The Sacra of Saint Michael, the symbol of Piedmont
Sacra of St. Michael

A day to discover the Sacra of Saint Michael. One hour and twenty minutes from the Langhe. 20 minutes from Turin.

I dedicate the summer months to broadening my horizons and I am convinced that to do so it is not necessary to go so far away from home.

It is always said that “the locals” are the ones who know their territory best, but I would like to launch a provocation: “Is that true?”. Certainly a “local”, a resident of the place will be able to recommend a good restaurant, maybe give you good practical advice on how to avoid traffic, but are we also sure that he has visited and deepened the places “not to be missed” of its territory? Well, I don’t think so! At the venerable age of my 40’s and something, I decided just today to visit that absolute wonder of the Sacra of Saint Michael, in the province of Turin, at the gates of the Susa Valley.

I can’t thank my work enough because it stimulates me (does it force me?) to go exploring before proposing new goals. Otherwise too often I have postponed extraordinary visits.

The added value of the Guide, especially LOCAL.

My job has also taught me that “with the guide is better”, just another experience! And so I asked Valentina, an expert and friendly guide who lives at the foot of the Sacra, to be my guide.

The day was spectacular but it must be said that the Sacra of St. Michael shows its charm even wrapped in fog or covered by snow! I already want to make a jump up in winter, maybe for the Christmas celebration in the Abbey … I can not imagine the incredible atmosphere that you could breathe up there!

The Sacra of St. Michael can be reached in many ways, even on foot retracing the steps of the pilgrims. We have chosen to do only the last piece, but already from that, you can see the enormous work and the extreme effort that can be made to erect the Sacra and sense a fragment of the effort of the pilgrims who traveled and follow those shady paths in silence and prayer.

The Sacra of St. Michael is majestic, from there you can enjoy a spectacular view, you can almost see all of Piedmont! One never stops wondering how such an imposing miracle could be built at that time without the means at our disposal (it was built between 983 and 987).

The mystery of the abbeys dedicated to San Michele

History, art, and architecture are something great and make us feel small. We learn that the Sacra of Saint Michael is located along an imaginary straight line that connects Ireland with Jerusalem via France, Italy, and Greece; a line that connects all the shrines dedicated to St. Michael.

Speaking of the Sacred we speak of Julius Caesar, the history of Italy, the Savoy, relations with France … a dip in history.

So much for its foundation, its history, knowing when it fell into disgrace and for 2 centuries no one has dealt with it: all information available here and there, but even better through a nice guided tour. But the thing I recommend is to go there as soon as possible, whether you are from Piedmont or tourists passing through. I know, we always talk about Langhe, wines and gastronomic excellence, but the Sacra is 20 minutes from Turin and an hour and a half from Alba: you should not miss it! Don’t do as I did when I waited 40 and a few years!

Avigliana and its lakes as the end of the day

Well, to not deny myself, also, in this case, I decided to complete my SlowDay with another visit. A completely perfect morning visit, nothing slower than lunch by the lake and a walk around the beautiful lakes of Avigliana, the small one and the big one. Many places overlooking the lake perfect at aperitif time or for a romantic dinner … but why not spend a few days around here? I recommend it without any doubt! Let’s talk about it!




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