Itineraries in the Langhe between woods and vineyards: the Bar to Bar
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Are you looking for something special to do in the Langhe, maybe for pleasant itineraries for trekking or mountain biking?

Today we want to talk to you about a walk in Italy not yet so well known, a beautiful trekking that you can do on foot and by traditional or electric mountain bike.

Its name is BAR TO BAR which stands for “from Barbaresco to Barolo”, two of the most famous places of our territory.

The route includes a ring of about 135 km that covers most of the territory of Bassa and Alta Langa. Did you get scared by its length? You don’t have to worry!

Obviously you can walk it in stages and then adapt it to your time and your training. Remember that we are “slow” and we want to offer you only experiences that allow you to fully enjoy our territory with all the possibilities it offers us and therefore with an adequate pace.

The BAR TO BAR that recommends Slowdays

is divided into seven stages that have a length between 14 and 26 km. approximately. You can choose any stage to make a day trip and in this way maybe plan to travel it all in several occasions. Or you can do a couple of stages to be covered in a weekend that you have decided to treat yourself to.

If you are an athletic type, you can take a week’s vacation and do it all at once. Clearly if the way you have chosen to ride it is the traditional bike or maybe the electric one, the travel time will be much more affordable and you can group two or more stages!



Our proposal to cover one of the most beautiful itineraries in the Langhe is the one you can find below. But we have a “SlowDays” version of the route with stages that never exceed 16 km in order to adapt to all rhythms! Ask us info!

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Our APP will follow you along the way. Our assistance will allow you to walk safely! Our organization will book your overnight stay and, if you want, will transport your luggage. You will have to walk, admire, photograph and live the Langhe!

  • Stage 1 ALBA – TREISO (km 19 approx.)

    Departure and arrival can only be from Alba, the capital of the Langhe. The bar to bar itineraries langhe first stage will take you to discover the wonderful hills where the Nebbiolo grapes from which the renowned Barbaresco wine is made are cultivated, along a stretch of the Tanaro river and through the villages of Barbaresco with its Tower, Neive and Treiso.

  • Stage 2 TREISO-SAN BOVO DI CASTINO (about 14 km)

    You change panorama. From the clean and tidy geometries of the renowned slopes cultivated with vines, we move on to hazelnut groves and woods. We will take you to see the majestic gullies of the “Rocche dei sette fratelli” with their legend and then to the places narrated by the writer Beppe Fenoglio in his famous novel “La Malora”.

  • Stage 3  SAN BOVO DI CASTINO-NIELLA BELBO (about 24 km)

    In this stage you will savor the Alta Langa while your horizon will gradually change again. Going up you will visit the quiet medieval villages of Castino, Cravanzana and Feisoglio, all famous for the “tonda e gentile” hazelnut. Just before your arrival in Niella Belbo, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest on the giant blue bench by artist Chris Bangle.

  • Stage 4 NIELLA BELBO-RODDINO (km 27 approx.)

    Another stop in Alta Langa where the eye can wander far away, among the woods and pastures where the Langhe sheep and Roccaverano goats are still bred today. From the milk produced by these autochthonous species you can get the dop cheeses “Murazzano” and “Robiola di Roccaverano” to taste with a good glass of red wine.

  • Stage 5 RODDINO-MONFORTE D’ALBA (about 17 km)

    Leaving behind you the somewhat harsh and wild but authentic and genuine panoramas of the Alta Langa, with some sweet ups and downs you will reach the noblest Langa of Barolo. Pastures and woods will give way first to hazelnut groves and then to rows of vines, which as weft and warp make up the “fabric” of these beautiful hills.

  • Stage 6 MONFORTE D’ALBA-VERDUNO (about 18 km)

    This stage is totally immersed in the hills planted with vines from which the world-famous Barolo wine is made. After a visit to the famous and colorful chapel of Barolo or Brunate, the work of Lewitt and Tremlett, between one vineyard and another you can lose yourself in the narrow streets of the beautiful historic centers of Novello Barolo, La Morra and Verduno with its fantastic viewpoint where today’s route ends.

  • Stage 7 VERDUNO-ALBA (about km 16)

    Last “effort” before returning to Alba, the starting point of the Bar to Bar ring. From Verduno, the vineyards of Pelaverga grapes, which gives a lesser-known but absolutely worth trying, leave the stage to the hazelnut groves arriving at Roddi and its castle. Little by little you will approach the river Tanaro, whose banks you will skirt for a long time before entering Alba where you will cross its wonderful old town.

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This is the route that we propose you to follow and it is the one you can also find on the institutional website of the route. If you want, we at SlowDays can provide you, in addition to the route on apps that will follow you step by step without the need for maps and without you getting lost, the support for the arrival/departure movements, the luggage transport between the stages and the organization for overnight stays, lunches or dinners, tastings in the cellar or in laboratories for the production and processing of hazelnuts, cheese and honey.

And together with the map and the route to follow, you will have our guide with the main points you will meet.

If you are a group, we can also provide an accompanying hiking guide.

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