Langhe vespa rental for a flamboyant two-wheeled tour
Vespa tour in the Langhe

Vespa Rental Langhe ... with Tour!

A blazing Vespa, two wheels of freedom

Cesare Cremonini sang.

But how nice it is to go around with wings under your feet
If you have a Vespa Special that takes your troubles away
But how nice it is to ride around the hills of Bologna
If you have a Vespa Special that takes your problems away

But Cremonini would have been delighted with a Vespa ride in the Barolo Langhe and would also have enjoyed a nice stop for a wine tasting at the great wineries in the Barolo area. Shall we take a ride?

Let’s set off then for our Vespa Tour.



We usually start in Alba, perhaps after having breakfast in one of the cafes that overlook Piazza Savona (oops, Piazza Michele Ferrero, in this article, what to see in Alba, I tell you what I mean). Vespa Langhe rental has the capital of Langhe at its heart.


Why you can’t miss this little town that has become world famous thanks to its wine. Barolo, which over time, has climbed the ranks of the world’s best wines. Barolo in the summer, comes alive with the Collisioni event, which brings international caliber names in the world of music, journalism, and theater to its historic piazzas. But right now, we have arrived there on a Vespa, and we must not lose the thread! Here is the article where I try to mix and mingle Barolo n Piedmont, wine, and town.

Noleggio vespa Alba e Langhe

Langhe Vespa Rental: An evergreen way to organize your Tour around hills!

You can take a detour between Barolo and La Morra and check out the Cedar of Lebanon. Unfortunately, you can no longer go near it because they wanted to protect it. But its grandeur still allows you to appreciate and photograph it.

La Morra: After a few bends, a nice climb, and two or three stops for photos, we find ourselves on the Belvedere of La Morra. An unavoidable halt for those who love the Langhe. Its main road, closed to traffic and to be traveled carefully, takes you to one of the most beautiful Belvederes in the Langhe.

On the other hand, if you have already been to La Morra, you might choose to head toward Monforte:

So ready away, the curves and views await: Shall we go to Monforte d’Alba? The lovely little town that is very lively. When you get to the little square, you can stop for a coffee or an aperitif. Monforte is also famous for its performances; it has a beautiful theater, the Auditorium Horszowski, where I saw a Paolo Conte show, a concert by Elio e le Storie Tese, Neri Marcorè, and others! But I won’t let you digress; let’s move on to the next stop.

Castelloo Castiglione

Castiglione Falletto for your organized tour together with Langhe Vespa Rental

After Monforte, you could choose Castiglione Falletto: A small and charming village with fantastic views. If you haven’t had an aperitif yet, you can go to Da Renza’s to enjoy the view and have a glass of fresh white or, why not, great sparklings!

As you may have guessed, a Vespa Tour can quickly become a Vespa Weekend! Because you could also add a snack in Diano d’Alba and maybe a dinner at a trattoria in Santa Maria di La Morra.

We know small wineries with excellent products, stories to tell, and wineries with outstanding wines. You cannot miss one or more stops at a winery in all this wandering. With SlowDays, it is impossible to avoid.

Here, this is the Vespa Tour of Barolo. If you want, I’ll organize the Vespa Tour of Barbaresco for you the next day! Do you see that you need a weekend?

Giant Benches, Vespa Tour!

A tour of the Giant Benches by Vespa – Two possible formulas

From March to October
Entire Day

Langhe Vespa Rental and Giant Benches Tour

If so many choose SlowDays to rent a Vespa, many choose the Bench tour because then it’s two tours in one  😀

The Langhe on a Vespa, renting a Vespa in a significant way!

If you still have doubts, I’ll give you a few good reasons to try:

Italy is famous for its automobile production, from Alfa Romeos and Fiats to Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to you, a visitor looking for fun activities and experiences. What is interesting, however, is a Vespa ride in Italy.

These iconic motorcycles are probably the country’s most popular form of tourist transportation. And there are many reasons for this. This article gives you three great reasons to take a Vespa tour of the beautiful Langhe region.

How does it feel to take a Vespa tour in the beautiful Langhe region?

As a travel company focusing exclusively on Piedmont in northwestern Italy, specifically in the Langhe region, we have a lot of experience and expertise in Langhe tourism. We know where the region’s jewels are hidden, where to find the best food and wine, and what the best things to do are.

A Vespa tour in the Italian Langhe is undoubtedly one of the top activities in this part of Italy, which is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, historic towns, world-class restaurants, and vineyards. We sincerely believe there is no better way to explore and discover the Langhe than by Vespa. These are our three main reasons.


Langhe weekend with Vespa Tour

A Vespa tour in the Langhe to savor it slowly and effortlessly. Two formulas for choosing itinerary and experiences.

This tour can also be purchased as a Voucher. I will send you an excellent presentation that will become a voucher you can give or give yourself. You will have one year to redeem it; email me and request your preferred dates. I recommend booking well in advance to be sure of availability. Langhe is becoming increasingly popular!

From March to November
2 days and 1 night
Min 2 pax


One of the greatest advantages of having your own wheels is the maximum freedom this gives you. Whether it is a car, a bicycle or a Vespa, you can travel much greater distances this way than you ever could on foot.

In addition to a longer range, you can also stop where and when you want. You decide what to do, how long to spend somewhere, and when it is time to move on. This is one of the main reasons why Vespa tours in Italy are so popular, especially in the Langhe.

Fresh air

While cars are obviously the fastest way to explore a region, they have a huge disadvantage: you are literally locked in an enclosed space. In fact, while driving a car you use only one of your senses and that is your eyes. All the other senses are not stimulated in a vehicle like that.

And that is exactly why Vespas have the upper hand when it comes to exploring a destination as spectacular as the Langhe. With a Vespa, you can feel the wind blowing through your hair and against your cheeks, you can hear the sounds of nature and people, and you can smell the scents of the farmland and forests.

Simply put, Vespa tours in Italy allow you to fully experience a destination. You can fill your lungs with fresh air instead of air conditioning.


Food and wine at your fingertips

The Langhe region is one of the country’s leading wine and food regions. Here you can find and taste traditional ingredients and foods such as hazelnut products, various authentic kinds of cheese, honey, and the famous white truffle of Alba.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Langhe is world renowned for wines such as Monferrato, Barolo, Arneis, Barbaresco, and Barbera d’Alba. The main attraction, however, are the region’s phenomenal wines. Here I’ll leave you with some food and wine tour ideas!



A Vespa tour is for all needs.

A Vespa tour allows you to explore the rolling hills of the vineyard-covered Langhe at your own pace, stop when you want to taste local produce and products and have a well-rounded experience. On a Vespa tour of the Langhe, you will have traditional food and world-class wines at your fingertips.

If you would like to learn more about our Vespa tours in Italy and the Langhe Region, in particular, you can find much more information on our e-bike and Vespa tours page. Please also note that all of our tours are available as packages, but they can also be customized according to your needs and wishes. In addition, you can also create a gift card for your family and friends.

Here is the link to one of our most popular Vespa tours!



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