Picnic in the Langhe

How beautiful is spring in the Langhe!

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry… you have until 21 June, the last official day of spring. And then, after spring, we will have summer, which will bring us many fruits, one of the most precious being grapes.

After this period of enforced confinement, we all need to enjoy a bit of nature and the outdoors. We at SlowDays thought that a picnic is the best combination of nature, fresh air, food, wine and most of all, carefreeness.

In short, the Picnic in the Langhe experience will be as popular as last year and we will be very happy to help you organise your day of relaxation in the Langhe.

Do you know what picnic means?

Picnic comes from the French word pique-nique (piquer in the sense of “to nibble” + nique “to snack”).  Picnic today means a frugal snack or lunch in the open countryside or in the fresh air in a place far from civilisation.

We should not confuse a picnic with the sandwich we take to the mountains or the packed lunch we take to the beach. A picnic is almost a ritual for enjoying a day in the open air, accompanied by good food and perhaps a sip of good wine.

Picnics in the Langhe should certainly not be lacking: cheeses with or without cugnà, cured meats, fresh vegetables, Piedmontese hors d’oeuvres, hand-ironed breadsticks, a good glass of wine and home-made desserts.


Easter recipes in Piedmont (suitable for a picnic in the Langhe!)

With the arrival of Easter, there will certainly be no lack of traditional Piedmontese Easter foods such as omelettes, torta pasqualina, anchovies or tomini with bagnet verde and salame del papa

The salame del papa is the typical chocolate salami that is made all over Italy, but in Piedmont it is called this way and it is particular because its recipe calls for the use of the hazelnut tonda e gentile delle Langhe IGP and gianduja.


Omelette with spinach

PICNIC off road

Our E-bike tours in the Langhe have been designed to help you discover panoramic viewpoints, ciabot in the middle of UNESCO heritage vineyards and local producers dedicated to the traditions of our territory.

There are many places where you can stop for refreshment or relaxation, we at SlowDays can recommend some where you can have a real picnic in complete tranquillity while enjoying the landscape.

The picnics in the Langhe conceived by SlowDays would like you to breathe an air of freedom and light-heartedness in places where you will only be disturbed by the singing of birds and the sound of the wind in the trees.

Imagine an E-bike tour with a picnic in one of our suggested locations.


Cappella di S. Pietro delle Viole is located between Barolo and La Morra and from here you will enjoy a 360° panorama of the Langhe.

The belvedere of Verduno is a large meadow in the centre of the village, where you can relax in the shade of the plants or appreciate the panorama of the Langhe.

Neive is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and has several vantage points where you can relax, choosing between the vineyards, the village or the open countryside.


Between Alba and the Alta Langa there is a stop on the romantic road of the Langhe and Roero at Trezzo Tinella, which offers a panorama of the Langhe from a different point of view than the usual viewpoints because it is higher up.

In Murazzano you will certainly notice the tower in the main square. In the garden of the tower you can have your picnic in complete tranquillity.

Also in Camerana there is a beautiful tower with a garden that can be reached either on foot or by car from the square in the small village.


The Roero is also known for the vastness of its woods. In one of these there is the Castagna Granda. The path to reach it starts from the centre of Monteu Roero. You will know you have arrived when you see a specimen of chestnut tree over 400 years old with a circumference of 10 metres!

A very popular belvedere is that of Magliano Alfieri. It is a panoramic terrace overlooking the village and then to the right you can see the Roero and to the left the Langhe with the Tanaro river in the middle.

You can walk around the lotus pond in Vezza d’Alba and then relax in a meadow in the shade of a plant while looking at the vineyards all around you.

lotus flower lake

The picnics of yesteryear

In Piedmont during the Easter period there has always been a very special tradition, that of Cante j’euv or “singing eggs”. Have you already heard of it? Cante j’euv is a traditional Lenten festival, a mixture of song, folklore and theatre. The protagonists are country gentlemen who, carrying a dark cloak, an accordion and other instruments, travel to the various farmsteads in their village to ask for eggs. Why eggs? Because they were a symbol of fertility and a good omen for agricultural productivity. Obviously it was also an opportunity to eat and drink in company, sing and play lots of traditional Piedmontese music. It was therefore a sort of ‘picnic of yesteryear’ in which the main ingredients were anchovies, cheese, cold meats, bread and eggs. All ingredients that are still used in our aperitifs and Piedmontese starters.

For those who can manage with the Piedmontese dialect, I leave you the song that symbolises this event. And for all those who love picnics? I leave you with an invitation to visit the Langhe! With SlowDays because that way you can savour them more 🙂 ….

I share a couple of pictures of an exceptional picnic. A Japanese company wanted to reward its employees with a holiday in Piedmont. SlowDays organised an extraordinary picnic. With great food, happy drinks, music and dancing!

I share a couple of pictures of an exceptional picnic. A Japanese company wanted to reward its employees with a holiday in Piedmont. SlowDays organised an extraordinary picnic. With great food, happy drinks, music and dancing!


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