The Granda, the best place to live!

3 good reasons why it is worth living in the Granda

Hello, all my Slowdays friends! We are on the verge, a few hours and we will say goodbye to the old 2019 to welcome the new year, 2020. We want to close the year with a special article, a few weeks ago the Province of Cuneo appeared in 21st place on the quality of life of Sole24Ore, qualified as a city where you live better than the whole Piedmont. We at Slowdays can only be happy with this wonderful result and we would like to give you 3 good reasons why the Granda is worth visiting.

1. Art and culture

The Province of Cuneo, in 2018, won the 47th place in the ranking concerning culture and leisure in Italy. Cuneo is one of the richest areas if we talk about history and art, there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered around the Granda; there are 153 cultural institutes, museums, museum-houses, picture galleries, castles, naturalistic, archaeological and feudal sites, palaces and villas, ecomuseums, churches, chapels and abbeys. Every single city is a bearer of history and art, imaginative legends and amusing anecdotes. In Granda you never stop learning!

2. Wine & Food

Hundreds are the wine cellars and wineries scattered around the Granda, important names can be found between Langhe and Roero: Ceretto, Borgogno, Fontanafredda and many others. The territory of the Granda gives the producers high quality wines, such as the Great Barolo and Barbaresco. There are many events related to the wine world that the Granda hosts during the year, the most renowned is certainly Vinum. Depending on the seasonality, however, every town and city organizes fairs and festivals. One of the most important fairs on a national level is the truffle fair, which is held annually in the city of Alba during the month of October. There are many agritourisms and restaurants offering typical Piedmontese cuisine, one of the best in Italy; there are also Michelin-starred restaurants such as, for example, the Ristorante Piazza Duomo *** in Alba, L’Antica Corona Reale ** in Cuneo or Madernassa ** in Guarene.


3. Free time

La Granda offers many attractions to spend your free time in total relaxation. Thanks to the hills of the Langhe and Roero you can practice trekking and biking activities and there are several possibilities. The SPAs distributed throughout the territory are also very successful, many of which periodically organize real health and wellness trails. There are also cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and theatres. One of the most innovative projects is that of the Big Bench, or rather the giant benches, scattered around the Granda; real tours are organized to go in search of these large coloured benches. In short, in the province of Cuneo you won’t get bored, every single town and city in the Granda offers at least one good reason to be visited.

There are many other reasons why it is worth living in the province of Cuneo, a territory in our opinion extraordinary rich in beauties all to be discovered. And if you pass by here, write to us and we will lead you to the wonderful discovery of this amazing territory! We close this article with our dearest and heartfelt wishes for the New Year, we wish you a 2020 full of emotions and beautiful things!



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