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Ever thought of coming to discover the trails in the Langhe?

The Langhe is an area in the south of Piedmont which in 2014 was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for its wine-growing landscapes… there must be a reason for this, don’t you think?

The vineyards in the Langhe are not all the same, and walking through them slowly along the countless trails in the Langhe will allow you to see for yourself the differences between one area and another.

Langhe trails: ideas and suggestions

In our opinion, one of the best and most sustainable ways to discover a place is to do it on foot.

A one-day walk in the Langhe, or a walk lasting several days with an itinerary of stages that can become a real path, will allow you to discover the wonders of this corner of Piedmont called Langhe.

Yes, we are talking about trekking, but what exactly does “trekking” mean? The word trekking derives from the English verb to trek, which means to undertake a long journey, but walking slowly and leisurely. Where? In the midst of nature, of course! Our Piedmont defends itself well also from this point of view, in the whole region there are many trekking routes to take, today we suggest 3 of them to start to make you curious and to make you want to deepen the topic (hopefully together with us):

Walk in Langhe with visit and tasting in a winery

A beautiful walk in the heart of Langhe around La Morra. Final lunch in the winery and visit to the Barolo chapel

From March to November
Entire Day
Outdoor, Wine & Food

Here are some routes in the Langhe that we think are worth a walk!

  • Pavese route in Santo Stefano Belbo

This is a truly fascinating route, which begins at Santo Stefano Belbo station, where a plaque in memory of Cesare Pavese quotes a verse from his writings:

“I could hear the train coming through the peach trees and filling the valley”.

The route continues as far as Casa della Vedetta, an extraordinary panoramic viewpoint over the Belbo valley. After leaving the asphalt road, the actual path begins, crossing the vineyards and some wooded areas until you reach the Bauda Hill. Towards the end of the route we return to Santo Stefano Belbo, passing in front of Pavese’s places: the Mora, the Salto and Nuto’s House.

The route is marked with two red and white rectangles.

  • Langhe Walk: Path from Sinio to Roddino

If you want to cover fewer kilometres, this is the route for you. There are about 4.5 km, which at a leisurely pace can be covered in an hour and a half. What do you think? The walk starts from Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, from where you reach the hamlet of Borgonuovo. The walk continues along a scenic tarmac road. Then you arrive at the Chapel of Santa Maria and after another 1 km at Roddino.

  • Langhe trails: Partisan Johnny trail

sentieri langhe fenoglioAnother great Piedmontese writer, whose places are mentioned in his works, is Beppe Fenoglio, author therefore of the book that gives the name to this path. Walking in his footsteps, it is like feeling part of the story and it is even easier to identify with the story if you walk along the path having already read the book! We then pass by the Cascina di Paviglione, reaching the beautiful belvedere near the small church of S. Elena. The route ends by reaching San Donato di Mango.

  • The Bar-to-Bar, one of the most beautiful Langhe walks

And why not think of a real walk? Yes, even in the Langhe there is one! It is called Bar-to-Bar, not because you go from bar to bar, but because it allows you to cross all the Langhe in 7/8 stages, from the hills of BARbaresco to those of BARolo, passing through the Alta Langa. A marvellous route, ideal for spring and autumn.

In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful and complete itineraries in the Langhe.

We have tried it all out for you. To avoid having to look for the map of the Langa trails, you can ask us to organise everything: we will provide you with the tracks to follow on your mobile phone, the entire organisation and the luggage transfer so that you can be more comfortable and free.

We have modified it from the original in order to allow more pleasant stops in villages that, in our opinion, deserve a visit and to be able to complete the walk in the Langhe with tastings that will make it a beautiful food and wine walk.

If, however, you are looking for a route to be experienced in a spartan manner with few comforts and sleeping in hostels or shared rooms, perhaps our proposal is not for you! Here the facilities are always of a good standard, very often with excellent food and wine! So if, as well as walking, you like a comfortable life, this is the perfect proposal for you!

“Barolo to Barbaresco”: self-guided Langhe trekking

2 nights or 4 to get to know the Langhe by walking. With various possibilities and options!

From March to November
2 days
Outdoor, Wine & Food

When to choose the Langhe for your excursions

cosa fare nelle langhe con slowdaysExcursions in the Langhe are very different from those you can find in the mountains. The climbs are always gentle and always interspersed with levels and descents, in short, nothing too demanding.

In our opinion, the most important thing to do when walking in the Langhe, what to do in the Langhe with slowdays, is to choose the right season and, according to that, the right places.

Certainly the Bassa Langa, the one of the most famous villages where Barolo and Barbaresco wines are produced, is perfect for trekking in the Langhe in spring and autumn, while in summer the Alta Langa, characterized by cooler air and many wooded passages, is definitely advisable.

A word of advice… watch out for wild boars! Needless to say, there can be wild boars in the woods, especially at sunset. But all you have to do is make a bit of noise, whistling, clapping your hands or singing a song (from Langhe, of course!) to keep them away.

Before starting out on any route, read these few rules carefully to make the most of your walks in the Langhe:

  • Respect your gait, find your pace and follow it, don’t overdo it, it must be a nice day, full of fun and relaxation. No exaggeration!
  • Check the weather forecast, don’t be caught off guard… 😉
  • Find out about the itinerary, if you’re not sure where to go, hire a guide or go on an organised hike (so you don’t have to think about anything at all!).
  • Pack your rucksack, yes to water, snacks to nibble on along the way, sun protection, no to items that only create unnecessary weight (remember that you will have to keep your rucksack on your shoulders until the end of the route…)
  • Use comfortable shoes, choose a good pair, comfort is the watchword!
  • Throw your rubbish downstream, don’t leave traces behind, respect nature and the environment 😉

Now you are ready to put on your shoes, load your backpack on your shoulders and start one of the Langhe walks, get to the top of a hill in our beautiful Langhe and shout “Viva La Vita e Viva le Langhe!!!”

Walking in the Langhe with children

Are the Langhe suitable for walks with children? Yes, why not? All you have to do is choose the right itinerary, after having assessed how much they want to walk and their age.

Suitable for prams: There are some beautiful routes that can also be walked with a pram.  One that I would recommend if you have come to La Morra and that might appeal to children is the one that takes you to the Barolo Chapel. Starting from the Belvedere of La Morra, you will reach the Cappella del Barolo, following a path that is partly unpaved and a bit bumpy, but that can be done with a pram.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the Cedar of Lebanon, it will be even easier. You will see that after reaching this car park and going down a short piece of tarmac road you can easily go to the Cedar. You will not be able to go right under the Cedar because it has been closed to prevent vandals from ruining this monumental tree!

Suitable for older children: If your children are older and are walkers, you can tackle some nice 8-9 km walks with them and you with a not too demanding height difference. The Acino path around Guarene, the Rocca dei Sette Fratelli path around Barbaresco, or around La Morra to see both the Cappella and the Cedro. If you want, you can already get some ideas on this page about trekking, where you will also find indications of the kilometres to cover!

If, on the other hand, your “children” are teenagers with a desire to walk, then any trail in the Langhe will be enjoyable for them. Nothing could be nicer than to create a group of families and friends with teenagers and face the map on your mobile phone that will take you to your destination!  Our maps and itineraries always have an end prize.

Bar to Bar in Piedmont Langhe
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