Langhe Roero: 3 reasons to visit this area
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Langhe Roero: 3 reasons to visit this area

The Tanaro River divides these areas. It borns in Liguria and runs through Ceva, Alba, Asti, Alessandria and then flows into the Po, near Bassignana and the province of Alessandria.

Here and there from “Tane”, as the Piedmontese say, there are the Langhe and Roero. They are part, together with Monferrato, of the large area of Piedmont defined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

Alba is a crossroads, together with the Tanaro river, which divides and joins the Langhe and Roero. But let’s stop talking and talk about serious things. Why should you choose the Langhe or the Roero for your holidays and trips out of town?

The First reason: the territory of Langhe and Roero

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Sweet landscapes, soft hills, many vineyards and changing colours all year round. The lower Langa will give you a sense of peace, order and in some ways an idea of opulence. The territory has been cultivated, cared for and made almost a palette where you will see the colours of the various grape varieties alternate.

The wealth created in these areas by the industrial settlements, first of all the historical and important one of Ferrero which was born and developed in Alba. And that has contributed with its hazelnut products to stimulate the other great production of these areas, the Tonda e Gentile Hazelnut. Hazelnuts that will accompany you on trips to the Alta Langa, where you can also taste many hazelnut products such as cakes, creams, biscuits. The Alta Langa will also gives you the possibility of long walks or cycling in less frequented places.

So Langhe, as a territory, if you feel like sweetness, open spaces, walking or cycling at different levels of intensity.

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Harder landscapes, more contrasting colours, vineyards but also many orchards, woods and fortresses.

The territory of Roero is pleasant because it still gives you the possibility to walk for a long time in areas still apparently virgin. Passages in the woods where birds are the only sound.

The rock formations appear in many areas and create lively panoramas. The area of Sommariva Perno and Monteu Roero or that of Magliano and Castellinaldo: most of the Roero Paths follow and cross the Rocche.

Choose the Roero if you want more immersion in the “wild” nature.

The second reason: the food and wine products of Langhe Roero

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Here it won’t be easy to list them all and highlight the peculiarities and differences, but I will try


The wine is the master, of course. And here, we range from Barolo (Langhe) to Barbaresco (Roero). Still, you will also find Dolcetto, Pelaverga, Nascetta, Langhe Nebbiolo, and the Alta Langa, which started the vinification of high-level sparkling wines.

During the autumn months, the hills of the Langhe are dressed in bright colors and create dreamy landscapes.

The wines are full-bodied and intense and can be compared to wines of the world.

As I said before, the Langhe are also hazelnuts, not only for desserts. Hazelnut Tajarin, hazelnut roast, tuma salad, celery, and hazelnuts are just a few examples.

Cheeses are another essential and appreciated product of these areas.

Alta Langa with sheep’s and goat’s cheeses offers you the right way to accompany a good glass of wine!

Honey in the Alta Langa has its rightful place and a recognition that is beginning to bear fruit.

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Not that the wines of the Roero could be less considered! Let us not lend a hand to controversy. Barbaresco, as I mentioned before, plays a great game with Barolo. And then the excellent Roero, a wine with a beautiful ruby color and a robust and aromatic flavor. But then, we cannot forget the superior whites: Arneis and Favorita, first and foremost.

If wine is one of the most critical resources of the Roero, the fruit has a no less important position in the economy. And so away with excellent strawberries, tasty peaches, pears, apples, plums, and other sweet delicacies. For the beauty, there is the Fiera del Pesco in Canale; for strawberries, there is the Sagra a Sommariva Perno; for the Pera Madernassa, even the DOP, and a mention of SlowFood.

Honey, even in the Roero, is a critical product. With different scents and flavors for the very different types of flowering.

The third reason: Things to do in Langhe and Roero

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  • A trip to Alba for a day: Stroll around, visit a museum, discover Alba underground, have an aperitif in the square, have dinner in an Osteria or a starred restaurant.
  • A bike tour that allows you to reach La Morra, Barolo, Monforte or Serralunga, Novello, Castiglion Falletto. With a stop to taste a good glass of wine
  • A walk in the vineyards with a packed lunch and many photographs follow the seasons’ colors.
  • A day at the SPA and then dinner in an Osteria
  • Visit castles and small villages
  • A trip to Alta Langa to learn about the production of honey and cheese
  • A visit to a Hazelnut Processing Workshop to understand and, above all, to taste and buy excellent “souvenirs.”
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  • A trip to Canale to walk in the main street, visit the Enoteca and after tasting a glass of Arneis, have lunch.
  • An adventurous trek, absolutely to do in two or three days, through the beautiful scenery of the S1 path.
  • Go to Bra to taste cheese during the Cheese event.
  • Visit the University of Taste in Pollenzo and the Wine Bank. Pollenzo, the seat of SlowFood
  • An e-bike tour with a grand finale of wine tasting in Neive
  • A visit to the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Cisterna d’Asti with dinner in a local trattoria.

To conclude I offer you a gem that allows you to unite the two territories, a nice electric bike tour between Langhe and Roero! What do you think? Would you like to organize it according to your needs, without thinking about anything to make everything “without thoughts and only pleasure”?

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