Alba and Langhe hills are ready to live grape harvest

Alba and Langhe hills are ready to live grape harvest! How? 

Ma per le vie del borgo                                     E’ una luna da vigna.

dal ribollir de’ tini                                             Da bambino credevo che i grappoli d’uva

va l’aspro odor dei vini                                    li faccia e li maturi la luna.

l’anime e rallegrar                                           [Cesare Pavese]

[Giosuè Carducci]

Autumn is here and with its colors and its scents remind us that the grape harvest is coming.  Must’s aroma in the air and industrious grape pickers among the vineyards and the impassioned colors of our charming Langhe.Tour dei vini delle Langhe e Tartufi

The grape harvest has a symbolic meaning for the farmers, the grape, cultivated with passion and care for all the year, is picked and take to the wine cellar to be transformed in wine.

The grape harvest has an important cultural and anthropological meaning especially in the past times where the families and the different generations got together to face this hard work and celebrate together with a luxurious and special feast prepared for the occasion.

Maybe nowadays the grape harvest is not that familiar celebration anymore but without any doubts, it remains the nucleus of the wine production.

The moment in which from the grape we finally obtain, without hurry, the wine.

Grape harvest takes place between September and the first days of November, it can be affected by different causes, for example, the different types of grapes or climate conditions. The weather has a fundamental role for the agricultural life: after the scorching summer 2017, its expected a less plentiful, but not of less quality, grape harvest.

The grape harvest starts with the harvest, in this phase man has a primary role.

He picks every single buch with attention to produce the best wine possible. The harvest doesn’t take place if the bunches are wet or during the hottest hours of the day, the grape is carefully loaded in the baskets to start the crushing as soon as possible. The grape becomes wort and put in the barrels to age and donate us special and unique wines.

Thanks to the technological innovations today’s is possible having great result also with a mechanical grape harvest, but of course, the traditional grape harvest conserves a unique charm: the love and the attention of grape – pickings give to our wines a special taste.     Alba and Langhe hills are ready to live grape harvest

Autumn is certainly an amazing period to visit our Langhe.  

The tiny villages are at their top and the foliage of the vineyards will offer to you magical and breath-taking glimpses; moreover, Alba, the queen of the Langhe, is preparing herself to her most important and famous celebration: the Truffle Festival.

If you are thinking about a journey among the Langhe this is without doubts one of the most appropriate period, Langhe hills beautiful as never before!

You could benefit from the grape harvest to live a new and Slow experience very close to the wine cooperatives and to  be fascinated from this ancient and modern ritual.

We are waiting for you!


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