (which is what “Langhe” means) is ideal for white grape varieties like Arneis, Favorita and Moscato. On a Langhe white wine tour, you can sample delicious whites, such as Moscato d’Asti, Asti Spumante, Gavi and Arneis.

2. Discover the Red Wines of the Langhe Region

What makes Piedmont’s Langhe Region one of the best places for food and wine tours in Italy is its extraordinary red wines. These magnificent reds are the undisputed star attraction of the region.

A thriving wine-growing region since Roman times, the Langhe Region still produces phenomenal authentic wines, many of which are only found here. Characteristic red grape varieties that thrive in these rolling hills include Nebbiolo, Barbera, Freisa and Dolcetto, among many others.

When you join a Langhe red wine tour, you get to taste some of the world’s greatest red wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Barbera d’Asti and Freisa di Chieri.

3. Indulge in Hearty Regional Food Products

Although the Langhe Region is most famous for its fantastic wine varieties, and rightly so, there’s more to the region than that. Just like many other areas in Italy, the Langhe Region also has its very own food specialties.

The region distinguishes itself culinarily thanks to many other high-quality and locally made foods, including honey, hazelnuts and chestnuts, cheeses, and polenta and risotto dishes. The most famous Langhe food, however, may just be the white truffle (see below)

It’s because of this amazing mix of world-class wine and locally produced characteristic food that the Langhe Region is such a great place for food and wine tours in Italy.

4. Go Hunting for the White Truffle of Alba

Arguably its most well-known food product is white truffles. This is such an essential part of Langhe culture that we’ve created our very own truffle hunting tour in the Langhe

You can join a “trifolao” and his truffle-searching dog on a real truffle hunt. This is an authentic cultural experience unlike many others and offers you a deeper insight in the centuries-old local culinary scene of the Langhe Region. And it is, of course, tons of fun, too!

5. Explore the Langhe Region on a Vespa or Ebike Tour

The undulating vineyard-covered hills of the Langhe Region can be explored in various different ways. In order to offer you the most freedom on your wine-fueled exploration, we have different options.


Indulge in Food and Wine on a Langhe Wine Tour with Slow Days

If you’re interested in exploring and experiencing all those culinary and viticultural delicacies, we can totally help you put together your trip. Check out our Piedmont food and wine tours page for much more information about what we do and what we can offer you.


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