Piedmont still amazes us: Savigliano and its scents

Piedmont surprises us again: Savigliano and the Museum of Essences

Perhaps it would be a good idea to end it with this elegant Savoy ” Confidentiality “…it is certainly true, it distinguishes us, it is in our DNA and we from Piedmont are almost proud of it!

We are like this and we think that those who want to know us will not stop at our reserve…true, you are right dear descendant of the Savoy.

But we must also understand that in this fast world, made up of devoured images and videos, of articles that must be read in less than a minute, of distracted and pressing everyday life, we must learn a little to make ourselves beautiful.

Sala principale di Palazzo Taffini
Il Palazzo Taffini!

We must value the amount we have and not just keep it for ourselves: from the up there we take a bit of bravado from our compatriots!

Yesterday I organized one of my “travel experiences”:

I don’t need great destinations, you know, I really like to find the best from what we have near, I would say, a Saturday afternoon.
A few weeks ago, my attention was drawn to an unusual proposal, which perhaps to be so close nobody thinks is so extraordinary.

I’m talking about the Muses of Savigliano, the European Academy of Essences, a magical and suggestive place that has thrilled me!

In a magnificent 17th century palace, Palazzo Taffini, the seat of representation and reception of the Dukes of Savoy, the Museum of Essences finds its ideal location.

It proposes a unique journey in the world in the history of perfume and its characteristics, which has nothing to envy to the French proposal, if not the ability of our neighbors to enhance a rich and precious cultural heritage.

Inside the rooms, you can enjoy an exciting journey through ancient and contemporary art.

aimed at making us immerse ourselves in the perfume and make us remember a sense that is often overlooked: now everything is seen, heard, tasted …

but the emotions that can give a perfume are something intimate and secret, to which we should pay more attention.

Here is another extremely fascinating aspect of this extraordinary experience: we all had our smartphones to capture, share, tag, but the perfume no, that we can not photograph or film it: it is an emotion that can live only who is there and for once is fine!
We learned a lot, we listened to a graduate in Herbal Sciences who guided us in the creation of our perfume. He led us through top, heart and background notes and made us choose on the basis of the sensation that those essences conveyed to us.

La piazza con le case Torre

And then we met Savigliano… and who was waiting for it!

A town with a beautiful old town center, elegant palaces and beautiful squares. A theatre that looks like a small Carignano and some really suggestive arcades. All told by a good guide like my friend Gabriella, who like few others knows how to tell the soul of a place.
I believe that if a city not as famous as Savigliano has so much to offer, perhaps we should really start looking around!

Think about taking part in some nice initiatives in the area before taking your first low-cost flight to some European capital or some exotic paradise!
I believe that it would be an action that does good for us and perhaps for the many who, in order to promote this small and large heritage of our country, are doing a great deal of work!


Profumo che avvolge

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