Monferrato, Barbera, Truffles and People!
White truffle of Alba

The Monferrato must be discovered, because it is a hidden pearl!

Did I mention I was in love with the Monferrato before? Yes, of course! This doesn’t change my love for the Langhe and my affection for the Roero, but Monferrato is always a surprise for me!

Maybe because I don’t live there and so I go there a little less frequently or maybe because of that passion for less touristy places, but really every time it’s a discovery!

The Monferrato is actually a very vast and varied territory divided into 3 large areas: the Lower Monferrato Casalese (towards the province of Alessandria), the Lower Monferrato Asti (province of Asti) and the Upper Monferrato that borders the High Langa.

Now I could talk about the many fascinating villages that you meet or the landscapes characterized by rolling hills covered with vineyards that in every season offer wonderful views, or the fact that often the vineyards leave room for orchards, hazelnut groves and especially forests, ensuring a unique biodiversity.

Will the  Langhe Truffles be better than those of Monferrato?

Or maybe I can talk about the fact that in Monferrato there are, says some people, the best white truffles in the area … I do not know if it is so, today we “scratched” a lot ‘and I must say that they were a pleasure for taste and smell!

I could talk about history, geology and also wine and food of course, but I would like to talk about people this time…

One of SlowDays’ “slogans” is “Know places through people”. This is not just a way of saying, but something we strongly believe in!

Some time ago, on another trip to Monferrato, I had already been able to appreciate the great sense of hospitality that is in these parts combined with a simplicity and genuineness really rare.

I had found all this in the cellars, in the restaurants, in the structures that I had the pleasure of visiting. A sense of family and warmth that remain in your heart.

Today, another trip, another confirmation! I met an entire family who simply makes wine…no, it’s not true, it’s not that simple at all.

It’s not easy

… remain tied to their land and not give in to the flattery of the market; it is not easy to make respect for the territory prevail over purely economic interests; it is not easy to “break your back” and remain united by continuing the tradition handed down by grandparents and great-grandparents. A tradition that grandchildren know how to make current, of course, but without losing their roots.

We visited the winery together with Giancarlo, the older brother who supervises all the activities of the winery, under the watchful eye of Davide who takes care of the production.

Immediately you are immersed in something that is not a guided tour, but is an experience full of humanity and warmth. Even the cold steel barrels are “hot” with the family’s printed photos and phrases that distinguish the company’s philosophy.

For example, they recite “The best ingredient in a wine is the honesty of those who produce it”.

They say “I’m not telling you that the wine is good, that will depend on your taste, I tell you that it is genuine!”…

Well this honesty is perceived first in the words and then in the glass!


After the visit we are ready for Lunch

In fact, after the visit, you prepare for the tasting and thanks to his Chef, another brother, Lorenzo, the wines of the cellar are enhanced by the typical dishes prepared with wisdom.

It’s a crescendo of taste and scents, always under the watchful eye of the owners who, you can see from their eyes, want you to be well at first! Impossible not to allow yourself to be touched by so much humanity, not to be warmed up! Let’s say that the excellent Barbera and a scratched truffle contribute to the magic!

The wines are a delight, the dishes are excellent, the climate pleasant … inevitable dad comes to the end to offer grappa and you can see how proud he is of these sons so hard-working and united! Even his younger brother, Paolo, has arrived and is helping out after finishing the deliveries.

All this has not been put together with art, it is not a guided tour for tourists with timetables and reservations, it is the life of a family in Monferrato that produces wine and that opens its doors to visitors giving a real and genuine experience, just like their extraordinary wine …

These are the places and people that SlowDays likes, do you like them too?




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