3 Food & Wine Tours for your Holidays in Piedmont, Italy
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If you’re looking for the best food and wine tours in Italy, we at Slow Days can help you. As experts in Piedmont wine tours, we’re your one-stop shop for the ultimate culinary journey around one of Italy’s top food and wine destinations.

What sets us apart from other tour operators in northwestern Italy is that we’re locals. We were raised in Piedmont; no one knows the region better! Additionally, we also focus on slow travel. Piedmont is, after all, where the now-global slow food movement started. We’ll take you to places other tours don’t go, off the beaten track to local Piedmontese producers of wine and food.

We’ve selected some of our best Piedmont food and wine tours to show you precisely what we can offer. Check them out below, and contact us with any questions.

3 Amazing Food and Wine Tours in Piedmont, Italy

1. Langhe Wine Tour – The Great Reds

If the Langhe Region is famous for anything, it’s the superb red wines produced here. From the world-renowned Barolo and Barbaresco (both made with Nebbiolo grapes) to Barbera and Dolcetto, this is one of Italy’s most remarkable destinations to immerse yourself in the tannin-rich realm of red wine.

On our famous 8-hour-long Great Reds Langhe Wine Tour, you can visit two wineries, one in Barolo and the other in Barbaresco. You can sample at least four wines at each winery, accompanied by the typical local breadsticks or some appetizers. Lunch is included, too, either among the barrels in a cellar or at a tasting room in Barolo or Barbaresco.

2. Langhe Wine Tour – Whites and Sparkling

The Langhe Region wouldn’t be part of a UNESCO World Heritage-listed wine region if there weren’t some fantastic white wines, too. Langhe is quite famous for its sparkling wines, also produced in the neighboring Roero Region.

When you join our 8-hour-long Whites and Sparkling Langhe Wine Tour, you’ll explore a Langhe winery that belongs to the Alta Langa DOCG consortium. You’ll get to experience the scintillating wonders of Langhe’s sparkling wines. This tour, too, includes a light lunch in a tasting room or wine shop, complete with two complimentary glasses of white wine (or red wine if you prefer).

In the afternoon, the tour continues at a local hazelnut production farm and workshop. Hazelnuts are some of Langhe’s most famous food products, and a visit to a farm is essential to get the full scope of the region’s culinary scene.

3. Truffle Hunting in the Langhe Tour

Hazelnuts may be pretty famous–the Langhe Region is, after all, where Nutella comes from–but they still pale in comparison with the revered white truffles of Alba. Truffle hunting in the fall has been a popular activity for centuries, and the product is used in numerous typical regional dishes.

Truffles are such a core aspect of Piedmontese cuisine that we’ve created our truffle hunting tour in the Langhe. This fun tour lasts about 6 hours and involves joining a real “trifolao” with his truffle-searching dog on a truffle hunt.

After spending the morning wandering the woods searching for this subterranean delicacy, you’ll get to refuel during a delicious lunch at a cellar. The lunch consists of two dishes with a generous grating of white truffles.

Self-Drive Langhe Wine Tours

If you’d instead explore the Langhe Region’s wineries at your own pace, we also have a couple of self-drive Langhe wine tour options:

Enjoy Piedmontese Cuisine on a Langhe Wine and Food Tour with Slow Days

Are you interested in joining one of our excellent Piedmont wine tours in the Langhe Region? We’d love to have you! You can check out this page, which overviews our food and wine tours.


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