The Langhe as a holiday destination
vacanza nelle langhe
7 days to visit a unique territory! Suggestions by Claudia

A holiday in the Langhe?

In recent years, the Langhe has established itself as a popular tourist destination. Travellers from all over the world have begun to get to know, discover and love the Langhe.

It is said that a trip always has 3 main moments: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it.

Let’s start dreaming about it… with some concrete ideas!

A bit of geography: the Langhe is a hilly area that is located about an hour from Turin and 2 hours from Milan, the sea of Liguria and the lakes of northern Piedmont.

The Langhe is a territory well known for its extraordinary wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco and for its excellent gastronomic products, such as the White Truffle of Alba and the “round and gentle” hazelnuts, passing through the cheeses and the many typical recipes (veal with tuna sauce, Russian salad, bagna cauda, first and second courses for all tastes, the bunet…).

A holiday in Piedmont can really be an unforgettable experience, especially if you get to know the locals with their traditions and stories to tell.

So what to do during a holiday in the Langhe?

First, you’re gonna have to choose where you sleep. There are plenty of facilities to suit all budgets and tastes! From the small family-run B&B to the luxury hotel.

If you do not have a car available my advice is without doubt to stay in Alba, so you can go out in the evening and experience the different great restaurants and have shops and services available.

From Alba it is also easier to reach the public transport network.

If you have a car, however, there are many possibilities: staying on a hill overlooking the vineyards is a bit ‘the dream of all those who want to visit the Langhe. But don’t think it’s an “expensive” dream: there are beautiful structures with excellent prices in simply wonderful places, with breathtaking views. There are also luxury facilities (even if it is a luxury always well integrated into the environment) with spas, fine restaurants and all the comforts.

Depending on what you want to do and your needs, it is very important to choose the place to stay.

In the area there is also a wide choice of holiday apartments maybe suitable for families or for those who want to be more autonomous and independent.

Since the only thing missing in the Langhe is the sea (even if it can be reached in less than 2 hours!), in the summer months, you could choose a structure with swimming pool … there are many!

In the summer months the temperature can be quite hot, so the pool can be a good idea as well as decide for a stay in the High Langa where temperatures become cooler, especially in the evening and in the morning.

But let's face it... what can you do during your holiday in the Langhe?

Really everything! Of course it may not be easy to organize special and personalized experiences, but if you manage to do so your holiday will take on a whole new flavor!

I want to try to accompany you day by day along this journey.

For the first day

I recommend a ride by car, independently or with a guide of the area, in the heart of the Langa del Barolo recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for wine-growing landscapes. Our journey through Piedmont’s food and wine begins immediately: you can’t miss a few stops to visit the extraordinary historic cellars of the area, perhaps starting from the one where Barolo was born, without forgetting some small and family businesses that will give you all the flavor and warmth of country hospitality.

A nice lunch with a view is not to be missed on the first day of discovery.

After having eaten well and drank well, on the second day I would dedicate it to a bit of movement: a nice ride up and down the hills of the Barbaresco area, obviously without giving up a few tasty stops! If you are afraid of the climbs, I would definitely recommend a nice e-bike, so the effort will not exceed the pleasure of enjoying the landscape.

Anything cultural for the third day?

You’re spoilt for choice! Alba is a medieval city with Romanesque origins and testimonies of its history are present in the historic center but also in the subsoil: if you stay here is certainly worth a visit to Alba underground. Or you could take a comfortable train to Turin (there are at all hours) to visit a beautiful city and rich in history and monuments: I recommend a nice guided tour among the delicacies of Turin as the gianduiotto and the bicerin

Then what else? Would you like to learn the secrets of traditional Piedmontese cuisine? A nice cooking course then is what I recommend for the fourth day! But I recommend that you make sure you can put your hands on the dough and enjoy after the course those you have prepared with a good glass of wine!

Cooking classs

I recommend you for the fifth day

a leap into the Roero, the other side of the Unesco territory: the landscape changes even if it is only a few kilometres from the Langhe, the number of woods and orchards increases and the number of vineyards decreases. The Roero is a paradise for outdoor activities: easier walks and challenging trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and above all a lot of history and nature.

A spasso nei sentieri del Roero

Especially in summer you can not miss a visit to some area of the High Langa: small villages, stone houses, hazelnut groves, goat and sheep farms for the production of excellent cheeses, but especially a lot of peace and quiet.

And we are already in the sixth day …. and I have not even talked about the Monferrato with the cathedrals of wine and the rolling hills, the possibility of renting a Vespa to drive slowly through beautiful landscapes, some horseback riding in the woods, aperitifs at sunset overlooking vineyards …

Any one of these “days” deserves a post! I think that soon there will be deepenings…there is too much to tell!

I’m sure I made you want to spend more than one weekend in the Langhe and its surroundings!

Write to me to create together your tailor-made holiday!


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